Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 344

The plates in Malaysia are not that big. Except for the Chinese Caravan and the Holy Fire Church, the rest are small fish and shrimps. When Lu Dongxiong and Kazan die, his Huang Laosan will naturally become the overlord of Malaysia.
Chen Feng rolled his eyes: “You just send me the whole Malaysia and I don’t even bother to ask.”
“Hey, I just made a joke with you, you guys take it seriously.” Huang Laosan curled his lips, Chen Feng has a future. He doesn’t know how much potential it is, but it is by no means limited by Malaysia.
Even Huaxia can’t hold this true dragon.
“Okay, I won’t tell you more.” Chen Feng suddenly got up, looked at Huang Laosan, and said: “During this period of time, I will practice hard and strive for an early breakthrough. When will you break through, I will do whatever it takes. Time to go to Malaysia and help you take off Lu Dongxiong and Kazan dog heads.”
“No, I will pick the heads of those two old dogs by myself.” Huang Laosan said lazily.
Chen Feng shook his head and smiled without saying anything.
The next day.
Chen Feng came to Wang’s house early in the morning. When he left Wang’s house yesterday, he promised Wang Hongyi to go to Kangmei Group for an interview with Wang Shiyuan this morning and follow the process.
When they came to Wang’s house, Wang Hongyi and Peng Yanfang were not at home, only Wang Shiyuan.
Today’s Wang Shiyuan is wearing a tight black OL skirt, revealing her devil-like exquisite figure, full double peaks, round buttocks, and surging willow waist…and those two wrapped in black stockings The straight and slender legs, everything, exudes a stunner-like breath.
Chen Feng only took a look, then withdrew his gaze, did not stop too much on Wang Shiyuan.
But his performance fell in Wang Shiyuan’s eyes, but it became a guilty expression.
The bed bugs from the country clearly coveted the beauty of the old lady, but when the old lady found out, they would pretend to be nonchalant! Wang Shiyuan sneered in her heart, and the disgust in her beautiful eyes became more intense. nausea!
After another curse in her heart, Wang Shiyuan walked in front of Chen Feng with her arms around her chest, and gave Chen Feng a cold look: “You will wear this suit for the interview?”
Chen Feng frowned and looked down at her clothes. It’s a gray sports and leisure suit. The clothes were bought by Xia Mengyao in a specialty store last year. Although not expensive, Chen Feng has always washed them very cleanly.
“What’s wrong, is there a problem?” Chen Feng couldn’t help but ask.
“What’s wrong with you?!” Wang Shiyuan suddenly became angry: “We used to have an interview today, not to go to the mountains and water. What is the matter if you wear a sportswear? Are you formal?!”
“I don’t have a formal dress. “Chen Feng said lightly. When he was in Xia’s house, he was always delivering food. He didn’t need to wear formal clothes, and he didn’t like formal clothes himself.
Chen Feng’s unsalty or indifferent look made Wang Shiyuan even more angry: “If you don’t have a formal dress, wouldn’t you buy a set? What do you think of Kangmei Group? Your small company in the countryside? right? ” ” do you want more. “Chen Feng still Danyun light wind, Wang Shi Yuan a look that is kind of spoiled little princess grew up, a child will live in Zhongxingpengyue, after being accustomed to pet people will I had an illusion that I was the center of the world, and everyone else should still let her.
Chen Feng didn’t bother to know more about this kind of people and was too lost.
“I’m so angry! I’m so angry!”
“Ah~ trash, you’re a trash!”
Wang Shiyuan screamed in anger. She didn’t understand why Chen Feng was so ignorant that the Wang family pushed such a good opportunity to him. In front of him, he can enter the Kangmei Group through a process, but he still doesn’t know how to cherish it.
On such an important occasion as an interview, wearing a sportswear came over. Isn’t this sincerely losing the face of the Wang family and losing the face of Li Shiping?
“Shiyuan, what’s the matter?” At this moment, a hearty voice sounded outside the door, and then, the tall and handsome Li Shiping walked in wearing a blue striped suit.
“Woo, Shiping, this bug is bullying me.” Seeing Li Shiping, Wang Shiyuan suddenly put on an aggrieved face.
“He bullied you?!”
Li Shiping’s face was suddenly gloomy, and he glanced at Chen Feng coldly: “Hill, what’s the matter? Did you slap on Shiyuan?”
Chen Feng frowned, “No.”
“Why didn’t Shiyuan say you bullied her!” Li Shiping looked a little angry. He felt that Chen Feng must have acted on Wang Shiyuan. After all, Chen Feng has just been divorced, and Wang Shiyuan is so beautiful and attractive. People, lone men and widows co-exist in the same room, and Chen Fan will inevitably be distracted.
Seeing Li Shiping’s tendency to do things, Wang Shiyuan suddenly became anxious. She was not worried that Li Shiping would have any problems with Chen Feng, but worried that Li Shiping would mistakenly think that she was tainted by Chen Feng, and thus cut off the pursuit of her.
“Shiping, the bullying I’m talking about is not the kind of bullying.” Wang Shiyuan hurriedly explained, “I’m talking about bullying, this bug just talked back to me.”
” Talk back?” Li Shiping gave Wang Shiyuan suspiciously.
“Well, talk back.” Wang Shiyuan nodded, and then pointed to Chen Feng’s dress and complained: “Shiping, look at this rubbish dress, just like a beggar. I asked him to buy a formal suit. He won’t buy it yet. . ” ” he like this, but also how to interview? ” ” your co-workers if they saw you put such a person to the company plug, they will certainly you have opinions. ”
Wang Shi Yuan breathing, such as blue, mouth fragrant breath constantly beating On Li Shiping’s cheeks, Li Shiping felt like a heart, and his belly was hot.
The big hand naturally hugged Wang Shiyuan’s waist, Li Shiping spoiled and said, “Baby, what you said makes sense. But don’t worry, I have a high position in the company, even if I put a piece of garbage in the company, they I won’t say anything about me.”
“Okay.” Wang Shiyuan pursed her mouth in dissatisfaction. In fact, her original intention was to let Li Shiping dispel the idea of ​​putting Chen Feng into the company. After all, she was also in Kangmei. Others know that she has something to do with bugs like Chen Feng, so where should she put her face?
But Li Shiping said so, she naturally wanted to give Li Shiping a face, after all, Li Shiping is now half of her boyfriend.
“Chen Feng, although this interview with the company is just a cutscene, I advise you that it is better to pay attention to something as well. Don’t behave too badly. If you want to behave too badly, you won’t be able to stay in the company long.” Li Shiping sneered at Chen Feng.
In his view, Chen Feng is a typical mud that can’t support the wall. When someone encounters such a great opportunity, they want to take out their most expensive clothes in the best condition, but Chen Feng is a waste Wearing sportswear.
Simply hopeless!
If he hadn’t promised Wang Hongyi, he would definitely leave now.

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