Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 286

But Chen Feng is an illegitimate child!
An illegitimate child who will never be recognized by the Chen family and can’t be seen!
Even if Chen Zhennan announced two months ago that Chen Feng was the heir of the Chen family.
No one in the Chen family puts Chen Feng in their eyes!
Everyone knows that the identity of this heir is just a cover!
Once Chen Feng loses the value of use, his status in the Chen family will be worse than a dog!
At that time, anyone can step on him!
Chen Yingrou’s words made Xia Mengyao’s heart tighten. She didn’t expect that the situation inside the Chen family was so complicated.
Chen Feng is the heir of the Chen family, but now, any Chen family can step on Chen Feng’s head.
“Bitch, are you afraid? Ask me for mercy if you are afraid, and beg me to let you go.” Seeing Xia Mengyao’s pretty face turned pale, Chen Yingrou couldn’t help being even more proud.
“Get out!” Xia Mengyao glanced at Chen Yingrou in disgust, she wouldn’t bow to a crazy woman like Chen Yingrou even if she killed her.
“Bitch, do you dare to be tough!” Chen Yingrou’s face couldn’t help but cold: “Are you really afraid that I would kill you?”
“Why should I be afraid?” Xia Mengyao sneered, “If you could kill me, you would have killed it. He wouldn’t tell me so much nonsense at all.”
“Good! Good! Good!”
Chen Ying gritted her teeth softly and said three good words in a row.
“Not afraid, are you?”
“Then my old lady will make you afraid today!”
A hideous look was drawn across Chen Yingrou’s face. As she spoke, she took the dagger in her hand and slammed it down on the back of Xia Mengyao’s hand.
‘Puff puff’.
The dagger pierced the arm, blood splattered.
The heart-piercing pain made Xia Mengyao let out a scream, her forehead was instantly covered with large drops of cold sweat.
“Does it hurt?” Chen Yingrou’s face showed a happy and grim smile.
Xia Mengyao gritted her teeth and looked at Chen Yingrou bitterly, without saying a word.
Yingrou raised her brows: “It doesn’t hurt?” “It seems that I’m still too kind.” Chen Yingrou sighed, stirred the dagger in Xia Mengyao’s flesh again, and the blood overflowed again.
Xia Mengyao screamed in pain, her pretty face as pale as gold paper.
“Let go of my daughter!”
At this moment , Lin Lan screamed and rushed over hysterically.
But before she came to Chen Yingrou, a bodyguard in a black suit grabbed her hair and put one knee on her belly.
After a muffled grunt, Lin Lan curled up to the ground.
“Don’t beg for mercy?” Chen Yingrou sneered at Xia Mengyao.
“Crazy! Kill me if you have the ability!”
Xia Mengyao smiled weakly.
“Kill you?”
“Kill you where can I find such a fun toy.” Chen Yingrou sneered and said, she pulled out the dagger inserted in Xia Mengyao’s arm, and then fiercely moved towards the other Xia Mengyao One arm pierced.
Xia Mengyao snorted, her body trembling uncontrollably.
“Please, please, I’ll forgive you.”
Chen Yingrou looked at Xia Mengyao with a grim look. She really didn’t believe that there would be a woman with such a hard bone in this world.

Fuck !” Xia Mengyao cursed while biting her silver teeth, a bit of hatred exuded from her beautiful eyes.
Chen Yingrou’s face was gloomy again, and she grinned grinningly: “Bitch, your bones are really hard!”
“But I like your hard bones!”
She said, she again inserted the dagger in Xia Mengyao’s arm. Stirred.
The intense pain caused the blue veins on Xia Mengyao’s forehead to violently, and the whole person was in a state of almost fainting.
“That’s not good?”
“It’s really a waste!”
Chen Yingrou cursed a little uncomfortably, then drew out her dagger, glanced at Lin Lan, and said in disgust: “Call that wild species and let him within ten minutes Come here, a minute later, I’ll chop off a finger of this bitch.”
Lin Lan trembling with hands, hurriedly dialed Chen Feng’s number.
“You kill a thousand knives, get back quickly, Mengyao will be tortured to death!” Lin Lan cried and howled again.
Chen Feng was shocked like a bolt from the blue sky.
At this time, Chen Yingrou’s sneer voice came on the phone:
“Yangzhe, I will give you ten minutes. After ten minutes, if I can’t see you, I will chop off the fingers of this bitch one by one. Come down.”
“Chen Yingrou!”
Chen Feng’s face changed wildly, and he never expected that Chen Yingrou would come to Cangzhou at this time.
Before Chen Feng could speak, Chen Yingrou hung up the phone.
An unprecedented anger instantly poured into Chen Feng’s chest, and Chen Feng felt that his chest was about to explode.
“Shao Chen, what’s wrong?”
Chen Zewen asked worriedly.
Chen Feng didn’t say a word, kicked open the truck door, ran to the limit with all his strength, and rushed down the mountain.
“Bitch, guess, can the wild species arrive in ten minutes?” Chen Yingrou asked casually while wiping the blood from the dagger.
Xia Mengyao opened her eyes slightly, and her consciousness was on the verge of dizziness.
Chen Yingrou sighed: “If he can’t make it within ten minutes, it will only hurt you.”
“Actually, I don’t want to be like this, but when I think of the seat that wild species is sitting in, I feel very upset. “If you are
upset, you have to vent.”
“You two, come and kneel too.” Chen Yingrou glanced at Lin Lan and Xia Weiguo again.
“I… I won’t kneel anymore. I don’t have a good relationship with that trash, I can’t wait for him to die.” Lin Lan trembled and said.
“Really?” Chen Yingrou chuckled, her face suddenly cold: “But you have something to do with that wild species!”
“As long as you have something to do with that wild species, you can’t get better!” The
two were forced to kneel down. on the ground.
Chen Yingrou glanced at the time.
“There are still three minutes.”
“Two minutes…”
“One minute…”
“Thirty seconds…”
“That wild species seems to be out of reach.”
Chen Yingrou sighed, seemingly sorry for Xia Mengyao.
“Since he can’t make it, then I will fulfill my promise.”
Chen Yingrou smiled and picked up the dagger, preparing to cut it off.
At this moment, a tyrannical voice sounded at the door: ”
Stop ! Hand!” “Stop?”
Chen Yingrou sneered, and did not turn her head. Instead, she squeezed the dagger in her hand and cut it directly at Xia Mengyao’s fingers!
“You’re looking for death!”
Chen Feng’s eyes were splitting, and Chen Yingrou’s action instantly ignited all the anger in his chest!
With a stride, he came to Chen Yingrou and smashed her iron fist at Chen Yingrou’s head!
In an instant, Chen Yingrou was surrounded by a strong sense of death crisis.
Her heart shook wildly!
How could Chen Feng’s speed be so fast? !
Almost at the moment when the thought fell, Chen Yingrou rolled over and left her original position.
Dodged the fatal blow of Chen Feng’s iron fist.

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