Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 313

“Okay, this time Mom must tidy up that waste!” Lin Yue had a bit of resentment in her eyes. Zhonghai is her place. As long as Chen Feng comes to Zhonghai, she will have a thousand ways to make Chen Fengsheng worse dead!
Chen Feng and Lin Wanqiu walked out of the white swan.
But after only a few steps, the girl’s footsteps suddenly stopped, and she bowed deeply to Chen Feng:
“Brother Chen Feng, I’m sorry, Wanqiu has caused you trouble again…” The girl’s pretty face wrote Full of guilt, she has troubled Chen Feng three times since she met Chen Feng yesterday.
Every time when she was most difficult, Chen Feng would always stand up.
She couldn’t imagine what she and her mother would be like now without Chen Feng.
Chen Feng shook his head and smiled: “It’s okay. If you encounter problems that you can’t handle in the future, remember to inform me not to do it alone.”
“Yeah.” Lin Wanqiu bit her teeth, her pretty face flushed.
“Let’s go, I’ll take you to the hospital.”
Chen Feng said, Lin Yue didn’t make any moves, and those benches were bound to leave Lin Wanqiu with a hidden wound.
“Yeah.” After hesitating for a while, Lin Wanqiu nodded.
But not a few steps away, her body suddenly softened and fell forward without warning.
The ground is getting closer.
There was a touch of panic in Lin Wanqiu’s beautiful eyes.
He was about to fall to the ground.
At this moment, a big powerful hand followed Lin Wanqiu’s slender waist and held Lin Wanqiu up.
Lin Wanqiu posted her whole body on Chen Feng.
The head went deep into Chen Feng’s chest cavity.
An unprecedented strong masculine aura immediately surrounded Lin Wanqiu.
Her pretty face was red.
“What’s wrong with you?” Chen Feng frowned.
“No…nothing.” Lin Wanqiu’s voice was like mosquito feet.
“It’s okay?”
Chen Feng frowned and glanced down, only to see the girl’s slender and white calf, which was already blue and purple, and a big bag was swollen at the ankle.
Chen Feng’s face sank, there is no doubt that all of these are Lin Yue’s masterpieces.
“Brother Chen Feng, I…I’m fine, let’s go.” Lin Wanqiu’s gaze was a little dodge, subconsciously like escaping from Chen Feng’s sight, but she was about to move, but a tear came from her calf. The pain of a cleft heart.
In an instant, a fine layer of fragrant sweat came out of his forehead.
“You may have hurt your bones, let me hold you.” Chen Feng sighed. He didn’t expect that Lin Yue would be so cruel. If he didn’t come today, Lin Yue could kill Lin Wanqiu.
“No…no, Brother Chen Feng…” Lin Wanqiu wanted to say something more, but in the next second, Chen Feng hugged her up without saying anything.
Lin Wanqiu’s pretty face flushed suddenly, as if water could drip out.
“Thank you, Brother Chen Feng…” The girl buried her head in Chen Feng’s arms and muttered in a voice that only she could hear.
The city hospital is not far from the white swan. Chen Feng hugged Lin Wanqiu and walked for less than fifteen minutes before arriving at the emergency room.
When he arrived at the emergency room, Chen Feng discovered that Lin Wanqiu fell asleep in his arms at some unknown time. It was obviously because of exhaustion.
Chen Feng shook his head, sympathizing with Lin Wanqiu in his arms for no reason.
Lin Wanqiu is no different from other young girls, but other young girls at her age don’t have to bear so much.
“Chen Feng!” He was about to take Lin Wanqiu for an inspection, but at this moment, a sharp voice rang behind him.
Lin Lan?
Chen Feng frowned and turned around.
The Xia family of three came into sight.
Lin Lan was full of resentment, Xia Weiguo frowned.
Xia Mengyao had a cold face.
Chen Feng suddenly had a bad feeling in his heart.
At this time, Lin Lan stepped on high heels and walked a few steps in front of Chen Feng.
Pointing to Lin Wanqiu in
Chen Feng ‘s arms, he asked, “Who is this little vixen?!” “Her name is Lin Wanqiu…” Chen Feng frowned and prepared to explain, but Lin Lan didn’t listen at all and cursed directly: “Okay. you are a waste! ” ” a few days ago with that little slut Malus transitoria not explain things, has cropped Lin Wanqiu such a small fox! ” ” you became what we Meng Yao! ” ” can you point Face!”
“My relationship with Wan Qiu is not the way you think!” Chen Feng gave Lin Lan a cold look.
“Not that kind of relationship?” Lin Lan sneered.
“You are holding this little fox in your arms. Isn’t that kind of relationship? Do you think we are all blind!”
At this moment, Lin Wanqiu opened her eyes and saw Lin Lan’s aggressive appearance, she suddenly realized What happened? He hurriedly got out of Chen Feng’s arms and explained to Lin Lan: “Auntie, Brother Chen Feng and I just met yesterday. Brother Chen Feng rescued…

Lin Lan didn’t listen to the explanation at all, raised her hand directly, and slapped Lin Wanqiu’s pretty face with a fierce slap.
“Brother Chen Feng?! You stinky bitch, even Brother Chen Feng called! Do you know the true identity of this trash?! He is a married man!” Lin Lan scolded, she was worried that she could not catch To Chen Feng’s handle, unexpectedly, Chen Feng sent it up by himself.
This time, she wanted to see what Chen Feng had to say!
Lin Wanqiu was holding her face, tears rolling in her beautiful eyes. There is no doubt that the woman in front of her is Chen Feng’s mother-in-law, and not far away, that coldly beautiful woman is Chen Feng’s wife.
“Don’t call me auntie! You are not worthy of a vixen!” Lin Lan yelled, and as she scolded, she raised her hand again, preparing to slap Lin Wanqiu again.
But this time, her hand was caught in the air by Chen Feng.
“Enough!” Chen Feng suppressed his anger, and said in a deep voice : “This matter has nothing to do with Wanqiu.” “It doesn’t matter?” Lin Lan sneered, “It doesn’t matter if you say it’s okay? Are we all blind?”
“Lin Lan, don’t make trouble unreasonably!” Chen Feng’s expression became cold, Lin Lan made it clear that he wanted to make things worse.
“Am I making trouble unreasonably?” Lin Lan pointed to her nose with an incredible face.
“You are a trash cheating, you dare to say that I am making trouble without any reason!”
“Where do you get your face!”
“Chen Feng, what is going on? I need an explanation.”
At this time, Xia Weiguo also walked up calmly. He didn’t know Ye Haitang’s affairs, but Lin Wanqiu in front of him, he watched Chen Feng embrace him.
He couldn’t help but doubt it.
“Dad, Wanqiu and I only met yesterday…” Chen Feng explained patiently, retelling the matter of yesterday that Wang Shuzhen was at Lin Yue Bentley and Lin Yue’s beating Lin Yue today.
After listening, Xia Weiguo was skeptical.

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