Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 293

“Uncle Hui, the current situation of the old man, Master, is not very optimistic…” Chen Zewen said. After coming down from Yuquan Mountain, he changed his name to Chen Feng and no longer covered it up.
“Then wait for me to reconcile the medicine, you can bring the medicine there first.”
“Let’s go together after Master Chen finishes his work. The old master said he wants to see Master Chen.” Chen Zewen paused.
“Alright.” Chen Feng nodded. He can finish the work at hand in a day or two at most, and Huang Lao San can still hold it in a day or two.
Jinzhitang’s medicine refining equipment is very advanced, and the refining process of ice lotus is also very simple, so it only took less than an hour for Chen Feng to refine two ice lotus into an elixir.
One black and one white, all exuding a faint fragrance.
The black spirit pill is used to conquer the fire poison in Huang Lao San’s body, and the white pill can help Xia Mengyao temper her body, transform the veins, and make Xia Mengyao become a warrior within a month.
After loading the pill, Chen Feng left Jinzhitang and drove to the hospital again.
On the way, I received a call from Shen Hongchang.
“Chen Shao, the first phase of the resort is about to be completed. I plan to hold a completion ceremony on the 15th of this month. For this ceremony, I have invited many celebrities from Cangzhou political and business circles. By then, they may all be there. , Shao Chen, would you like to come over and cut a ribbon at that time?” Shen Hongchang asked on the phone.
“The first phase of the project is about to be completed?” Chen Feng was a little surprised. He didn’t expect time to pass so fast. Since investing more than 30 billion to Yuquan Mountain, he has become the shopkeeper and has hardly ever asked Yuquan. Things about mountain resorts.
Unexpectedly, the first phase of Yuquan Mountain Resort will be completed in a blink of an eye.
Once the project is completed, it means that the resort can be officially opened to the outside world and enter a profitable stage.
In terms of profitability, this completion ceremony is naturally the top priority.
Once the completion ceremony is completed and grandly organized, it is bound to attract a lot of attention from the outside world, which is equivalent to an advertisement for Yuquan Mountain Resort for free.
No wonder Shen Hongchang would ask his own opinions on such an important matter.
“Mr. Shen, I will pass the ceremony at that time, but you will be the one who cuts the ribbon. You are the biggest project in our Yuquan Mountain Resort.” Chen Feng smiled and said, indeed, the Yuquan Mountain project is from beginning to end. It was Shen Hongchang who was in charge. He hadn’t done anything besides investing 35 billion.
Of course, the most important thing is that once the ribbon-cutting person becomes him, then everyone in Cangzhou will know that he is the heir of the Chen family.
“Chen Shaoyan is serious. You are the biggest project in Yuquan Mountain Resort. I just stood by your light…” Shen Hongchang gave a flattery.
“By the way, Shao Chen, for this ceremony, I also plan to invite a few first-line stars to come over and let them sing to help out. Shao Chen, do you have any suggestions?” Shen Hongchang asked again. Naturally, there is no such big thing as the completion ceremony. Just invite a few leaders over, and celebrity guests cannot be less.
Otherwise, it cannot attract the attention of ordinary people.
“No.” Chen Feng shook his head: “Mr. Shen, you can take
care of these little things, don’t ask my opinion.” “Well, Chen Shao, you are busy…” After
hanging up the phone, Chen Feng is preparing. Turn into the next lane.
But the scene that came into his sight caused him to slam on the brake.
On the side of the road in front of him, a lot of people were crowded.
In the middle of the crowd, there was a silver Bentley parked, beside the Bentley, there was a middle-aged woman lying there.
At this moment, the middle-aged woman lying on the ground was clutching her head and begging for mercy with a painful face, but the man who kicked her had a hideous face and didn’t mean to let her go.
Soon, the middle-aged woman was kicked with a black nose and swollen face, and her body was covered with blood.
“Let me go, let me go.” The middle-aged woman pleaded bitterly, but this pleading angered the man who kicked her.
“Leave you?!”
“I crashed Lao Tzu’s car, and I want Lao Tzu to let you go!”
Wearing a black suit, the tall and majestic young man was full of savage faces. After a vicious curse, he kicked again. Kicked the middle-aged woman on the face and kicked the middle-aged woman out two or three meters away.
Chen Feng furrowed his brows, and there was a hint of coldness between his brows.
Although I don’t know what exactly this middle-aged woman did, the young man’s shot was a bit too vicious, and he directly beat people to death.
After kicking the middle-aged woman away, the tall young man was still not relieved, and he stepped forward again and kicked his foot. Chen Feng took a step forward, preparing to stop the tall young man.
But this is, a smaller figure squeezed into the crowd, arms spread out and blocked in front of the tall young man, she looked at the tall young man angrily: “No hitting my mother!”
This petite figure is A girl about seventeen or eighteen years old.
The girl wears a simple double ponytail, and a face with melon seeds is very pure, even if she doesn’t use any powder, she looks very bright and moving.
What’s more rare is that she still has a lovely and pitiful temperament in her body. This temperament can almost arouse all men’s most primitive desire for protection.
At this moment, even the tall young man who was about to kick someone had stopped in the air.
But soon, the tall young man recovered.
“This pariah is your mother?” The tall young man pointed at the fallen middle-aged woman, his tone still bad.
“Don’t scold my mother! My mother is not a pariah.” The girl gathered up courage and stared at the tall young man angrily.
“Not a pariah?!”
“Your mother ran into Lao Tzu’s car and didn’t lose money to Lao Tzu. What is it that she is not a pariah?!” The tall young man looked savage again.
“She hit your car?” The girl’s pretty face changed color slightly, she couldn’t help but glanced at the Bentley, and found that beside the Bentley, there was a red electric car that had been knocked apart, and there was a line at the door of the Bentley. Traces of scratching.
Obviously, it is the electric car that has hit Bentley.
“Yes… I’m sorry.” The girl’s tone weakened.
“I’m sorry? I’m sorry? I’m done with one sentence?!”
“I…I am willing to lose money.” The girl said that she took out a few five yuan, ten yuan, and twenty yuan from her body. She wanted to sort it out and hand it to the youth. Hands.
But he was slapped and slapped flying by the youth.
The young man laughed in anger and said, “I’m saying that you’re too bad, don’t you have water in your head?”
“Do you know what kind of car is this Laozi? Bentley!”
“More than three million cars! The paint is broken. If you bring me dozens of dollars to Laozi, you will lose your paralysis!”
More than three million? !
The girl’s pretty face was so pale that she would never have thought that the young man’s car was worth more than three million yuan.

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