Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 316

Chen Feng did not speak, killing Chen Boyong was not a question of confidence or disbelief at all. In addition to having grandmaster-level strength, he also had to consider the opinions of the Chen family. After all, the Chen family would not watch Chen Boyong die.
Move the whole body with one move.
Destroying Chen Boyong is almost an enemy in the world!
At this time, Qin Xuerou suddenly sneered: “You should understand that Chen Boyong will trouble you sooner or later.”
“When he troubles you, the first person to look for is Xia Mengyao.”
“Because she is your only weakness.”
Chen Feng continued. Silent, Qin Xuerou made no mistake, indeed, Xia Mengyao was his only weakness.
He subdued Gu Dongchen and Han Long, and wooed Ye Haitang, everything was for Xia Mengyao to have the power to protect himself.
But in front of the Chen family, all he did was like a joke.
The Chen family is too powerful, and any room that comes out can wipe out Cangzhou instantly.
“Give Xia Mengyao to me, I won’t make you worry about the future.” Qin Xuerou said coldly.
As far as Chen Feng is concerned, Xia Mengyao is both a help.
It is also a shackle.
Because of Xia Mengyao, Chen Feng was locked in Cangzhou for three years.
Now, she, Qin Xuerou, wants to untie this shackle.
Let the real dragon take off!
Fly out of Cangzhou!
“Good.” Chen Feng finally uttered.
The ice on Qin Xuerou’s face instantly melted away, and she turned into a smile like the warm spring sun.
She stretched out her hand: “Happy cooperation.”
Chen Feng didn’t mean to stretch out his hand, but gave Qin Xuerou a cold look: “Protect her, if she has the slightest handicap, I will kill you all!”
Qin Xuerou’s tone was stagnant, obviously unexpectedly, Chen Feng’s tone would be so sharp. , But after all, she is a woman who has experienced strong winds and waves. Soon, she recovered, her pretty face showed a smile again:
“Don’t worry, in three days, I will let her go to Zhonghai. Zhonghai is my territory. , Even if it’s the king of heaven, I don’t want to touch her hair.”
“It’s best.”
Chen Feng gave Qin Xuerou coldly, and after speaking, he turned and left without looking back.
Using each other with Qin Xuerou was already the best way to deal with Chen Boyong’s threat.
Qin Xuerou valued his potential.
He valued Qin Xuerou’s power.
Qin Xuerou relied on herself and could not complete revenge in this life.
And he can hardly protect Xia Mengyao by himself.
So they must cooperate.
Qin Xuerou protects Xia Mengyao so that he has no worries, he solves Chen Boyong and avenges Qin Xuerou.
However, Qin Xue’s flexible manner was erratic, and there was no way to act. No one knew what she thought in her mind.
After returning to Yuquan Mountain, Chen Feng received a call from Lin Lan.
On the phone, Lin Lan only said a word. At 8 o’clock tomorrow morning, at the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau, she will divorce with her ID card.
Chen Feng did not respond, he hung up the phone and lay on the bed…
Early the next morning, Chen Feng arrived at the Civil Affairs Bureau on time.
Due to holidays, many people lined up at the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau.
The three of the Xia family did not line up, but waited at the door.
Xia Mengyao wore a light blue lapel tunic dress, showing slender white jade arms, a beautiful neck, and a thin platinum necklace. Her temperament was still cold, but compared to yesterday, her pretty face was more beautiful. He looked tired, obviously he didn’t have a good rest last night.
The same is true for Xia Weiguo.
But Lin Lan was as bright as ever.
Seeing Chen Feng, she waved her hand hurriedly and motioned for Chen Feng to pass.
After taking a deep breath, Chen Feng opened his legs.
“Did you bring your ID card?” Lin Lan glanced at Chen Feng contemptuously, and Chen Feng’s arrival was still a little bit beyond her expectation.
“Take it.” Chen Feng said lightly, his eyes couldn’t help but moved to Xia Mengyao, but Xia Mengyao didn’t have any expressions from beginning to end.
“Oh, let’s go in.” Xia Weiguo sighed, knowing that it was irreversible. At home last night, he persuaded Xia Mengyao all night, but Xia Mengyao’s attitude was surprisingly firm.
The process of divorce is very simple, less than ten minutes, all the procedures are completed.
Chen Feng thought he could face everything calmly, but when he got the divorce certificate, his heart trembled for no reason.
It seemed that something extremely important had been lost in an instant.
Xia Mengyao’s pretty face also lost her blood, pale, and even her body was trembling.
Seeing this scene, Xia Weiguo couldn’t help shaking his head.
Lin Lan was as bitter and mean as always: “Chen Feng, I can tell you, from this moment on, you have nothing to do with my Mengyao.”
“From then on you go on your Yangguan road, Mengyao will go. Her single-door bridge.”
“The road is heading towards the sky, and go to each side.”
“From now on, you are you and she is her.”
“I forbid you to have any contact with Mengyao.”
Chen Feng ignored Lin Lan, but stared at Xia Mengyao’s profile blankly.
As if he could feel Chen Feng’s gaze, Xia Mengyao’s body trembled more intensely.
Ringland still chatter: “I will re-arrange the match to Meng Yao, up to one month, Meng Yao would get married, this time, she would marry a thousand times a hundred times more than hello man.”
“At that time, you’d better Don’t harass her.”
“Shut up!” At this moment, Xia Weiguo suddenly yelled.
The audience was quiet for a moment.
Ringland also silenced, well quite a while, she Huanguo Lai, immediately to the gas child: “You shout shout what ah Xia Weiguo??”
“Divorced daughter so happy occasion, you have nothing to be angry”?
“Festive “!” Xia Weiguo gritted his teeth and wanted to slap Lin Lan.
“Of course it’s festive. My daughter followed this waste for three years, suffered three years of hardship, and suffered three years of scolding. She didn’t have a good day. Now she is relieved. What is it that is not festive?” Lin Lan said positively. Come, Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao divorce, it is joyous.
As long as Chen Feng is dumped, in Xia Mengyao’s terms, the best man in this world almost chooses whichever he wants.
Marrying into a rich family is not a problem at all.
“You…” Xia Weiguo became angry, and Lin Lan’s fallacies and heresies left him speechless.
“Dad, Mom was right. I was really sorry for Mengyao in the past and didn’t give Mengyao happiness.” Chen Feng said calmly, and Xia Mengyao’s body trembled again.
Xia Weiguo sighed: “Chen Feng, you are fair and comfortable. Dad sees everything you do. You have never been sorry for this family, let alone this Mengyao.”
“Dad knows that you divorced Mengyao. There must be your own reasons.”
“Dad can’t persuade you, and won’t persuade you.”
“But what dad wants to tell you is that although you are divorced, as long as you have a dad, the Xia family will always be your home.”
“You will come back whenever you want.”
“You will always be a dad .” Half of my son, dad doesn’t recognize anyone except you!”
Xia Weiguo’s remarks came from the bottom of his heart and made a sound on the ground, making Chen Feng’s heart a touch of warmth.
Chen Feng nodded his head heavily: “Dad, I will come back to see you from time to time.”
Lin Lan curled his lips, rarely refuting it.

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