Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 343

Chen Feng nodded slightly. Japanese ninjutsu was indeed a martial art for assassination. During the Meiji Restoration, the emperor of Japan developed the assassination school of ninjutsu to the extreme.
In order to consolidate his rights, Emperor Meiji also established a special organization called Shinyuki to train ninjas, assassinate hostile politicians and disobey his subordinates.
After the domestic stability in Japan, Shenyin gradually evolved into an external spy organization.
Their spies are almost all over the world, and China naturally has their tentacles.
“Brother Chen Feng, you have to be careful during this time, because in another fifteen days, China Shipping Chamber of Commerce and Japan Qianshui Chamber of Commerce will hold a gambling battle at sea.”
“The interests involved in this gambling battle are very high. Great, the gang of Shenyin bastards are likely to come out and make waves. During this time, they have already started activities in Zhonghai.”
“You are a closed disciple of the ancestors. If you let them know that you are also in Zhonghai, they might be Coming out of the nest to chase you.” Shi Pojun said solemnly, Shenyin and Zhanmeng have been fighting secretly in various invisible places since their establishment, and it can be said that they have been grieving for a long time.
The source of this resentment, speaking of it, is also counted on Xiao Guozhong.
Xiao Guozhong’s opening sword on the Huangpu River in the past was too amazing!
Not to mention even cutting off the seven foreigners’ warships, they also completely pierced the courage of the foreigners.
Even the people who have been beheaded in the Japanese martial arts world are panicked, and can’t stay all day.
In order to appease the hearts of the people, but also to weaken China’s strength.
Several senior leaders of Shenyin made a decision to assassinate Xiao Guozhong!
Now that Xiao Guozhong has just broken through the master, and his realm is not yet stable, he will completely strangle Xiao Guozhong in the cradle! Xiao Guozhong must not be allowed to rise, once Xiao Guozhong rises, he will become a disaster in the Japanese martial arts world in the future.
After formulating a precise plan, the director of Shenyin’s Assassination Department personally led the team and brought five Shangren to China.
Then…none went back.
No one knows the specific process of the assassination. People in the Zhan League only know that on the second day after the Shenyin Assassination Department left, Xiao Guozhong walked into the land of Japan alone, carrying a sword on his back.
There is no doubt that Xiao Guozhong went to Shenyin.
As for what he did there… still no one knows.
The people inside the Zhan League only knew that after Xiao Guozhong returned from Shenyin, Shenyin closed the gate. In the following ten years, no Shenyin ninja appeared, and the whole Shenyin seemed to have disappeared from the world.
So who is the person Shenyin hates most? Xiao Guozhong should definitely be the first!
If they lurking in Zhonghai knew, Chen Feng was Xiao Guozhong’s closed disciple.
Then they will never show any interest in China Shipping Merchants this time, but will change the plan overall and concentrate all their power against Chen Feng!
“Well, I’ll be careful.” Chen Feng nodded solemnly, Xiao Guozhong never told him about the secrets that Shi Pojun said.
However, it is not difficult to know from Shi Pojun’s words that Shenyin’s hatred for Xiao Guozhong has long since reached the point of deepening his bones.
If they knew that they were Xiao Guozhong’s disciples, they would inevitably retaliate.
Although his strength is strong, he can underestimate the enemy, but he would never do it, and he was faced with such a bunch of mysterious killers.
No one knows where they will suddenly emerge from.
After Shi Pojun left, only Huang Laosan, Chen Zewen and Chen Feng remained in the room.
Huang Laosan lighted a cigar, took a sip, and looked at Chen Feng arrogantly, and said, “Little boy, you can trust this person, Little Stone! If you encounter anything in Zhonghai in the future, just ask him.”
Chen Feng nodded. In the past few days in Zhong Hai, he still doesn’t know what will happen to him. With an official person like Shi Pojun behind, he will indeed feel a lot more at ease.
“How did you meet Big Brother Shi?” Chen Feng asked the doubts in his mind. Although Huang Laosan was of Chinese ancestry, he himself grew up in Malaysia when he was a child, while Shi Pojun was obviously The native Chinese people, how did these two unrelated people get together and have such a good relationship?
“I saved his whole family back then.” Huang Laosan said lazily: “A few years ago, when his family came to Malaysia for a trip, they got caught up with some local gangsters and were chased by those gangsters. That day, I I just wandered on the street, and when I saw it, he saved his family’s life.”
“Afterwards, the kid said that he owed me his life and told me to look for him if I had anything to do in the future.”
“Without violating principles. , He can help me.”
“This time being chased by Lu Dongxiong and Kazan, I just thought of this kid.”
Chen Feng nodded slightly, turning out to be like this.
“This kid really talks about loyalty, these years, there are not many people like him who talk about loyalty.” Huang Laosan suddenly said with emotion.
When he was hunted down by Lu Dongxiong and Kazan, he didn’t have any hope for Shibajun’s family, because the rescue of Shibajun’s family happened seven or eight years ago. After seven or eight years, there is no kindness.
So when I contacted Shi Pojun, I just took a try.
But I didn’t expect that this trial was really a surprise.
After Shi Pojun heard that he was being hunted down, he immediately put aside what he was doing. He went to Malaysia for a long time and took him back to Zhonghai, and arranged him to the best private hospital in Zhonghai. Protect him for 24 hours.
It was this incident that made Huang Lao San feel that Shi Pojun is a man, and he is a man.
“Where are Lu Dongxiong and Kazan, have you thought of a way to deal with them?” Chen Feng asked, Lu Dongxiong is the leader of the Caravan, Kazan is the leader of the Holy Flame, Lu Dongxiong is Chinese, and Kazan is Malaysian. It stands to reason that the two people are difficult to get together.
But when they heard that Huang Laosan was expected to break through, they came together in a miraculous way.
Had it not been for Huang Laosan’s life, he would have died in a joint attack by the two.
“Not yet, these two old dogs, one is more treacherous, and the other is more cautious. They won’t step into Zhonghai until they get the exact information.” Huang Laosan shook his head, Lu Dongxiong and Kazan To be the leader of a gang, one’s mind is bound to be so simple, the trick of leading a snake out of the hole does not apply to them.
“They can’t come, then we’ll pass.” Chen Feng smiled faintly. Huang Laosan would alarm the two when returning to Malaysia, but Chen Feng did not have this problem at all.
Because the two did not know him at all, they naturally would not have thought that he came to Malaysia to call upon his soul.
“Hehe, I’m just waiting for you, boy, if you can kill the two old dogs, I will divide the Malaysian territory into half for you.” Huang Laosan said with a smile.

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