Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 290

“Okay, Mom, you go out first. I will talk to Chen Feng alone, and I will tell you when you ask.” Xia Mengyao rubbed her eyebrows and said helplessly, Lin Lan’s greed of life and fear of death, early Engraved in the bones, as long as it involves one’s own life, it is a big deal.
“Okay, then I’ll go out first, and you can ask carefully.” Lin Lan told Xia Mengyao, she also knew that she continued to entangle herself here, and Chen Feng would not say anything.
But Xia Mengyao might be able to ask something from Chen Feng.
After Lin Lan left the room, Xia Mengyao paused and said, “Is it from the Chen family?”
“Well, it’s my second uncle’s daughter.”
“Why does she… Trouble with you?” Xia Mengyao couldn’t help asking, Chen Feng is the heir of the Chen family. Logically speaking, his position in the Chen family should be the only one, similar to Xia Hao’s original Xia family.
You can see Chen Yingrou’s appearance, but she doesn’t pay attention to Chen Feng at all.
“Because I’m an illegitimate child…” Chen Feng sighed without concealing it, and explained everything.
He was not very clear about the specific grievances between his mother Su Zhaoxi and his father Chen Haotian.
However, everyone in the Chen family said something intermittently.
In his early years, Chen Haotian took Su Zhaoxi back to the Chen family once, and in front of Mr. Chen, threatened that Su Zhaoxi would not marry him in this life.
In the end, Mr. Chen broke both legs.
Su Zhaoxi was also kicked out of the Chen family.
On the second day after Su Zhaoxi left the Chen family, Mr. Chen told Chen Haotian a marriage, and the woman was the little princess of the Qin family, the giant of China Sea.
Chen Haotian originally wanted to refuse with death, but the old man Chen used a fluttering sentence, not marrying Qin’s daughter, so that Su Zhaoxi stopped Chen Haotian’s thoughts.
After Chen Haotian and Qin Xuerou got married, everyone thought that Su Zhaoxi would no longer appear in the sight of the Chen family in this life.
But three years later, Su Zhaoxi appeared again.
He also brought a three-year-old child.
It is Chen Feng.
The appearance of Chen Feng plunged the Chen family into turmoil again.
Everyone in the Chen family has a rare disagreement on Chen Feng’s retention.
Part of the Chen family’s idea is to let Chen Feng stay in the Chen family. After all, Chen Feng has the noble blood of the Chen family. If Chen Feng is left out, the Chen family may suffer a lot of gossip.
Another part of the people’s idea is to drive Chen Feng out of the Chen family. The reason is that wild species like Chen Feng will defile the Chen family.
The two factions were quarreling over this matter, and finally, the Chen family made a decision.
Chen Feng can normally enjoy the training resources and learning resources that the children of the Chen family should have, but cannot claim to be a child of the Chen family.
Mr. Chen’s words, no one in the Chen family dared to object.
But for Su Zhaoxi and Chen Feng, everyone in the Chen family couldn’t give a good face.
In the first two years, when Chen Haotian was there, everyone in the Chen family would exercise restraint. Even if they hated Su Zhaoxi and Chen Feng, they would not be too obvious.
But two years later, after Chen Haotian mysteriously disappeared, everyone in the Chen family instantly changed their faces. They were extremely embarrassed to Su Zhaoxi and Chen Feng. Not to mention the deduction of training resources, they also rushed Su Zhaoxi and Chen Feng to the Chen family servants. address.
In the cold words, Chen Feng stayed in Chen’s house for fifteen years.
If it weren’t for Su Zhaoxi’s death three years ago, he might still stay in Chen’s house.
What Chen Feng said was an understatement, but after Xia Mengyao heard it, she felt distressed as never before. She did not expect that Chen Feng would have such a dim time in the past.
In a wealthy family like the Chen family, it is almost impossible to know what kind of cold talk an illegitimate child and an unqualified mother will receive.
But even so, Chen Feng still survived.
At this moment, Xia Mengyao also suddenly understood why Chen Feng had never mentioned Chen’s affairs to her when he passed by.
He is not the heir of the Chen family at all, and the so-called heir of the Chen family is just a conspiracy to him.
“Why did Chen Zhennan let you be the heir of the Chen family? Is there anything in your body that wants him to do this?” Xia Mengyao couldn’t help asking, Chen Zhennan had the supreme position in the Chen family, and he would certainly not set Chen Feng as the heir for no reason. The heir to the Chen family must be Chen Feng, and there is something he has to pay attention to.
Chen Feng smiled bitterly and shook his head: “I said I don’t know, do you believe it?”
“Believe it!” Xia Mengyao was absolutely determined.
Chen Feng sighed: “Actually, I can probably guess something. The reason why Chen Zhennan made me the heir of the Chen family is probably inseparable from my cheap father.”
“Chen Haotian?” Xia Mengyao frowned.
“Yeah.” Chen Feng nodded: “My cheap father disappeared mysteriously when I was five years old. No one in the Chen family knew his whereabouts.”
“Where did he go and what he did,” No one knows.”
“The only thing I know is that he has a very high status within the Chen family.” “The
younger generation of the Chen family has the most advanced level of cultivation. Even Chen Zhennan could not match that year. “He.”
“Chen Zhennan suddenly made me the heir of the Chen family this time . I should have no relationship with him. Apart from him, I can’t think of other reasons.”
Chen Feng said with a complicated expression.
For Chen Haotian, it is impossible to say that he does not complain, after all, Chen Haotian has not fulfilled the responsibilities of a father.
But Chen Feng also knew that under the circumstances back then, Chen Haotian couldn’t do better.
If he did not marry the little princess of the Qin family, Su Zhaoxi would not live to the next day at all, and naturally there would be no Chen Feng.
“Then what should you do now?” Xia Mengyao asked with some worry. Although Chen Feng’s words were not exhaustive, she could also understand that, except for Chen Zhennan’s unclear attitude, everyone else Seeing Chen Feng as a thorn in the eye and a thorn in the flesh.
They would never allow Chen Feng, an illegitimate son, to control the Chen family.
So they will eradicate Chen Feng sooner or later.
“Don’t worry too much, the Chen family won’t do anything to me for the time being.” Chen Feng smiled slightly and said.
Two days have passed since Chen Yingrou was abolished, but in these two days, the Chen family didn’t hear anything against him.
Either they are accumulating strength and waiting for a fatal blow to themselves, or they are waiting for Chen Zhennan to speak, and Chen Zhennan does not speak. They have no guts to do anything to themselves.
Chen Feng guessed that the latter possibility would be greater.
Because Chen Zhennan now has a high status in the Chen family, even Chen Boyong has to be jealous.
Before figuring out Chen Zhennan’s thoughts, Chen Boyong would not dare to act on him rashly.
“Yeah.” Xia Mengyao nodded slightly, but a strong sense of powerlessness was born in her heart.
She now found that she was becoming more and more useless. Every time Chen Feng had an accident, she could not help Chen Feng.
It’s fine if you can’t help Chen Feng, and sometimes she will become Chen Feng’s burden, distracting Chen Feng’s energy…

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