Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 321

The man in black uniform didn’t even have a chance to react, so he was blasted out by the black ape man and hit the glass of the cafe.
The toughened glass that couldn’t even be broken by a hammer shattered.
“Xiao Wu!” The remaining two men in black uniform roared, their eyes flushed instantly.
At this time, the thin monkey man made a bold move, lifting the cigarette case in his hand, and six silver needles shot at the remaining two men in black uniforms like lightning.
The two men in black uniforms hurriedly avoided. Although they had prepared themselves, because they were too close, two of the six silver needles still shot into their bodies.
The faces of the two people suddenly showed pain.
All this sounds extremely slow, but in fact it happened extremely fast. From the thin monkey man taking out the cigarette case to the black monkey man flying Xiaowu, it took less than three seconds!
It is conceivable that the speed of the thin monkey man and the black ape man is terrifying!
“Xiao Xuan, take Miss to run!”
The man in black uniform headed finally reacted. He burst out and rushed towards the thin monkey man with a fist.
The black uniform man named Xiao Xuan had red eyes. Although he wanted to kill the thin monkey and the black ape to vent his anger, he knew that at this time, protecting the young lady was the most important thing.
Xiao Xuan quickly ran to the woman’s side, preparing to take the woman away.
But the tower-like black ape man is faster than him!
The black ape man came to the Miaoling woman’s side first, and slammed his fist.
The fist and the wind howled, hunting and hunting.
Judging from the punch he attacked Xiaowu just now, the power of his fist obviously cannot be underestimated, even if it is iron or stone, it can penetrate!
It is conceivable that if this punch hits Miaoling woman, what will happen to Miaoling woman.
The young woman was indeed panicked at the moment.
She couldn’t even think of killing her, there would be a killer in the high-speed rail station.
Although she was flustered, the reaction of the young woman was surprisingly calm. When the black ape killer rushed over, she immediately grabbed the hot coffee on the table and smashed the cup towards the black ape man’s face. .
The cup hit the Black Ape Assassin’s face, and it didn’t have much impact on the Black Ape Assassin’s offensive, but it slowed his movements.
At the moment of stagnation, Xiao Xuan came to the Miao Ling woman and blocked the first wave of the Black Ape Killer’s offensive.
Fists intersect.
Xiao Xuan retreated three steps uncontrollably, and his face flushed instantly, obviously losing to the black ape killer.
But the black ape killer’s face showed a touch of anger, because the young woman took advantage of the moment he and Xiaoxuan were fighting, she had already ran out of the cafe.
“Ah!” The black ape killer roared and fisted Xiao Xuan with a punch, rushing towards the young woman like a tiger descending from the mountain.
The Miaoling woman panicked and couldn’t choose her way, and even ran towards Chen Feng’s side.
Chen Zeli hurriedly got up, ready to save the life of Miaoling woman.
However, the young woman yelled at Chen Zeli with an anxious face: “Go away! You are not his opponent!”
Chen Zeli curled his lips, not paying attention, he leaped high, his body pulled like an angry bow. Open, the iron fist smashed towards the black monkey killer’s door like thunder.
“Looking for death!” The black ape killer grinned and greeted him with a fist without fear.
The two iron fists met together.
Chen Zeli’s pupils suddenly tightened, and then the whole person flew out uncontrollably, like a broken kite, hitting the glass of the tea restaurant.
Chen Zewen Teng got up and was about to shoot, but Chen Feng pressed it out.
“Protect Wanqiu, I’ll come.” Chen Feng said in a deep voice, got up and walked towards the black ape killer.
At this time, the young woman had fallen into despair.
Seeing the black ape killer walking step by step, she gave a miserable laugh, and actually closed her eyes, ready to die.
But at this moment, a faint voice rang in her ear: “Who is
Wu Donghai? ” Wu Donghai?
The Miaoling woman was slightly surprised and couldn’t help opening her eyes.
However, there was a thin figure in front of her. At this moment, this figure stood upright with his hands, quietly facing the black ape killer.
The sentence Wu Donghai just now obviously asked the black ape killer.
The black ape killer’s complexion changed, and then he threatened with a tyrannical face: “What Wu Donghai, I don’t know! Get out of me, don’t get out, I’ll kill you!”
“Go, you are not his opponent Yes, he is a warrior.” The Miaoling woman gave Chen Feng a miserable look. She was very grateful to Chen Feng’s hero for saving the beauty, but she knew how far the warrior was from ordinary people.
Ordinary people like Chen Feng, in front of the black ape killer, might not be able to hold up even a single move.
Chen Feng smiled slightly without comment.
At this time, the black ape killer lost his patience.
He strode forward and slammed his iron fist towards Chen Feng’s door, but Chen Feng, as if frightened and stupefied, stood motionless.
“Why do you have to seek death…”
The Miaoling woman sighed, somewhat unworthy for Chen Feng.
In the next second, the black ape killer’s iron fist came to Chen Feng’s front door.
His face was full of hideous, as if seeing Chen Feng’s head, after this punch, it burst like a watermelon.
Chen Feng shook his head and smiled, stretched out a hand lightly, and grabbed the black ape killer’s iron fist.
This action instantly solidified the hideous face of the Black Ape Killer, turning it into a touch of shock.
“Kacha” a slight fracture sounded.
The black ape killer let out a miserable cry, and he knelt down in front of Chen Feng with a distorted expression.
His wrist bone was completely twisted by Chen Feng!
This sudden scene caused everyone in the audience to stare, and many people were like sculptures, directly falling into a petrified state.
No one thought that this 1.9-meter tall man who looked like a black ape could not even hold up a move in front of Chen Feng!
The young woman also opened her mouth wide, her beautiful eyes full of incredible expressions.
No one knows what this scene means better than her.
Being able to abolish the Black Ape Killer so easily shows that Chen Feng is also a warrior!
Moreover, Chen Feng’s realm is probably far beyond her imagination.
At this time, the skinny monkey killer had already dealt with the black uniformed man, and when he saw that the black ape killer was dismantled by Chen Feng, the skinny monkey killer’s eyes were filled with fear.
“Who is your Excellency?!” The thin monkey man stared at Chen Feng, hissing.
Although the realm of the black ape is not high, only the late Ming Jin stage, but because of his natural divine power, his strength is undoubtedly strong.
Even when encountering the warriors in the early days of Dark Jin, the black ape can all fight.
But in front of Chen Feng, the black ape was just like paper, and Chen Feng gave up a hand without even holding up a move.

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