Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 33

“Twenty thousand?” Song Jun seemed a little surprised. He looked at Chen Feng and asked: “Don’t hide the salary from Brother Chen, I am a little moved by the salary that Zhao Yue opened. If Brother Chen doesn’t dislike it, I can go to Zhao Yue to work. Everyone is acquaintance, I believe Zhao Yue will not treat Brother Chen badly.”
Xu Feirong looked at Chen Feng blankly. This was her real purpose. Since Xia Mengyao could not persuade Xia Mengyao to leave Chen Feng on his own initiative, she could only start with Chen Feng. She would borrow Song Jun and Zhao Yue’s hands , Made Chen Feng realize that he and Xia Mengyao are not in the same world at all, and it is better to withdraw early to avoid self-humiliation.
Chen Feng seemed to smile, but the two of them even performed in front of him.
“I appreciate the kindness of Mr. Song and Mr. Zhao, but I like to deliver food. I can’t do such a tall job as a jewelry store.” Chen Feng said seriously.
Seeing Chen Feng’s indifferent expression, Xu Feirong’s teeth were tickled with anger, really an uninspiring worm! And the face is so thick, knowing that he is not worthy of Xia Mengyao, and still pestering Xia Mengyao.
“Brother Chen laughed. Brother Chen can marry a goddess like Miss Xia, so why can’t he work in a jewellery shop in a district?” Song Jun said with a smile.
“Brother Chen, Miss Xia is so beautiful and so capable. She became the person in charge of the Yuquanshan project at a young age. If you let others know that Miss Xia’s husband is a takeaway, Miss Xia’s face, I’m afraid I can’t make it through. “Zhao Yue said with a smile, and his words were full of provocation.
“What does it have to do with you?” Xia Mengyao said coldly. She didn’t know why Chen Feng had such a good temper. If she was so taunted by Song Jun and Zhao Yue, she might have slammed the door. left.
Zhao Yue smiled and said: “Miss Xia, don’t be angry, don’t be angry, I’m just kidding.”
Xia Mengyao snorted coldly and ignored the others.
The atmosphere in the box was a bit embarrassing for a while. No one thought that Xia Mengyao would protect Chen Feng in this way.
Xu Feirong sighed. She found that she underestimated the thickness of Chen Feng’s face, and underestimated Xia Mengyao’s love for Chen Feng.
“I’ll go to the bathroom.” Xu Feirong slowly got up, she wanted to go out to calm down.
After Xu Feirong went out, she washed her face in the bathroom, and just about to leave, came a fat bald man with a big golden chain.
The pungent drunk rushed, and Xu Feirong subconsciously took a step to the left, but after all, the drunk man laughed and rushed directly towards Xu Feirong, and the salty pig’s hands also moved towards Xu Feirong’s full pair. Feng grabbed it.
Xu Feirong’s face was cold, and she kicked directly on the belly of the man with the big golden chain.
The big golden chain man was kicked back by Xu Feirong for two steps. He was not angry. Instead, a lewd smile appeared on his fat face: “Hey, my little lady, it’s so exciting.”
“Disgusting!” Xu Feirong cursed in disgust, and turned to leave.
“Smelly bitch, what are you pretending to be so revealing, isn’t it just sold out? I will give you one hundred thousand and stay with me for one night!” The big golden chain man walked up cursingly, and reached out to Xu Feirong’s water snake waist. Hug.
Xu Feirong was not polite with him, she slapped her backhand on the face of the big golden chain man.
With this slap, Xu Feirong took twelve minutes of effort, and the face of the big golden chain male was directly swollen.
“Grass! Give you something shameless, I will kill you!” His face was swollen, the big golden chain man suddenly became angry, picked up the wine bottle and rushed towards Xu Feirong.
After all, Xu Feirong is a woman. She has never seen this formation before, seeing the big golden chain man’s wine bottle pounce on her, and even forgot to avoid it in panic.
I could only watch the wine bottle slam on my forehead.
Xu Feirong closed her eyes subconsciously, but she didn’t drop the bottle that she expected.
Xu Feirong couldn’t help but opened her eyes, but saw a big hand, firmly holding the wine bottle that was smashed down.
The owner of the big hands is Chen Feng.
It took a long time for Xu Feirong to realize that she was rescued by Chen Feng’s waste?
With gentle force, Chen Feng snatched the wine bottle from the big golden chain man.
“You are drunk.” Chen Feng glanced at the furious big golden chain man and said lightly.
“Drunk, you are paralyzed!” The big golden chain man was embarrassed and smashed his fist towards Chen Feng without saying a word.
Chen Feng shook his head, kicked the big golden chain man’s calf, kicked the big golden chain man directly, and hit the floor with his nose.
Xu Feirong’s red lips are slightly open, does this waste still have this skill?
“Fei Rong, what’s wrong with you?” At this moment, Song Jun and Zhao Yue, who heard the movement, ran over.
“This dead pig will take advantage of me.” Xu Feirong said coldly, with her arms around her chest, pointing to the big golden chain man on the ground.
There was a touch of hostility in Song Jun’s eyes, and Xu Feirong barely counted him as half a guest. This dead pig would really take advantage of Xu Feirong, wouldn’t it be that he slapped him in the face.
“Grass, your mother!” Song Jun stepped forward and stepped directly on the back of the big golden chain.
A “click” sounded.
The big golden chain man let out a miserable cry, and the bones of his hands were probably crushed by Song Jun.
“Even sister Fei Rong dare to take advantage of it, I really don’t know how to write dead words!” Zhao Yue also walked up, kicking the big golden chain man’s face a few times.
After a punch and kick, the poor big golden chain man had only breath in but no breath.
Chen Feng frowned slightly, and these people were a bit too ruthless when they started, and they directly beat them to death. Seeing that the clothes worn by this big golden chain man are all famous brands, they are by no means unknown little people.
Something is really going to happen, Song Jun and others, I’m afraid they won’t be able to eat.
“It’s almost done. If you hit someone, you will die.” Chen Feng kindly reminded that it was not that he sympathized with the big golden chain man, but the big golden chain man was really dying. He and Xia Mengyao would also be implicated.
“What are you counseling? You are not responsible if you are killed.” Zhao Yue gave Chen Feng a disdainful look and said.
“Don’t say I didn’t kill, even if I was really killed, I can settle this matter.” The tall and thin young man Wang Haitao said lightly, with a lot of confidence in his words.
Chen Feng shook his head and stopped talking.
Xu Feirong sighed from the bottom of her heart, and finally accumulated some good feelings for Chen Feng, and then disappeared in a flash. Chen Feng was still too embarrassed, not what a man should have.
“Forget it, let’s go back and continue eating.” Xu Feirong said with excitement.
“Okay, listen to Fei Rong.” Zhao Yue kicked the big golden chain man again and laughed.
Several people returned to the box again. After taking their seats, Song Jun glanced at Chen Feng again and said, “If you are afraid, you can go back first.”
Chen Feng smiled and didn’t say anything, Song Jun played a very small pediatrics with this aggressive method.

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