Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 353

“I’m wrong, can’t I be wrong if I’m wrong?” Li Shiping’s tone was almost crying, and he felt regretful in his heart. He wanted to slap himself severely. Why should he listen to Wang Shiyuan’s words and let Chen Feng go and make peace? Dongting Hospital negotiated the contract. If Chen Feng was not allowed to go to Dongting Hospital, there would be no shit now.
“Wrong?” Chen Feng sneered, glanced at the documents that were thrown on the ground, and said in a cold voice: “Is this the way you admit your mistake?”
Li Shiping was taken aback, and immediately understood what Chen Feng meant. Turning his gaze to Yang Kui, he said sharply: “Yang Kui, immediately pick up Chen Feng and Li Le’s things!”
Yang Kui opened his mouth wide and his face was incredible: “Manager Li…”
“Are you deaf? Or do I mean that what I said doesn’t work anymore?!” Li Shiping roared angrily, and Yang Kui was not qualified to let him sigh.
After being scolded by Li Shiping in front of so many people, Yang Kui only felt that he was surrounded by a strong sense of humiliation.
But Li Shiping is his immediate boss after all. Without Li Shiping, he wouldn’t even be a dog.
“Okay, I’ll pick it up.” Yang Kui gritted his teeth and finally bent down and squatted on the ground obediently and began to pick up things for Chen Feng and Li Le.
“Chen Feng, look…” Li Shiping turned around and said with a grin, but before he finished speaking, he was interrupted by a cold look in Chen Feng: “You too.”
Li Shiping opened his mouth wide. , Almost spit out a mouthful of old blood, but when he thought that his manager’s seat was now in Chen Feng’s hands, he swallowed his anger abruptly.
Squatting on the ground, picking up things with Yang Kui.
This scene stunned everyone in the audience.
Wang Shiyuan is no exception, but while she is dull, there is still a bit of anger and hatred in her eyes.
Angrily is Chen Feng’s ugly posture now arrogantly.
The one who hates iron but not steel is that Li Shiping was cleaned up by Chen Feng, a redneck. How many days did this redneck join the company?
Soon, the two of them put Chen Feng and Li Le’s things neatly in place.
Li Shiping smiled and walked to Chen Feng: “Chen Feng, I did something wrong this time. I hope you can look at the face of Uncle Wang and forgive me once.”
“In addition, you and Li Le opened the East Court. The market at the hospital has made a great contribution to the company, so I decided to give you three more points on the basis of the original commission as a reward… ”
Three points of commission?
Hearing this, the eyes of many employees in the sales department are red. This is a list of nearly 10 million, and the three-point commission reward is 300,000!
Li Shiping really lost his blood.
Hearing the three-point commission, Li Le flushed with excitement.
However, Chen Feng didn’t react much. For him, 300,000 yuan was no different from 30 yuan. He did this more only because the current president of Kangmei Pharmaceutical is Xia Mengyao.
After taking a cold look at Li Shiping, Chen Feng threw the contract on the table, turned and left.
Since Li Shiping was acquainted, Chen Feng didn’t intend to force it too hard.
Previously, Chen Feng’s idea was to use the contract to kick Li Shiping from the position of manager, but in that case, Li Shiping is very likely to die with him, and no one can please.
Taking 10,000 steps back, even if Li Shiping is really kicked out of the manager’s seat, who will be the manager is still a question.
If he sits, I’m afraid Xia Mengyao will know that he is in the company tomorrow.
If Li Le sits, it will be difficult to convince the public, after all, Li Le’s qualifications are there.
After much deliberation, Chen Feng decided to let Li Shiping go first this time.
“Li Shiping, why do you want to give that hillbilly a three-point commission?! Didn’t you give him money?!” As soon as she returned to the office, Wang Shiyuan couldn’t help but cast her anger on Li Shiping.
A three-point commission is 300,000. Even if Chen Feng divides Li Le in half, he can still get 150,000.
This is not even the five-point commission from Dongting Hospital that Chen Feng originally won.
If you count the five points of commission, Chen Feng will still get 250,000 yuan, a total of 400,000 yuan!
In other words, it took Chen Feng less than an hour to go out, and he made 400,000 yuan!
Said it is earning, what is the difference with Baizheng!
Wang Shiyuan was almost mad at the moment. She worked as an assistant for Li Shiping, and her salary was just over ten thousand a month. As a result, Chen Feng did well and went out casually and earned her three years’ salary.
Doesn’t this mean that she is more wasteful than Chen Feng? !
“You still have the face to say that Lao Tzu gave him money?! If you didn’t encourage me to stumble him at that time, would I let him go to Dongting Hospital? If he doesn’t go to Dongting Hospital, he can win Dongting. The list of the hospital?” Li Shiping glared. He was already in anger. Wang Shiyuan’s complaint was like a fuse, which completely ignited his anger, leaving him on the brink of explosion.
“No, Li Shiping, do you mean all of this is my fault?” Wang Shiyuan’s eyes widened and her beautiful eyes were full of disbelief. She did not expect that Li Shiping would throw the pot on her.
“It’s not your fault, could it be Lao Tzu’s fault?!”
Li Shiping roared angrily.
Wang Shiyuan was blown up with anger and pointed directly at Li Shiping’s nose and cursed: “Li Shiping, can you be more shameless?!”
“The three-point commission was given to that waste by you and not from me. Why do you say it was my fault?!”
“Idiot!” Li Shiping gritted his teeth and cursed: “If I don’t give that hillbilly three Laozi’s position as a manager is now gone!”
“Do you say that the three-point commission is important, or is the position of Laozi the manager important?”
Wang Shiyuan’s complexion turned green, and she was awakened by Li Shiping’s scolding. .
In fact, what Li Shiping did was right. From the perspective of Chen Feng’s character that must be reported, if Li Shiping did not give three points of commission, Chen Feng would probably poke the matter to the top of the company when he turned around.
“Shiping, yes… I’m sorry, I didn’t think so much just now.” Wang Shiyuan bit her lip and apologized weakly. It was indeed her fault just now. She was blinded by jealousy and jealousy, and she ignored Chen Feng’s character that must be reported.
“Forget it, I know you are doing it for my good.” Li Shiping waved his hand, his anger subsided a lot, and then he said in a deep voice: “Now our top priority is to quickly figure out how this waste was taken to the East Court. It’s from the hospital’s list.”
“I’ve been to Dongting Hospital several times. I know the urinary nature of their person in charge. They don’t even look at things like Chen Feng on weekdays.”
“But this time, this trash won the list.”
“There must be something tricky in the middle.”

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