Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 336

“Have you found a job?”
“Not yet.” Chen Feng shook his head, but he was a little weird in his heart. Wouldn’t Wang Hongyi think he came to China Shipping to join him?
In the next second, my thoughts were confirmed. I saw Wang Hongyi waved his hand and said: “Since you can’t find it, you don’t need to look for it. You can come to my trading company to work directly. The purchasing department of the company still lacks a deputy manager. Come here. I will give you twelve thousand a month.”
Deputy Manager of Purchasing Department?
Twelve thousand a month?
As soon as Wang Hongyi said this, the living room suddenly became quiet.
Li Shiping and Wang Shiyuan looked at each other, and Wang Shiyuan was a little unconvinced. Why should his father be so kind to this hillbilly?
Wang Defa was also indignant. His father was too much. As his own son, he could only serve as a deputy manager in a trading company. Moreover, this deputy manager was promoted after several years of hard work. As a result, when Chen Feng came, his father Just let him be the deputy manager, what is this? !
“No!” Peng Yanfang objected directly, and her whole body was blown up: “Wang Hongyi, is this hillbilly your illegitimate child? Are you so good to him?”
“The deputy manager’s seat, my nephew begged you for half a year. You didn’t agree to him.”
“Why do you let this hillbilly come here?”
“Does he understand trade?
Has he ever done trade? Are you not afraid that he is afraid of the company going bankrupt?” Peng Yanfang said to Lianzhu The cannon is normal, and it keeps ringing.
Wang Hongyi frowned, obviously unexpectedly that Peng Yanfang would react so much.
“Yanfang, you should know the virtues of your nephew. He is a gambler just like our son. I want him to be the manager of the purchasing department. Within a month, he will defeat the company.” Wang Hongyi Shen Speak loudly.
“My nephew can’t? This hillbilly will do? Do you know what he did before?”
“He’s a food delivery guy!”
“You ask a food delivery deputy manager of the purchasing department, what do you think other people in the company think? “Peng Yanfang’s tone is extremely bitter and mean, she can accept that her nephew is improperly acting as the deputy manager of the purchasing department, but she absolutely cannot accept it. Chen Feng is a wasteful manager of the purchasing department.
Wang Hongyi was embarrassed. What Peng Yanfang said is not unreasonable. If he insists on letting Chen Feng be the purchasing manager, other people in the company will probably have opinions on him. Of course, Chen Feng will not be better. .
At least the isolation of Chen Feng is indispensable.
Chen Feng frowned. In fact, he never thought of looking for a job in Zhonghai from beginning to end, but Wang Hongyi misunderstood him and thought that he came to Zhonghai this time.
Chen Feng was about to refuse, but Li Shiping first smiled and said: “Uncle, let the Chen Feng brothers come to our company.”
“Our company is hiring people recently, and there are still a lot of vacancies in the sales department.”
“I can. Tell the Ministry of Personnel to ask them to recruit Brother Chen Feng.”
Wang Hongyi frowned . Li Shiping’s proposal did make him a little tempted, but Li Shiping was recently pursuing Wang Shiyuan. If he agreed to Li Shiping, it would mean him. I owe
Li Shiping a favor… Wang Hongyi thought a lot, but Peng Yanfang didn’t think so deeply at all. Instead, she was full of joy: “Shiping, what are you saying is true? Do you really have a way to get this hillbilly into your company?”
Li Shiping smiled and nodded: “It’s true, Auntie, I am now the sales manager, and I am very familiar with the personnel department. It is not difficult for them to plug in.”
“Okay, well, then trouble you to stuff this hillbilly in.” Peng Yanfang said. From her point of view, Chen Feng is a scourge. If he enters her own trading company, he may cause some trouble, but he shoves into Li Shiping’s company. But it’s much better. By then Chen Feng will leave or stay, which is what Li Shiping said.
“Uncle, what do you mean?” Li Shiping turned his gaze to Wang Hongyi again. He knew very well that Wang Hongyi was the backbone of the Wang family, and Wang Hongyi had to decide on major and minor matters in the Wang family.
Wang Hongyi hesitated for a moment, then nodded and agreed: “Then trouble you, Shiping.”
“It’s no trouble, it’s my honor to be able to do things for Uncle Wang.” Li Shiping shook his head, a warm smile appeared on his handsome face. It makes people feel like spring breeze.
“Look, Shiping, this kid can talk a lot.” Peng Yanfang did not hesitate to praise her. .
“By the way, Shiping, you can let this hillbilly join your company, but don’t give him too high a position. He has no ability and will embarrass you.” Peng Yanfang said. Li Shiping is her future son-in-law, so a certain In this sense, they are now a family, and it is okay for Chen Feng to join Li Shiping’s company, but if it harms Li Shiping’s interests, it is absolutely impossible.
“Auntie, I think Brother Chen Feng is still very capable.” Li Shiping smiled, and then he spoke suddenly: “But being capable is one thing, and the company’s rules are another. Everyone has to start from the bottom.”
“So I can only give Chen Feng brothers a salary of three to five thousand at most.”
Wang Hongyi frowned . The salary of three to five thousand in Zhonghai is a bit low.
As if he knew what Wang Hongyi was thinking, Li Shiping smiled again and said: “Uncle Wang, don’t worry, if I cover the Chen Feng brothers, Chen Feng brothers can grow up quickly.”
“Within half a year, monthly income will be enough.
Ten thousand.” Wang Hongyi nodded slightly, apparently satisfied, he turned his gaze to Chen Feng: “Xiaofeng, what do you mean?”
Chen Feng smiled bitterly, does he still have a choice at this time?
Wang Hongyi obviously wanted to help him sincerely. If he refused Wang Hongyi’s kindness, he might prevent Wang Hongyi from coming to Taiwan.
“I can do it all.” Chen Feng considered repeatedly, but decided to agree.
On the one hand, it is to take care of Wang Hongyi’s face, on the other hand, because he has been in Zhonghai during this period, he also needs a clear identity.
Small company staff, unobtrusive, convenient for him.
“Well, Brother Chen Feng will come to our company to report tomorrow. Although I have a good relationship with the HR manager, I still have to leave when I need to go.” Li Shiping smiled on his face, but the corner of his eyes flashed. There was a touch of sarcasm and disdain. If it weren’t for the pursuit of Wang Shiyuan, Chen Feng would not even take a look at something that couldn’t be on the table.
“Okay, I will report to your company tomorrow.” Chen Feng said lightly. He knew exactly what Peng Yanfang and Li Shiping thought, but he was too lazy to reveal the two, so they thought he was an ordinary door-to-door son-in-law. Not bad.

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