Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 329

Huang Lao San is like this. He is a warrior, a warrior who can enter the early stage of Huajin with only one step.
The vastness of the energy in his body is simply not what ordinary people can imagine.
Once Huang Laosan breaks through to Huajin, the qi in his body will change qualitatively again, reaching the point of endless growth!
It’s not a problem to live and tear tigers and leopards and travel thousands of miles a day.
Carrying fire poison for more than a month is nothing at all.
Sun Qingfeng’s brow furrowed deeper and deeper. He could feel that there was a flow of’qi’ in Huang Lao San’s body, but he couldn’t figure out what this’qi’ was. Can stop the spread of fire poison.
“Lao Sun, how is it?” Jiang Yuting couldn’t help but ask. As the Taishan Beidou of Chinese medicine in China, Sun Qingfeng’s medical skills are beyond doubt. If Sun Qingfeng can’t help it, then Huang Laosan can be sentenced. Death sentence.
Sun Qingfeng sighed for a long time, instead of taking Jiang Yuting’s words, he turned his gaze to Huang Laosan and asked: “What kind of internal martial arts has the old man ever practiced?”
Huang Laosan nodded, his expression a little surprised. Sun Qingfeng still has two brushes, and he can be judged as a warrior only by getting his pulse.
After receiving Huang Laosan’s affirmation, a look of disappointment passed through Sun Qingfeng’s eyes.
Sure enough, he guessed right, Huang Laosan in front of him was a warrior.
If it is a warrior, then all of this can be explained.
Many intractable diseases, once a normal person is infected, even if they do not die, they will lose half their lives.
But the martial artist is not in this list, the’qi’ in their body has amazing healing power, completely beyond the scope of medical skills.
Any illness, once it involves’qi’, it becomes extremely complicated.
Even if he is a Chinese medicine doctor, he will be helpless in the face of this disease.
Sun Qingfeng sighed: “Old man, I’m sorry, Sun has no cure for your fire poison.”
“However, Sun Mo can use acupuncture to slow the spread of fire poison and let you live longer.”
Hearing Sun Qingfeng’s words, the expressions of many people in the ward were gloomy. Sun Qingfeng said so often. Huang Lao San might be dead soon.
But… it’s better to live longer than to die immediately.
“Old man, if I agree, I can start administering the needle for you now.” Sun Qingfeng said while looking at Huang Lao San. Huang Laosan shifted his gaze to Chen Feng, but saw Chen Feng shook his head:
“No need, Lao Sun, for your kindness, I took the heart for Lao Huang, but I can cure Lao Huang’s fire.”
“Oh?” Sun Qingfeng raised his eyelids, glanced at Chen Feng, frowning, “Do you have a way to cure it?”
” Yes .” Chen Feng’s tone was firm.
Sun Qingfeng’s face sank: “What way?”
“Ice lotus pill.”
It’s ice lotus pill again?
Everyone in the ward looked at each other, and they all saw the doubt in each other’s eyes.
“Ice lotus pill?” Sun Qingfeng snorted coldly, “The old man has practiced medicine for more than 60 years. There are not one hundred and eighty of the fire poison patients I have encountered. The total number of prescriptions for treating fire poison I have seen is no less than 10,000. Fen
! But the old man has never heard of such things as ice lotus pill .” “You said that ice lotus pill can cure fire poison, old man… don’t believe it!”
Sun Qingfeng carried his hands on his back and was majestic. In his opinion, Chen Feng was pure. It is grandstanding, the fire poison in Huang Lao San’s body has long been in a state of ignorance, even if it is Da Luo Jinxian, it will be helpless.
But now Chen Feng said that only a single ice lotus pill can make Huang Lao San heal.
It’s just nonsense!
“Don’t believe it?” The corner of Chen Feng’s mouth raised: “Lao Sun doesn’t believe it now, it’s okay.”
“Lao Sun will believe it in a while.”
“What do you mean?” Sun Qingfeng’s tone sank. He had already said so, could it be Chen Feng insists on feeding Huang Laosan ice lotus pills?
Chen Feng did not speak, but walked up to Jiang Yuting and stretched out his hand: “Bring the ice lotus pills.”
“Are you deaf? Didn’t you hear what Elder Sun said?” Jiang Yuting looked at Chen in disgust. With a glance at Feng, Sun Qingfeng had already said so clearly that the Ice Lotus Pill could not cure the fire poison at all, but Chen Feng still went his own way, and he did not put Huang Lao San’s life in his eyes.
Chen Feng’s expression turned cold: “Is what Sun Lao said must be correct?”
The audience was quiet for a moment, and many of the chief physicians couldn’t help but take a breath.
How dare this person question Elder Sun? ! !
Tired of life and crooked!
“Boy, what do you mean?!” Dean Jiang’s tone instantly became severe, and he glared at Chen Feng: “Do you dare to question Lao Sun?!”
“I didn’t question Lao Sun.” Chen Feng shook his head: “Old Sun I have always admired his medical skills, but in the case of the ice lotus pills, Lao Sun is indeed lonely and ignorant.”
Everyone was shocked when they heard this, and they dare to say that Lao Sun is lonely and ignorant? !
Sun Lao is ignorant, how many well-informed people in China? !
“You…” Dean Jiang was even more angry and trembling.
“Atrium, let the little girl give him the medicine!”
At this moment, Sun Qingfeng said coldly.
He glanced at Chen Feng coldly, and said, “I want to see how the ice lotus pill eradicated the fire poison!”
Sun Qingfeng said, Jiang Yuting didn’t dare not follow it, and after looking at Chen Feng in disgust, Brought the Ice Lotus Pill to Chen Feng.
Without saying a word, Chen Feng took the ice lotus pill and came to Huang Lao San: ”
Open your mouth.” Huang Lao San smiled and opened his mouth.
The moment the ice lotus pill entered, Huang Laosan shuddered, only to feel that the whole person was surrounded by a bone-chewing chill, from beginning to end.
Huang Laosan clenched his teeth, but still couldn’t stop the shaking of his teeth.
Fifteen seconds later, Huang Laosan’s face began to turn blue, as if poisoned.
Many people’s faces have changed, and indeed there are still problems.
“What on earth did you use to make this ice lotus pill?! Why did Grandpa Huang become like this?!” Jiang Yuting asked sharply.
Chen Feng frowned, and did not pay attention to Jiang Yuting, but instead put all his thoughts on Huang Laosan. Although he said he was sure, it was the first time he encountered this situation. What would really happen? No one knows.
So he must always stare at Huang Laosan to prevent any accidents.
After another fifteen seconds, the bruises on Huang Lao San’s face became more obvious, and white mist rose from the top of his head, just like the vapor of boiling water.
But strangely, the temperature in the entire ward began to drop significantly at this time, and everyone felt a swish coolness.
“This… what’s going on?”

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