Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 315

Chen Feng walked aimlessly on the street, like playing a movie in his mind, replaying the memories of the past three years with Xia Mengyao.
There are bitterness and sweetness, but more bland.
Three years ago, when I saw Xia Mengyao for the first time, he was covered with blood. Lin Lan didn’t want to cause trouble, and wanted Xia Weiguo to throw him out.
But Xia Mengyao tried his best to stop it, and even had a big fight with Lin Lan for this.
That was Chen Feng’s first heartbeat.
Be moved by Xia Mengyao’s kindness.
Later, with the help of Xia Weiguo, he got his wish and became husband and wife Xia Mengyao.
In order not to let the Chen family notice him, he chose to forbearance and turned himself into a waste.
This forbearance is three years.
In the past three years, he suffered all the cynicism, and in the eyes of the Xia family, he was a worthless waste.
Everyone looked down on him.
Only Xia Mengyao had hope for him.
Although Xia Mengyao never said it, he could feel it.
For Xia Mengyao, he worked hard to cultivate and almost sacrificed his life.
The Emperor lives up to his heart.
He had cultivated from the middle stage of Dark Jin to the early stage of Hua Jin.
These three hurdles, many warriors, throughout their lives, can not cross.
But he only spent three years.
When others saw him in the early stage of energizing, they would only think that he was talented.
But only he himself knew that it was because of Xia Mengyao that he could cultivate to the early stage of Huajin.
He is grateful to Xia Mengyao.
Without Xia Mengyao, there would be no him today.
If possible, he wants to give up his blood feud with the Chen family.
And Xia Mengyao lived a lifeless life.
But in this world, there is no if.
The tree wants to be quiet, but the wind does not stop!
The Chen family didn’t want him to be quiet.
When he walked under a maple tree, Chen Feng’s footsteps stopped.
Because in front of him, a silver Rolls Royce was parked.
Rolls Royce’s license plate number is Jing C0000.
In front of the car, two women stood tall.
One is dressed gorgeously, and the other is not angered.
At this moment, there was a slight mocking expression on the face of the gorgeously dressed woman.
“Qin! Xue! Soft!” In an instant, Chen Feng’s teeth clenched, and he understood!
He got it!
He understood why Xia Mengyao was divorced!
“Qin Xuerou?” The gorgeously dressed woman raised her mouth, and then walked towards Chen Feng with her arms around her chest.
When she came to Chen Feng, her face was full of playful expressions: “Godmother stopped calling? Call me Qin Xuerou?”
“Is it you?!” Chen Feng’s eyes were breathing fire. Thinking about why Xia Mengyao was so determined to divorce him, he knew very well that it was definitely not for Ye Haitang and Lin Wanqiu, there must be other reasons.
But he couldn’t understand what was the reason.
Seeing Qin Xuerou, he instantly understood.
“What is it that I am? I didn’t understand what you were talking about?” Qin Xuerou’s mouth was still joking.
“Have you ever found Mengyao!” Chen Feng asked with anger.
This time, Qin Xuerou did not deny it.
“Well, it’s me. I called her the day before yesterday and asked her to divorce you.”
“Why?!” Chen Feng clenched his fists and couldn’t help but anger.
“Why?” Qin Xuerou smiled playfully: “There is no why.”
“I just want to try how much that woman loves you.”
“She didn’t let me down.”
Taking a deep breath, Chen Feng calmed herself down: “Qin Xuerou, I don’t want you to intervene in the affairs between me and Mengyao.”
“I have already intervened, what do you do with me?” Qin Xuerou raised her chin, as if provoking Chen Feng.
Chen Feng didn’t speak, just clenched his fists.
To Qin Xuerou, he was not hostile.
For twenty years in the Chen family, this woman did not embarrass him, nor did she embarrass her mother.
Although logically speaking, she should be the one who hates herself and her mother the most in the entire Chen family.
But unexpectedly, she never showed a trace of hatred towards herself and her mother.
He couldn’t see through this woman.
“You should know that you and her are not suitable, and she will become a burden to you sooner or later.” Qin Xuerou’s mouth showed a smile again.
“It has nothing to do with you.” Chen Feng’s response was as indifferent as before.
“Really?” Qin Xuerou didn’t care.
After speaking, she sighed: “It used to have nothing to do with me, but now, it’s not necessarily anymore.”
Chen Feng’s eyelids jumped: “What do you mean?”
“Why does Master Chen ask knowingly?” Qin Xuerou Suddenly laughed.
Chen Feng’s pupils suddenly tightened.
“Chen Feng, you should be clear about the purpose of my coming this time.” Qin Xuerou glanced at Chen Feng lazily, and said: “I don’t want to go around with you, you help me deal with Chen Boyong, I help you protect Xia Mengyao, how?”
“I don’t know what you are talking about.” Chen Feng’s face sank, he didn’t know whether Qin Xuerou was testing or really knew something.
“I don’t know?” Qin Xuerou’s mouth raised a jokingly: “Chen Feng, you can’t hide from others, but you can’t hide from me.”
“You broke through to the early stage of Huajin three months ago.”
“Twenty-five years old. Great master of martial arts, tusk, if this is going to be spread, I am afraid that it will scare a lot of it to death. It is worthy of that guy’s kind.” Qin Xuerou sighed.
Chen Feng’s heart sank, and Qin Xuerou even knew the date of his breakthrough, which showed that she had not given up on monitoring him from beginning to end.
He thought that in the entire Chen family, only Chen Zhennan knew about his breakthrough to the early stage of Huajin, but now…
“Chen Feng, I don’t want to talk nonsense with you. You should know how my son died.”
“I There is only one request for you, and that is to destroy Chen Boyong’s house full of doors, no chickens and dogs!” Speaking of Chen Boyong, a terrible hatred was drawn across the woman’s face. This hatred made the air around him for a moment. Freeze.
Chen Feng was silent, he didn’t expect Qin Xuerou to be so direct.
“Before you destroy Chen Boyong’s family, your wife, I will protect you.” Qin Xuerou said again, she believed that as long as Chen Feng is not stupid, she should understand what she meant by protection.
“You should know what realm Chen Boyong is now?” Chen Feng took a deep breath and said in a deep voice. He has no time to consider whether Qin Xuerou’s words are true or false.
But her request is really harder than reaching the sky!
Chen Boyong is the late stage of Huajin, he is the world’s top martial arts master! Only one step away from the master!
There are even rumors outside that Chen Boyong has already broken through the master!
Regardless of whether the rumors are true or false, in this age when the master is not born, Chen Boyong is the top powerhouse in the world!
There is no doubt!
Qin Xuerou let him destroy Chen Boyong’s family, it is no different, it is harder than climbing!
“You have no confidence in yourself?” Qin Xuerou’s mouth made a nice arc.

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