Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 328

The head was an old man wearing Tang gown, white beard and hair, and energetic. The old man had clear eyebrows, and his whole body exuded a breath of immortality from the inside out.
Next to the old man, he was accompanied by a man in his fifties.
This man was wearing a white coat and a pair of black-rimmed glasses. He had a very gentle temperament. It was he who asked Jiang Yuting with a smile at the door. Obviously, he was Jiang Yuting’s father.
“Dad, why are you here?” Jiang Yuting stepped forward happily.
“What’s your dad? No rules, call the Dean!” The gentle man glared at Jiang Yuting with a stern face.
“Oh, Dean Jiang.” Jiang Yuting stuck her tongue out, looking quite cute.
The gentle man shook his head, chuckled, and turned his gaze to the fairy-like old man beside him: “Old Sun, I made you laugh, this is my ineffective daughter…” “Old Sun?!” Jiang Yuting The voice was suddenly sharp. In the next second, her beautiful eyes were filled with incredibleness. When she turned her gaze to the old man, the voice began to tremble: “You…are you old man Sun?” Hehe smiled and nodded gently.
Jiang Yuting suddenly covered her mouth, but the shock came out of her eyes. Old Sun, it turned out to be Old Sun!
Dad actually invited Mr. Sun over!
How did he do that? !
Lao Sun is a Chinese medicine doctor. Even the provincial leaders who want to invite Sun Lao have to queue up half a year in advance.
“Lao Sun, you… hello, I… I’m Jiang Yuting.” Because of the excitement, Jiang Yuting was a little stumbling at the moment.
“Little girl, hello.” With a kind smile on his face, Lao Sun asked, “How is the patient’s condition now?”
“Patient?” Jiang Yuting was taken aback for a moment, and then he reacted. Sun Lao turned out to be yellow. The third child is here!
What is Huang Laosan from? Can you call out Sun Lao? !
After taking a deep breath, Jiang Yuting suppressed the doubts in her heart and said: “Lao Sun, the patient’s current condition is not optimistic. Ten days ago, fire poison has spread all over her body. The trend of spreading to the internal organs cannot be controlled at all…” Jiang Yuting calmly explained the situation of Huang Lao San. After listening to it, Sun Lao nodded slightly, with a solemn color in his eyes, and walked to Huang with his hands. In front of the youngest third, he smiled and said: “Old man, can I get your pulse?” ” Take the pulse?” Huang Lao- san was taken aback for a moment, then shook his head: “Don’t be so troublesome, the boy made me an ice lotus pill. , I took ice lotus pills, and the illness was cured, so there is no need to get the pulse.” The audience was silent.
This old man actually refused Sun Shengshou’s pulse?
And what is the ice lotus pill made by the boy?
Can you cure a disease that so many of them can’t help?
In the ward, many attending physicians looked at each other, all thinking that Huang Laosan was crazy.
Sun Qingfeng’s complexion was also stiff. This was the first time he took the initiative to give someone his pulse and was rejected.
Jiang Yuting couldn’t help stepping forward and explaining: “Grandpa Huang, this is Lao Sun. He is a sacred doctor of Chinese medicine specially appointed to you by our hospital. His medical skills are among the best in the whole country.”
“Old man. Yuting is right. Sun Lao is the national doctor of the old chiefs of Diaoyutai. On weekdays, even the provincial leaders have to line up to ask Sun Lao to see a doctor. This time, Sun Lao came here. You see a doctor because of the symptoms of your fire poison, which is an unprecedented special case. If this special case can be overcome, it will be recorded in the annals of medical history and will bring immeasurable contributions to the medical field.” Dean Jiang laughed Haha spoke up, in his opinion, Huang Laosan just didn’t know Sun Lao’s reputation, so he said that.
Once Huang Lao San knows what the two words Sun Lao mean, he might beg Sun Lao to see him.
But this time, Dean Jiang was beaten in the face.
Huang Laosan shook his head without even thinking about it: “No, I believe the boy, he said that if the ice lotus pill can heal me, he will definitely heal me.”
There was nothing to say in the audience.
Dean Jiang’s face was even a bit ugly, Huang Laosan said so, but he didn’t give Sun Qingfeng any face.
Jiang Yuting was irritated: “Grandpa Huang, are you always confused? How many people want to ask Sun Lao to see a doctor on weekdays, but Sun Lao will not make a move. Today Sun Lao finally made a move for you, but you would rather believe him I don’t want to believe in Old Sun…”
Huang Laosan is bitter, not knowing what to say, but it’s not that he is stubborn and insists on rejecting Sun Qingfeng, but the ice lotus is Chen Feng’s effort. It came out of the painstaking effort, and the result came to him, but Sun Qingfeng treated him for a doctor. Didn’t this show that Chen Feng was not believed?
“Okay, Lao Huang, let the old man take your pulse. If the old man can’t do anything with your fire poison, it won’t be too late to take ice lotus pills.” At this time, Chen Feng spoke lightly, Huang Laosan thought. He can guess some more or less, but his mind is not that narrow. If this Sun Shengshou really has a way to conquer the fire, then he just saves an ice lotus pill.
Huang Laosan smiled, and then stretched out his hand: “Old sir, trouble you.”
“Humph.” Sun Qingfeng snorted unchecked. If he changed to another person, he would have dared to refuse him once. He waved his hand and left, but Huang Laosan in front of him was a special patient.
A special patient who can live more than a month under the erosion of fire poison.
He must know how Huang Laosan got it over.
Sun Qingfeng put his hand on Huang Lao San’s wrist, then closed his eyes and felt it carefully.
After a while, Sun Qingfeng wrinkled, as if he had encountered some problems.
Chen Feng on the side shook his head slightly. He probably knew why Sun Qingfeng cared about Huang Lao San so much, because Huang Lao San was a miracle to him.
Normal people are invaded by fire poison and live for up to two or three days before they dry up and die.
But Huang Laosan lived for more than a month, which is really hard to understand.
Of course, this kind of incomprehensibility is only for ordinary people like Sun Qingfeng. For a warrior like Chen Feng with advanced realm, Huang Lao San can carry it for more than a month, which is simply normal.
After the warrior stepped into the realm of dark energy, energy would be generated in his body.
This kind of vigor is similar to energy, but it is different from energy. Only the martial artist can feel it. Contemporary scientific instruments cannot detect it at all.
Unable to detect, naturally unexplainable.
But being unable to explain does not mean that it does not exist.
Every warrior who steps into the dark energy can feel the existence of energy in the body.
Jinqi always wanders through the limbs and corpses of the warrior, tempering the body and blood of the warrior.
The reason why the strength of the martial artist’s body is a hundred times higher than that of ordinary people is because of the existence of strength.

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