Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 320

However, four men in black uniforms with sharp eyes like falcons, surrounded by a young woman wearing a black mask, passed the security check.
The young woman wore a white Givenchy shirt on her upper body and a sky blue denim shorts on her lower body.
The two beautiful legs under the shorts are round and white, like a jade, without the slightest flaw.
Although the woman was wearing a mask, her face was completely covered up.
But the figure of a woman is an undoubted devil figure.
The moment she appeared, she attracted the attention of countless people in the audience.
In the hall, there was the sound of a trembling apple, swallowing saliva.
Even the eyes of Chen’s four brothers and sisters were a little straight at this moment.
Chen Feng’s gaze was naturally attracted to him.
However, his attention was not on the woman, but on the four men in black uniforms that surrounded the woman.
These are four warriors!
Two Ming Jin mid-terms, two Ming Jin late!
Their expressions were solemn and their eyes were sharp. Even though they had passed the security check, their eagle-like gazes kept scanning the audience, trying to kill all potential threats in the cradle.
Chen Feng squinted his eyes, and a hint of curiosity rose from the bottom of his heart. What is the identity of this tall and young woman?
Four warriors were dispatched to protect the trip.
Chen Feng was thinking about it, but saw the eyes of the young woman drifting over here.
The four men in black uniforms immediately understood what the Miaoling woman meant, and walked towards Chen Feng around the Miaoling woman.
Chen Zewen frowned and took a step forward subconsciously.
But the Miaoling woman didn’t even look at Chen Zewen. She passed Chen Zewen and walked straight into the tea restaurant behind her.
After entering the tea restaurant, the woman took out a book, ordered a cup of coffee, then sat on a chair and started reading.
“Brother Feng, let’s go in too.” Chen Zeli rolled his eyes and said with a smile.
“Yeah.” Chen Feng nodded slightly and stepped into the cafe.
Chen Zeli walked in the forefront. As soon as he entered the door, his eyes fell on the young woman sitting in the chair. The woman was reading at the moment. Two slender legs were superimposed on each other, and the white flowers were very dazzling.
Although Chen Zeli was itchy, he also understood that this woman’s identity was extraordinary and he could not get involved.
So he stepped to the bar, ready to order a few cups of coffee.
But not a few steps away, a man in a black uniform stood in front of him.
“Sir, I’m sorry, this place is reserved by our young lady, please leave.” The man in black uniform gave Chen Zeli a blank expression.
“? Private use”
Ze was frowned on, some are not convinced: “? Here is the high-speed rail station, not your home, and besides, this cafe are not you drive, how can you make a block booking”
“Sir, the same thing I do not want to say first For the second time, please leave, or you will be at your own risk.” The black uniformed man’s voice cooled down, faintly revealing a bit of threat.
Chen Zeli was getting angry and was about to get angry. At this time, Chen Feng said lightly: “Ali, come back, let’s change the place.”
“Okay, Brother Feng.” Chen Zeli was taken aback for a while, and he hurriedly agreed. , He didn’t dare not listen.
Seeing Chen Zeli coming here, the black uniformed man couldn’t help but glanced at Chen Feng in surprise. He thought that Chen Feng’s group was headed by the older Chen Zewen, but he didn’t expect that the real head was actually watching. The most humble Chen Feng.
Although the man in black uniform was surprised, his gaze did not focus too much on Chen Feng.
The Miao-ling woman sitting on the chair did not even glance at Chen Feng from the beginning to the end, and did not even lift her head. All her attention was attracted by the book in her hand.
After coming out of the cafe, Chen Zeli glanced at the opposite side and said: “Brother Feng, there is a tea restaurant opposite, let’s go and rest there.”
“Okay.” Chen Feng smiled, Chen Zeli thought he was more or less capable Guessed some, but the identity of that young woman was not something he could offend.
Five people entered the tea restaurant. Chen Zeli ordered a few things at random, and then chose a seat by the window.
The glass here is a fully transparent floor-to-ceiling glass, so through the glass, you can completely see the young lady in the opposite cafe.
The four men in black uniforms had noticed this, but they only gave Chen Zeli a cold look, and then withdrew their gazes.
A few minutes later, another group of people came over and entered the cafe.
But it was also kicked out.
The four men in black uniforms are obviously of the kind who don’t get in. Whether men, women or children, as long as they dare to step into the cafe, they will stop them.
Soon, half an hour passed.
“Brother Feng, it’s almost done. Let’s check the tickets. The train will come over immediately.” Chen Zeli glanced at the time and stood up and said.
Chen Feng nodded and was about to get up. At this moment, the two figures that came into the line of sight attracted his attention.
These are two men dressed as travelers with backpacks, jackets, and hiking shoes.
The heights of the two men are very different.
The tall one seemed to be 1.9 meters tall. He had a big waist and a round waist. He walked like a black ape in a deep mountain, giving people a strong sense of oppression.
The short one is about 1.6 meters tall. He is small and thin, with a sharp-mouthed monkey cheek. His whole person is just like the golden monkey in the zoo, and he looks weak.
They talked and laughed and stepped into the cafe and walked straight to the bar.
The headed man in black uniform stood up again, rushing away with a cold face.
The black ape-like man seemed to have a hot temper. After arguing with the black uniform man, he actually reached out and pushed a hand of the black uniform man.
The man in black uniform was pushed back, and his temper suddenly appeared. The backhand was a small grappling technique to subdue the black ape-like man on the spot.
The black ape-like man knelt on the ground, blushing and cursing.
The thin monkey-like man smiled and apologized, and took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, as if he wanted to smoke the black uniform man.
The man in the black uniform was cold-eyed and unmoved.
At this time, the thin monkey-like man opened the cigarette case.
In an instant, something happened!
In the thin monkey man’s cigarette case, three finger-long silver needles were shot out in a rush!
“Ah!” In the blink of an eye, three silver needles plunged into the eyes of the man in black uniform.
After a scream, the man in black uniform fell to the ground with blood on his face.
The black ape man under his control roared and violently slammed into another black uniform man nearest to him with a punch.

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