Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 332

The Wang’s villa is in the first row of Fairview International, so Chen Feng didn’t take much effort to find the Wang’s villa.
Arriving at the door of Wang’s villa and pressing the doorbell, an aunt who looked like a nanny in an apron came over and looked at Chen Feng vigilantly: “You are…”
“I’m Chen Feng, I’m looking for Uncle Wang. “Chen Feng said lightly.
“Uncle Wang?” The aunt was slightly stunned, and then she suddenly said: “You are talking about our master.”
“Our master is at home now, but he just happened to be sick these days and he was very sick. See you No guest, Mr. Chen, are you…what urgent?”
Chen Feng frowned. It turned out that Wang Hongyi was sick. No wonder Xia Weiguo couldn’t contact him.
“Who?” Chen Feng was about to leave, when a sharp voice rang from the door.
“Madam, here is a man named Chen Feng looking for the master.”
“Chen Feng? Who is he, Lao Wang?” the sharp voice asked.
“Well, Mr. Chen, you and my master…” The Wang family’s nanny turned his inquiring gaze to Chen Feng.
Chen Feng did not conceal his identity, but bluntly said: “I am the son-in-law of Uncle Wang’s comrade-in-arms. My father asked me to send jade to Uncle
Wang .” After hearing this, the Wang family’s nanny’s face changed suddenly: ” Are you the one who gave jade to the lord?”
“Yes.” Chen Feng nodded blankly.
“Mr. Chen, wait here, I have to go in and ask Madam for instructions.”
The Wang family’s nanny walked in, and within half a minute, a woman dressed in hot yellow waves and in casual clothes ran over aggressively.
The woman’s figure is a little bloated, and when she ran, her body’s fat was constantly trembling like a wave, and she didn’t seem to be a bully.
Before reaching Chen Feng, the woman pointed at Chen Feng’s nose and cursed: “You who kill a thousand swords, dare you come to my house?!”
Chen Feng frowned. If he guessed correctly, the woman in front of him , Is Wang Hongyi’s wife, Peng Yanfang.
According to Xia Weiguo, Peng Yanfang was arrogant and domineering and extremely difficult to deal with. Seeing it now, it is true.
“I didn’t do anything wrong, why didn’t I dare to come to your house”” Chen Feng said lightly.
“You who kills a thousand knives?! You dare to say that you didn’t do anything wrong?!” “Did you hit the two slap marks on my son’s face?” Peng Yanfang asked fiercely.
“I played it.” Chen Feng admitted calmly.
“Why are you hitting him? Do you know how precious my son is? Ever since I was young, even my real mother has been reluctant to slap him. Why are you an outsider? Why do you want to beat him? Now, are you responsible?”
“I beat him because he owes him.” Chen Feng’s tone remained calm.
But when Peng Yanfang heard this, she was furious with anger: “What?! Ow beat?!”
“You bastard, have the ability to say this again? Do you believe me or not I let you go out on my knees today?”
“Yes You!” At this moment, Wang Defa also walked out of the villa. After seeing Chen Feng, Wang Defa’s eyes instantly turned red.
He came to Peng Yanfang in a few steps, pointed at Chen Feng’s nose, and complained with trembling fingers: “Mom, that’s him, that’s him! He beat me before!”
“Son, don’t worry, mom will kill this bastard for you today!” Peng Yanfang said viciously. I thought Chen Feng would go back to Cangzhou after he took the money, but he didn’t expect that Chen Feng was so courageous that he would dare to come to them. Home.
Since it’s here, don’t even think about leaving!
“Mum Liu, call the security department and ask Captain Zhao to bring someone over and kill the robber!” Peng Yanfang had a hideous look in her eyes.
“Yes, ma’am.” Mother Liu was a little frightened, and hurriedly responded, taking out her mobile phone.
“Dog bastard, you dare to come to my house! Hahaha, I really don’t know how to write dead words.” Wang De yelled in excitement, completely forgetting that he was slapped twice by Chen Feng before, sitting on the ground and howling loudly. It’s like crying.
Chen Feng’s face grew colder. He thought that no matter how arrogant and domineering Peng Yanfang was, he would listen to him explain a few words, but now… he still underestimated the degree of Peng Yanfang’s domineering and domineering after all.
“Hillboy, don’t roll over and kneel and let my son slap you twenty times!” Peng Yanfang said sharply. She heard Wang Hongyi’s identity more or less about Chen Feng’s identity.
It was the son-in-law of the Xia family, and was not taken seriously in the Xia family.
He’s useless, and he doesn’t have the ability to do anything except deliver food.
This kind of waste, she would never look at it with her straight eyes.
Now that I dare to provoke her, I really don’t know how to play lanterns in the pit and find shit!
“What if I don’t kneel?” Chen Feng’s voice fell cold.
“Don’t kneel?” Peng Yanfang grinned: “Don’t kneel, then you don’t want to get out of Splendid International today!”
“Yes, don’t want to get out of Splendid International!” Wang Defa exclaimed proudly from the side. Splendid International is his site, as Splendid International The owner, their family has the right to let the security of Fairview International do anything.
“Mom, brother, what are you arguing about?”
Chen Feng was about to speak, but a crisp voice sounded again in the villa.
Afterwards, a tall woman with a height of 1.7 meters and a delicate and fashionable dress came over, and beside her, there was a tall man in Chinese clothes.
The tall man wears gold-framed glasses, his temperament looks particularly gentle, but in his eyes, there is a little bit of arrogance and coldness hidden in his eyes.
“Shiping, Shiyuan, why are you here?” Seeing these two people, Peng Yanfang suddenly changed her enthusiastic expressions.
The man in Chinese clothes named Shiping glanced at Chen Feng, and then a charming arc appeared at the corner of his mouth: ”
Auntie, do you need help?” Eat.” Peng Yanfang said with a smile, looking at Li Shiping’s gaze, that was a satisfaction.
“Mom, who is this person?” The tall woman glanced at Chen Feng coldly, without disguising the contempt and disgust in her eyes.
“His name is Chen Feng, the son-in-law of your dad’s lame comrade-in-arms.” Peng Yanfang sneered.
Cripple comrade?
Hearing Peng Yanfang’s description, Wang Shiyuan immediately reacted. Peng Yanfang was talking about Xia Weiguo.
“Guest-in-law? A door-in-law, what is coming to our house?” Wang Shiyuan glanced at Chen Feng again in disgust. Although she didn’t know much about Chen Feng, the four words “going-in-law” alone were enough to make her decide. Chen Feng must be rubbish among rubbish.
As long as an ambitious, normal man, a man will not be a door-in-law.
Only the kind of waste who has no ability, no strengths, and likes to eat soft meals, will go to other people’s homes.

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