Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 291

After coming out of the hospital, Chen Feng received a call from Gu Dongchen.
On the phone, Gu Dongchen told Chen Feng that all the medicinal materials needed for refining ice lotus were bought, and now only Chen Feng could come over and start refining.
After asking the location clearly, Chen Feng rushed over.
Almost as soon as Chen Feng left, there was an extended Rolls-Royce at the entrance of the hospital.
Rolls-Royce’s body and glass are obviously made of bulletproof materials, and the license plate hanging on the front of the car is even more rare with the same number as Beijing C0000!
Obviously, the person sitting in the car is a big man from Yanjing.
Rich is expensive!
There was a sensation at the entrance of the hospital, and many people took out their phones and prepared to shoot.
But in the next second, a few bodyguards in black suits and headsets appeared beside these people.
With just a stern look, several passers-by who were about to shoot retracted their necks, picked up their phones and fled.
Then, the door of Rolls-Royce opened slowly.
A lady in a Chinese dress got out of the car. The lady’s face was exquisite and her skin was well maintained. From her face, there was hardly any trace of age.
“Madam, here.” A
hoarse voice sounded behind the lady, and then, a ghostly rickety figure emerged behind the lady. This figure, like the shadow of the lady, was hidden in the shadow, and The lady is inseparable.
“Yeah.” The lady nodded slightly, and then a bright smile appeared on her fair
and pretty face : “Mother-in-law, let’s go in and have a look.” At this moment, Lin Lan was chattering in Xia Mengyao’s ward.
“Mengyao, what did that waste just say? You honestly confess to mom.”
“Mom, Chen Feng didn’t say anything…” Xia Mengyao was helplessly prevaricating Lin Lan, she was about to find a reason to fool Lin Lan In the past, but at this moment, a dark shadow appeared behind Lin Lan.
Xia Mengyao’s pupils suddenly tightened, and just about to remind Lin Lan, the dark shadow stretched out a hand and gently grabbed it on Lin Lan’s neck.
Lin Lan suddenly rolled his eyes, and fainted without even having a chance to react.
“What did you do to my mother?!”
Xia Mengyao was surprised and angry.
“Don’t worry, your mother is okay. The mother-in-law just made her faint temporarily.”
At this time, a faint voice sounded behind the black figure.
The black shadow left, revealing the figure of a lady in glamour.
“Hello, Miss Xia.” A smile came up from the corner of the lady’s mouth.
“Who are you?”
Xia Mengyao’s eyelids twitched. Although the lady in dress in front of her is not dewy, but she has a natural nobleness. This nobleness even gave birth to Xia Mengyao. A feeling of shame.
“You can call me Qin Xuerou, or…Mom.” The lady in dress smiled deeply.
Is she… Qin Xuerou? !
Xia Mengyao’s pupils shrank again. If this woman is really Qin Xuerou, then she is Chen Feng’s stepmother!
The little princess of the Qin family that Chen Haotian married back then!
What is she doing? !
Seeing the shocked look on Xia Mengyao’s pretty face, Qin Xuerou couldn’t help but raise her mouth: “It seems…Chen Feng mentioned me to you.”
Xia Mengyao did not answer, but instead asked, “What are you doing? Looking for my husband?”
“No, I’m not looking for him.” Qin Xuerou shook her head: “I’m looking for you.”
“Looking for me?” Xia Mengyao frowned.
“Yes, looking for you.” Qin Xuerou took a step forward.
“What are you doing with me?” Xia Mengyao glanced at Qin Xuerou with some caution. The relationship between Qin Xuerou and Chen Feng was not so bad. Even when the Chen family suppressed Chen Feng’s mother and son, Qin Xuerou stood up and spoke for Chen Feng’s mother and son. .
But Xia Mengyao did not believe Qin Xuerou.
The reason is simple. Qin Xuerou is a woman, a woman who loves Chen Haotian very much.
This identity determines the situation between her and Su Zhaoxi.
Not to mention helping Su Zhaoxi, Xia Mengyao even felt that Qin Xuerou would be good enough as long as she didn’t fall into trouble with Su Zhaoxi.
“Miss Xia, you don’t seem to trust me?” Qin Xuerou’s lips showed a playful smile.
Xia Mengyao gave Qin Xuerou coldly, but didn’t mean to pay attention to Qin Xuerou.
Qin Xuerou was not angry, she smiled: “Miss Xia, let’s tell you, I’m here to find you this time for only one purpose.”
“I want you to divorce Chen Feng.”
“Impossible!” Xia Mengyao refused without even thinking about it.
“Impossible?” Qin Xuerou’s mouth turned up: “Miss Xia can tell me the reason? Why is it impossible?”
“Without a reason, impossible is impossible.” Xia Mengyao said coldly, she didn’t know what Qin Xuerou’s purpose was. But she could divorce Chen Feng, but she never even thought about it.
She and Chen Feng have gone through three years of hardships, and finally came to the present. If they left because of Qin Xuerou, what were the past three years?
Qin Xuerou sighed, “Why does Miss Xia speak so absolutely?”
“If I tell you that if you don’t divorce Chen Feng, Chen Feng will die, what do you do?”
” What do you mean?!” Xia Mengyao’s tone suddenly became sharp.
“It doesn’t mean anything.” Qin Xuerou shook her head and smiled: “Chen Feng, he probably didn’t tell you, he abolished Chen
Yingrou .” “What?! Chen Feng, he abolished Chen Yingrou?” Xia Mengyao couldn’t help but startled. She fainted, so she didn’t know what happened later. When asked about Chen Feng, Chen Feng only said to let Chen Yingrou roll back to Yanjing.
But now it seems that Chen Feng might have concealed it from her in order not to worry her.
“Well, your man, in order to vent your anger, he ruined Chen Yingrou’s face, and also abolished her two hands and her dantian. Now Chen Yingrou is a completely useless person.” Qin Xuerou smiled. As if talking about a little thing that has nothing to do with me.
After listening to Xia Mengyao, she couldn’t help but feel a little moved, but when she was moved, her heart sank completely, Chen Yingrou’s daughter, Chen Boyong, and she has always been very much loved by the Chen family. This time she was abandoned and used Toes can imagine how angry the Chen family will be.
“Miss Xia, I actually envy you.” Qin Xuerou changed her conversation.
“What do you envy?” Xia Mengyao asked subconsciously.
“Envy you for having such a good husband as Chen Feng.” Qin Xuerou said lightly. After she finished speaking, she sighed again: “It’s not like me, I’m on a man like
Chen Haotian.” “Uncle Chen…” Xia Mengyao hesitated. , She wanted to ask Chen Haotian whether he was treating Qin Xuerou well, but when the words came to her lips, she couldn’t ask.
“Do you want to ask him how he treats me?” But Qin Xuerou seemed to know Xia Mengyao’s thoughts and asked for Xia Mengyao.
“Yeah.” Xia Mengyao nodded gently.

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