Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 338

“You may not know that the original heir of the old man, Chen Zhennan, was not Chen Zhennan, but the guy.”
“But a pity…that guy finally got into trouble with the old man Chen for your mother, and even said it. In this life, I won’t do the rebellious things of the Chen family…” Speaking of Chen Haotian, Qin Xuerou rarely opened the conversation box and Chen Feng listened quietly. He didn’t know much about Chen Haotian.
Because Chen Haotian has always been a taboo in the Chen family. Once these three words are mentioned in front of the Chen family, the Chen family’s complexion will change drastically, as if Chen Haotian had done something angry and grieving.
When asked about her mother Su Zhaoxi, she would say a few words, but what she said was limited to her and Chen Haotian’s plain past, and there were no earth-shattering deeds.
“Chen Feng, I have a hunch that that guy will return soon, and you must live before he returns.” Qin Xuerou’s tone became rare and solemn.
“Okay.” Chen Feng responded swiftly and neatly. He also wanted to see Chen Haotian and asked Chen Haotian why he left them behind.
“Finally, I will tell you one more piece of news, Chen Zhennan, there is still a month to leave the customs. Before he leaves the customs, the Chen family will not make any big moves against you, but after he leaves the customs, everything is uncertain.”
“The Chen family veteran will probably pressure him to abolish your heir status.”
“Once your heir status is abolished, you should know what is waiting for you.”
“Thank you, I know very well.” After a long silence, Chen Feng spoke calmly. The identity of the heir is his amulet. Once the identity of the heir is abolished, there is only a dead end waiting for him.
He still has a month to turn things around.
After speaking with Qin Xuerou, Chen Feng returned directly to Jinjiang Inn. Chen Zewen was waiting for Chen Feng’s arrival in the lobby early.
Seeing Chen Feng, Chen Zewen hurriedly got up and came to Chen Feng.
“Uncle Chen, are you finished with your affairs?” Chen Zewen asked.
“Well, what about Huang Lao San?”
“Master, he is upstairs now, talking with people.” Chen Zewen whispered.
“Does Huang Laosan know anyone here?” Chen Feng was a little surprised. Huang Laosan is indeed very famous in Malaysia. Almost all the local Chinese have heard of his name, but Chen Feng has never I’ve heard that he has any contacts in Zhonghai.

Yes , and the other party’s backing is very big.” “Oh? What’s the backing?” Chen Feng was interested. Chen Zewen is not someone who has never seen the world. He has been with Huang Lao San over the years and has seen the hidden family and The giant gangs do not know where they are, and there are some super families with influence all over the world, which can make him feel that they have a big backing. Obviously, the backing is really big.
“Zhanmeng.” Chen Zewen spit out two words.
Chen Feng was shocked, Zhanmeng!
This background is really big enough!
And it’s not so big!
Zhanmeng is the only foreign institution among China’s three major town-state organizations!
Within the territory of China, all matters involving warriors are supervised by the Wumeng.
But out of China, Zhanmeng is the boss!
Whether it is a Western superpower or a small neighboring country, as long as it dares to infringe China’s interests, the Zhanmeng will be dispatched.
Zhanmeng is a true world-class power of China!
At home, the influence of the Zhan Meng is naturally not worth mentioning compared to the Wu Meng.
But abroad, the word “Zhanmeng” can make countless organizations frightened and sleepless at night.
In the past few years, Guang Chen Feng has known that at least a dozen large foreign forces have been annihilated by the War League.
Generally speaking, there are at least martial arts masters who can be called large-scale forces.
In addition to martial arts masters, several hundred martial artists are indispensable.
One can imagine how much enemy blood was on the hands of the Zhan League.
The real killing agency!
“This time the master came to China, it was the other party who took it in. After the other party took the master to China, they arranged a hospital for the master in Zhonghai, and asked Dean Jiang to set up a medical team for the master.” Chen Zewen said.
Chen Feng nodded slightly. No wonder Jiang Zhongting was so fond of Huang Lao San when he was in the hospital, and even invited Sun Shengshou, a Chinese medical-level figure like Huang Lao San, to say hello.
From another perspective, the opponent can handle this series of things, and the status in the war alliance will definitely not be low, at least the elder level person.
“Is it convenient for me to go up now?” Chen Feng asked.
“Convenient, the master asked me to wait for the uncle here to pick you up,” Chen Zewen said.
“Okay, then let’s go up quickly.” Chen Feng nodded.
Before and after arriving at the presidential suite booked by Huang Laosan, Chen Zewen knocked on the door.
“Come in!” Huang Laosan’s strong voice sounded from the door.
Chen Feng opened the door, and a cloud of smoke came into his sight.
Huang Laosan was sitting on the sofa, smoking a cigar.
Opposite him was a middle-aged man wearing a black costume. The middle-aged man’s face was a standard Chinese character. Although he was sitting quietly on the sofa at the moment, Chen Feng could feel that. The muscles of the man’s whole body are in a tight state at all times, just like a cheetah ready to prey, it is possible to pounce on the opponent at any time.
After Chen Feng came in, the middle-aged man falcon-like gaze swept towards Chen Feng subconsciously, and his gaze contained a sword-like strong murderous aura that was almost turned into substance.
If ordinary people are swept away by this murderous aura, they will inevitably scare their legs.
But when Chen Feng was swept over him, Chen Feng looked like a okay person, his expression didn’t change a bit, and he even showed a kind smile on his face.
The middle-aged man’s pupils shrank, his expression a little dignified.
“Uncle Huang, who is this?” The middle-aged man couldn’t help but ask. Although Chen Feng in front of him was young, he could not change his face in the face of his subconscious murderous aura. Chen Feng had already killed most of the young talents he met.
You know, his murderous aura is condensed after killing nearly a hundred warriors.
Ordinary people will be frightened even if they are not scared to death.
Huang Lao San smiled and stood up, put his arms around Chen Feng’s shoulders, and said with a grin: “His name is Chen Feng, my brother.”
The middle-aged man twitched his mouth. Huang Laosan was already in his seventies. How could there be such a young brother?
And he called Huang Lao San as Huang Shu. If Chen Feng is Huang Laosan’s brother, wouldn’t he also call Chen Feng as Chen Shu?
When the middle-aged man was entangled in how to call Chen Feng, Chen Feng took the initiative to smile and speak: “Old Huang, who is this?” In the face of outsiders, Chen Feng naturally wanted to give Huang Lao three a bit of face. The third child is called Huang Lao San.

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