Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 297

“Your eldest sister?” Chen Feng frowned, and Lin Lan was the eldest sister who emerged from where, why did he never see it in his mind.
“Don’t worry about who it is, you can rent a high-end luxury car and pick up people at Junsheng Hotel.” Lin Lan said impatiently.
“What’s your eldest sister’s background? You can’t come here by yourself. She has to be picked up by a luxury car?” Chen Feng was a bit speechless. People who didn’t know Lin Lan thought she was going to pick up the leader.
Chen Feng’s attitude made Lin Lan very upset, but she still suppressed the anger in her chest cavity, and patiently explained: “My eldest sister is the general manager of Zhongsheng Company, and her husband is also a big boss with a net worth of over 100 million yuan. On weekdays, people have special cars to pick them up. When they first arrived in Cangzhou today, they said they would come and see me. If I let them take a taxi, what would you say to me?”
“Okay, I’ll pick them up.” Chen Feng sighed After a sigh of relief, even though he was reluctant, Lin Lan had already spoken to this point, so he couldn’t make sense if he didn’t go.
“Remember to rent a luxury car and don’t embarrass me.” Lin Lan warned.
Chen Feng dealt with a few words casually, then left the hospital and drove his Audi.
As for renting a luxury car, Chen Feng didn’t even think about it. Lin Lan wanted to make a fat man with a swollen face. He didn’t have that habit.
On the way, Lin Lan sent over the contact information of Lin Yue’s family.
When he arrived at the entrance of Junsheng Hotel, Chen Feng took out his mobile phone and dialed the contact information given by Lin Lan. As soon as the phone was connected, Lin Yue’s carefree voice came: “Is it Lin Lan’s driver?”
Chen Feng frowned. Why did he feel a familiar feeling when he heard this voice?
“Come to the south gate to meet us right away, we are at the south gate.” Lin Yue ordered.
“Okay.” Although he was puzzled, Chen Feng didn’t think too much, and drove to the south gate directly.
From a distance, Chen Feng saw two familiar figures.
It was the big wave woman and the young woman who had just quarreled more than an hour ago.
Seeing the two, Chen Feng’s expression suddenly became weird.
No wonder the first time he saw the Big Wave Woman, he felt that the Big Wave woman looked somewhat similar to Lin Lan, because she was Lin Lan’s eldest sister.
“What did Lin Lan do for food? I actually sent a broken Audi to pick us up!”
Lin Yue scolded dissatisfiedly. She repeatedly told Lin Lan on the phone to find a high-end luxury car. Lin Lan was so good that he got an Audi over.
Due to the distance between them, she did not see clearly that this Audi was the one she had photographed before.
But Tang Ruoxue reacted first: “Mom, this Audi’s license plate number seems to be exactly the same as the Audi license plate number that damaged our Bentley before!”
“What?!” Lin Yue was startled immediately, and was about to take out his phone to read it. Look, at this time, Chen Feng had already drove up to her.
The window opened, revealing Chen Feng’s expressionless face.
“You are the driver of Lin Lan?!” Lin Yue gritted her teeth, and the anger in her chest gushed out uncontrollably. Her Bentley, but a luxury car of more than three million yuan, was originally just scratched with a small piece of paint. , It would cost 30,000 to 40,000, but Chen Feng threw Du Jiang in front of the car and broke the hood. Now it costs 300,000 to return to the factory for repairs!

Get in the car.” Chen Feng said lightly, as if he didn’t bother to pay attention to Lin Yue.
“Get in what car! Get me down!”
“Pay me the 800,000 owed to me first!”
Lin Yue went to the front of Chen Feng’s car and knocked hard on the window.
“No money.” Chen Feng was very simple and tidy, and he just rushed to Lin Yue for what he had done before, not to mention the compensation of 800,000 yuan, which is 80 yuan, he was too lazy to pay.
“No money?!”
Lin Yue’s eyes widened, almost spit out a mouthful of old blood.
“Do you know who I am! Believe it or not, I will let Lin Lan fire you!”
Chen Feng smiled nonchalantly. Lin Yue obviously took him as Lin Lan’s driver, otherwise he would not be able to say such stupid things.
Chen Feng’s appearance of a dead pig not afraid of boiling water made Lin Yue very angry. She took out her mobile phone and dialed Lin Lan’s number.
“Lin Lan! Do you know what your driver did!”
Lin Yue asked angrily as soon as the call was connected.
“My driver?” Lin Lan was confused at first, and then immediately reacted. Who was the driver Lin Yue said.
“Sister Key, the person who picked you up is not my driver. He is my incompetent son-in-law, Chen Feng.” Lin Lan said cautiously, and at the same time scolded Chen Feng half-deadly in her heart. Feng was a little more polite to Lin Yue, but Chen Feng turned out to be better, and immediately got in touch with Lin Yue.
“Your son-in-law?!”
Lin Yue almost laughed angrily. After a long time, the bastard in front of him turned out to be the poor son-in-law of the Xia family.
For Chen Feng, Lin Yue is no longer familiar with it. In the past three years, Lin Lan has scolded her home son-in-law the most in her circle of friends. He is useless, weak, and accomplish nothing. He is simply rubbish in the trash.
So Lin Yue used to be very curious about what kind of superb Chen Feng is. He didn’t expect that she would really let her see it today. It really wasn’t disappointing.
“Since it is your son-in-law, then this matter is easy to handle, Lin Lan, immediately ask your son-in-law to bring me 800,000.” After knowing Chen Feng’s identity, Lin Yue suddenly came to feel confident, Chen Feng can not be afraid of her , But can he not be afraid of his mother-in-law?
“Huh?” Lin Lan was surprised.
“Sister Key, where did he offend you with that trash?”
“Remember my previous Bentley?” Lin Yue sneered.
“Remember.” Lin Lan nodded, a bad premonition suddenly occurred in her heart.
“You trash son-in-law, you broke the hood of my Bentley today. You said I should ask him for 800,000!”
“What? Sister Yue, you said that trash broke your Bentley?” Lin Lan The eyes almost stared out. She knew about Lin Yue’s Bentley, because Lin Yue had been in the circle of friends many times before. For a while, she was secretly envious, thinking about when she could pick it up. Come out.
Now Lin Yue said that her Bentley was smashed by Chen Feng, which frightened Lin Lan.
“Sister Yue, is there any misunderstanding in this matter? He has been in the hospital today for this trash.” Lin Lan still couldn’t believe it, Chen Feng really did such a thing.
“Misunderstanding? Lin Lan, what do you mean!” Lin Yue suddenly became angry: “Do you think I am ruining you?”
“No…No, sister Yue, I didn’t mean that.” Lin Lan hurriedly shook her head: ” It’s just…”
“Just what? More than an hour ago, this bastard broke my Bentley in order to save two untouchables, but was clearly photographed by surveillance, and I took a photo, Lin Lan, You have to dare to reckless, don’t blame me for being rude to you.”

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