Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 294

The passersby onlookers was also a sensation, and there was a touch of sympathy in the eyes of the girl. The car of more than three million yuan was already a great luxury car in Cangzhou.
This middle-aged woman smashed such a luxury car, and no one couldn’t get it from seven to eighty thousand.
“Yeah… I’m sorry, I really don’t have that much money…” The pretty girl’s eyes were red, and tears couldn’t stop running in her eyes.
My mother is just an ordinary textile factory worker, with a monthly salary of more than 3,000. Excluding the rent and her food and clothing expenses, the mother has no savings at all, so she can pay more than 3 million yuan for the luxury car.
“No money? No money, won’t you sell it!”
At this time, a very sharp voice sounded from the car. The owner of the voice seemed a little impatient. She pushed the car door and stepped on high heels. To get off.
“I said Du Jiang, what did you eat? How come you haven’t dealt with such a small matter in ten minutes!” The woman who got out of the car pointed at the tall young man’s nose and cursed, seemingly dissatisfied with the tall young man’s handling methods. .
Chen Feng frowned. He found that he got off the car with big yellow wavy curly hair. He was about fifty years old. The skin was well maintained. She wore gold and silver, and the extraordinary woman actually followed him. Lin Lan’s mother-in-law is somewhat similar.
“Madam, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Du Jiang hurriedly bowed to apologize, cold sweat on his forehead.
“I don’t want to hear what you say I’m sorry, I’ll give you five minutes, and I will deal with this matter within five minutes. If you can’t finish it, you can roll me up and go!” Resistant.
“Yes, yes, ma’am, I will deal with it, I will deal with it.” Du Jiang nodded hurriedly, cold sweat on his forehead.
After speaking, he walked to the pretty girl in a rage, raised his hand and prepared to slap the pretty girl in the face.
The girl shuddered and closed her eyes subconsciously.
But after waiting for a long time, there was no slap.
The girl opened her eyes subconsciously, but found that Du Jiang’s face was flushed at the moment, and the hand he waved down was also clamped in the air by the other hand, unable to move.
The owner of the other hand is naturally Chen Feng.
“It’s not a good habit to hit a woman.” Chen Feng glanced at Du Jiang faintly. He already understood what happened. Bentley’s scratching was because Du Jiang hit a middle-aged woman’s electric car when he turned a corner. Theory Above all, both sides are wrong.
But after Du Jiang got out of the car, he indiscriminately attributed all the faults to the middle-aged woman.
“Let go of me!”
Du Jiang gritted his teeth and almost used all his strength to break away from Chen Feng’s big hand, but Chen Feng’s big hand clamped him tightly, preventing him from moving.
Chen Feng didn’t let go, but glanced at the middle-aged woman who fell on the ground, and said, “How much do you want her to lose?”
“Why, you have to pay for that untouchable?” Du Jiang’s mouth raised a sneer: “Three hundred thousand, you give me three hundred thousand, and I will let the untouchable.”
“Three hundred thousand?” Chen Feng’s expression became cold, and the middle-aged woman’s electric car scratched a small piece of Bentley’s paint. , I didn’t touch it at all in other places.
But Du Jiang opened his mouth with 300,000 yuan, making it clear that he didn’t want to deal with this matter properly.
“Too much? Or you can’t afford to pay?” Seeing Chen Feng stopped talking, Du Jiang couldn’t help but sneered. His tone began to become sarcasm. He saw too many stunned youths like Chen Feng who like heroes to save the United States. One, it will end well.
“I’ll give you one last chance and make a good bargain.” Chen Feng said blankly.
“Five hundred thousand!”
Du Jiang looked at Chen Feng provocatively, “I suddenly changed my mind. Three hundred thousand is not enough. I want five hundred thousand!”
“If you can’t take out half a million, I will sell this pariah and her daughter to…”
Halfway through, Du Jiang’s voice stopped abruptly.
His face was full of horror, and then his feet were off the ground, and the whole person was suspended in the air uncontrollably. The many passers-by who
onlookers couldn’t help taking a breath.
No one thought that Chen Feng, who looked thin and thin, would have such explosive power in his body. With just one hand, he pinched Du Jiang’s neck and lifted Du Jiang into the air like a chicken.
“Ho… ho… let go… let me go!”
Du Jiang’s face flushed, his feet kicked in the air, his throat kept squeezing ho ho.
At this moment, his heart was shocked and angry. He would never have thought of killing him. Chen Fengcheng made such a sudden shot, and he was lifted in the air before he even had time to react.
“Let go of Du Jiang!”
At this moment, the woman with big yellow curly hair was also anxious and stared at Chen Feng angrily.
“Let go?”
“Okay, please satisfy you.”
Chen Feng sneered, and with a slight force on his hand, Du Jiang was thrown out and hit the front hood of Bentley.
There was a “bang”.
Du Jiang’s weight of over 180 kilograms, coupled with inertia, directly smashed the Bentley’s hood and deformed it, and even the windshield was shattered at the same time.
“What are you doing! Do you want to die?” Seeing the car was smashed like this, the woman with big waves and curly hair suddenly turned red, and she came to Chen Feng with an angry face.
Chen Feng glanced at the woman coldly: “Don’t you know what your driver did?”
“Just scratched a piece of car paint, and he asked the mother and daughter to pay him 300,000 yuan. What is the difference between the fate of mother and daughter?”
“What does their fate have to do with me?! Shouldn’t you lose money if you hit my car!” The woman’s tone was extremely sharp.
“Losing money?” Chen Feng sneered: “Your driver hit this aunt, why didn’t you pay this aunt?”
“Which eye do you see that I didn’t lose money?” The woman asked sharply, saying, She took out her wallet, took out three red banknotes from the wallet, and threw them on the middle-aged woman covered in blood.
“Have you seen it? Three hundred yuan is enough for this pariah to go to the hospital to see a doctor!”
“Can you have a thicker skin?! How can you see such a serious injury, three hundred yuan!” Chen Feng’s face suddenly became gloomy. In the end, if the middle-aged woman goes to the hospital, I am afraid that no one will be able to get 30,000 or 40,000 yuan, but this big wave woman only pays 300 yuan, and it seems that the middle-aged woman is taking advantage.
“She’s not dead yet, why is 300 yuan not enough?”
“Give her 300 yuan, it’s cheaper for her.” The
woman yelled arrogantly.
At this time, even the onlookers couldn’t stand it anymore. Someone yelled, “You’re still shameless! Three hundred yuan is enough for such a serious injury!”
“That’s right, if you have a small cold now, you can go to the hospital. Thousands of dollars.”
“For the rich and unkind!”

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