Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 331

“However, when I go back now, those two old dogs will definitely take precautions. They knew before that I was only one step away from Huajin.” Huang Laosan was a little bit troubled. After the fire poison was eradicated, he was at most two or three days away. , You can break through to the early stage of Huajin. If you return to Malaysia, Lu Dongxiong and Kazan will definitely take precautions. At that time, he wants to kill two people, but it will be extremely difficult.
“Then don’t go back, lead them over.” Chen Feng vomited a smoke ring and said lightly.
“Bring it over?” Huang Laosan’s eyes lit up: “This is a good way, but how to lead it is a problem…”
Chen Feng rolled his eyes. You need to think about this kind of problem?
Chen Feng was about to help Huang Laosan, but at this moment, the phone rang, it was Xia Weiguo.
As soon as I pressed answer, Xia Weiguo’s angry voice sounded: “Chen Feng, where are you now?”
“I’m in the hospital, what’s the matter, Dad?”
“Hey, my old comrade’s wife just called me. , Saying that the piece of jade you gave her back is fake.” Xia Weiguo sighed heavily. As soon as he got home, he received a call from Peng Yanfang. During the phone call, Peng Yanfang cursed almost all the awful things.
“Fake?” Chen Feng had a cold look in his eyes. After he took it from Xia Weiguo, he didn’t leave. How could it be fake.
“Yes, the wife of my old comrade-in-arms said that not only the jade is fake, but you also slapped her son twice and threatened her son to take out 150,000.”
Chen Feng’s expression fell completely cold: “Dad, this Do you believe it?”
“Of course Dad doesn’t believe it.” Xia Weiguo blurted out without even thinking about it. “You are a person, Dad can’t know more about you. You won’t want a piece of jade if you just give it to you, so how could it be possible? Ask him for 150,000.”
“Dad, that jade can’t be fake…” Chen Feng said exactly what happened. Hearing that Wang Defa was only willing to take out one thousand redemption jade, Xia Weiguo was immediately cursed with anger: “That little Nie Hu really said that?!”
“I am mad at me! I am mad at me!”
“What does he take me Xia Weiguo?!”
“Butler ?!” “Does he think that Xia Weiguo lacks him? That stinky money!”
“Dad, don’t be angry. I didn’t take any of his money.” Chen Feng said solemnly. He knew very well that Xia Weiguo was not short of money. The reason why he wanted to return jade to his old comrades in arms, It was only because that jade was the heirloom of the old comrade-in-arms, he had never thought of asking for money from the old comrade-in-arms.
But not wanting money is one thing, but your Wang family’s attitude is another.
If Wang Defa said that the Wang family is currently in financial constraints and has no money on hand, Chen Feng can give him this jade for nothing!
However, Wang Defa was so immortal, he took out a thousand yuan to humiliate Chen Feng and Xia Weiguo.
How can this make Chen Feng tolerate.
“I didn’t take it well, if I didn’t take it well, we can’t take this kind of money.” Xia Weiguo took a deep breath and said.
“We don’t need to take the money, but we can’t take it back! I’ll call Peng Yanfang to explain things clearly. In addition, I’m going to ask her to ask her dear son what she has done. ?! ” ” dad, do you think Peng Yanfang will believe what you say it? “Chen Feng sighed, asked.
From Xia Weiguo’s mouth, it is not difficult to know that Peng Yanfang is a typical person who does not know right and wrong. At this time, Xia Weiguo called, and Peng Yanfang would not believe it, but would feel that Xia Weiguo was slandering.
Xia Weiguo’s tone was stagnant. Indeed, Peng Yanfang would never believe his words. After all, he was his own son on the one hand, and two outsiders on the other.
“Dad, don’t call you for now. You tell me the address of your old comrade-in-arms. I’ll go to his house and see if I can clarify this matter.” Chen Feng said solemnly, if nothing else Wang Defa probably told Peng Yanfang that he had asked for 150,000 yuan after he left, and he also sold the jade, and bought a fake one again.
This kind of thing can’t be explained clearly with just a few words on the phone. Only when confronted with confrontation can it be possible to say clearly.
On the other side, Xia Weiguo sighed: “Chen Feng, dad understands what you mean. But the woman Peng Yanfang is not easy to provoke, she is arrogant and domineering, and she is extremely short-sighted. If you go to her house, she will definitely think There are various ways to embarrass you…”
“Dad, it’s man-made.” Chen Feng calmly said: “I can’t go to their house because she embarrassed me. If I don’t go to their house, this matter will never be explained clearly.”
Chen Feng himself didn’t mind carrying this scapegoat, but he was unwilling, Xia Weiguo was slandered when he was old.
“Then… OK.” Xia Weiguo paused, and finally agreed to Chen Feng’s request.
“Chen Feng, if you go to their house, you must first find my old comrade-in-arms and let him be fair.”
“I still know a little bit about my old comrade-in-arms. He should have nothing to do with this matter. Everything is Peng Yanfang and her son acted as monsters there.”
Xia Weiguo said.
“Dad, I know.” Chen Feng nodded.
“Also, when you get there, you can make sense. If you can’t make sense, you can swallow this breath and come back directly.”
“Don’t do anything with others, Peng Yanfang’s family is very powerful in Zhonghai, you If you do, even my old comrade-in-arms will not be able to protect you.” Xia Weiguo exhorted again, Chen Feng’s temperament, he now understands more or less, and if he doesn’t agree, he will do it.
If it is in Cangzhou, it is fine to do it, after all, Chen Feng still has some power in Cangzhou.
However, Zhonghai is not comparable to Cangzhou, where there are crouching tigers, hidden dragons, and wealthy families. If you just smash a brick, you may get a few incredible existences.
“Dad, don’t worry, I will restrain it.” Chen Feng said lightly.
“Okay, go there, her home is in Fairview International…”
Xia Weiguo said an address, and after that, he said a few more words, and then hung up the phone.
“Trouble?” Huang Laosan raised his eyelids.
“Little things, I can handle it myself.” Chen Feng smiled faintly.
“Okay, then our masters will go to the hotel to wait for you, you are done, come to the hotel directly.” Huang Lao San threw the remaining cigarette butt on the ground, stepping on and saying.
After leaving the hospital, Chen Feng directly stopped a Jetta taxi and rushed to Splendid International.
On the way, Chen Feng checked the Internet and found out that Splendid International is a well-known high-end villa area in China Overseas. The average price of villas in it is about 180,000 per square meter. If a villa is calculated, how can it cost 5,000 or 6,000? Million.
Being able to live in such a place, one can imagine how rich the Wang family is.

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