Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 355

“His identity belongs to the official identity, so we must not act on him on the face of it. Once we do it, it will trigger a diplomatic incident.” Chen Feng frowned . The umbrella of official identity is indeed difficult to deal with.
“Don’t say killing him, just monitoring him. We are probably all able to do it. After all, he is a closed disciple of the God Lord. He reached the upper endure state ten years ago. On our side, few people can watch him. ”
This is where the Shibajun is most difficult. The realm of the Japanese ninja is divided into the lower ninja, the middle ninja, the upper ninja, and the legendary Shinnin.
Their four realms correspond exactly to the four realms of China’s Ming Jin, Dark Jin, Hua Jin, and Grand Master.
As a disciple of the God Lord, Watanabe reached the Upper Ninja Realm ten years ago, which is equivalent to Hua Xia’s Huajin.
No one knows how strong he is after ten years.
But at least it was in the early stage.
It is conceivable how difficult it is to monitor the early stage of the transformation without being noticed by him.
Chen Feng’s brow furrowed deeper, and the God Lord Shi Pojun mentioned was the leader of Shenyin.
According to the rumors, Shenyin has three chiefs in total, and they call themselves the gods to the outside world.
The realms of the three gods are Shenren, equivalent to the martial arts master of China.
Their disciples, the last time they went to Ninja, Watanabe Taichi was one of the best.
His status in Japan is extremely lofty, not inferior to the heirs of the hundreds of billions of consortiums in Japan.
This time, he came here so openly, there must be something extremely important.
“Is there any difference between the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce and the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce this time?” Chen Feng asked unwillingly. If he didn’t figure out Watanabe Taichi’s purpose, he always felt a stone in his heart.
“This time the two major chambers of commerce have a bit more bet in the battle, reaching 200 billion.”
“But Watanabe was definitely not for the 200 billion. His importance to Japan is not two thousand. Billions are comparable.”
If someone else hears Shi Pojun saying this, they will definitely think Shi Pojun is crazy. Who else in this world can be more important than 200 billion.
However, Chen Feng knew that Shi Pojun was not false, and Watanabe Taichi was indeed more important than 200 billion.
Because he is one of the few Shangnin in Japan.
Forbearance, and one step further, is God forbearance.
Shenren’s status in Japan is almost the same as that of Grand Master in China.
They are all strategic forces.
Japan has a population of more than 100 million, but there are only five Shinnins exposed!
Taichi Watanabe came to China with an open mind this time. Although he had an official status as an umbrella, he still took a lot of risks.
Whenever there are a few martial arts masters in the Chinese martial arts world who suddenly wanted to unite together to carry out an assassination against Watanabe Taichi, Watanabe Taichi would pay a great price, not to mention death, at least he would be disabled.
The 200 billion is gone, and Japan can still make more money, but there is a great hope for Shinobu such as Watanabe Taichi, one less, and that is the sorrow of the Japanese martial arts world.
“Brother Chen Feng, you said that Watanabe Taiichi came to Zhonghai, is it possible that it is for you?” Shi Pojun suddenly raised his head and asked, this is his real purpose for coming to Chen Feng this time.
“For me?” Chen Feng couldn’t help but wonder, why would Shi Pojun say that?
Shi Pojun smiled bitterly: “Brother Chen Feng, let’s tell you, the news from the Japanese branch of the Zhanmeng League said that Taichi Watanabe was not included in the original list of the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce in China, that is, Taichi Watanabe I didn’t plan to come to China.”
“But just three days ago, when the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce was about to set off, Shenyin suddenly passed the Japanese embassy and fabricated an identity for Watanabe Taiichi. I joined the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce as an honorary consultant of the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce, and participated in this gambling battle between the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce and the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce.”
Chen Feng narrowed his eyes, and Shi Pojun’s meaning was obvious. Three days ago, something must have happened to China Shipping. Something, or someone appeared, this matter or this person is very important, even to the point that Shenyin had to send a strategic power like Watanabe Taichi.
And he came here five days ago.
And he is still Xiao Guozhong’s closed disciple, the only disciple of Xiao Guozhong who has slaughtered the gate of Shenyin Mountain in 80 years!
If you kill him, I am afraid that the whole country of Japan will be celebrated!
So it is very likely that Watanabe Taichi came for him!
There was a sneer at the corner of Chen Feng’s mouth. He hadn’t thought about the trouble with Shenyin, but he didn’t expect that Shenyin was thinking about trouble with him first! it is good! well!
“Chen Feng, there is no conclusive evidence for this incident. Everything is just my guess. But to be on the safe side, I suggest you go to the headquarters of the Yanjing War League and stay for a few days.” Shi Pojun Road, Chen Feng became Although few people knew about Xiao Guozhong’s closed disciples, they were few, and it definitely didn’t mean there was none.
It is not difficult for a spy agency like Shenyin to investigate the relationship between Chen Feng and Xiao Guozhong.
If Shen Yinzhen found out, then they must be sure to kill Chen Feng this time when they sent Watanabe Taiichi.
After all, Watanabe was promoted to the Upper Ninja Realm ten years ago, and he is a long-known Upper Ninja.
Dealing with Chen Feng is by no means difficult.
“I appreciate the kindness of Brother Shi, but Yanjing, I will not go.” Chen Feng smiled and shook his head. Although Shi Pojun’s words were very tactful, Chen Feng understood what he said. meaning.
Shi Pojun wanted him to go to Yanjing to avoid the limelight.
If Taichi Watanabe is really here for him, then the strength of the war alliance in Zhonghai will not be enough to protect him. He will face an unprecedented life and death crisis, and may even be in Zhonghai.
Under such circumstances, going to the Yanjing War League and seeking asylum became the only choice.
Can Chen Feng go? of course can!
No one will stop.
After all, he is Xiao Guozhong’s disciple, Zhanmeng, no one would not welcome him.
Can Chen Feng go?
The reason is simple, because he is Xiao Guozhong’s disciple!
If Taichi Watanabe is really here for him, then this time, Taichi Watanabe represents Shenyin, and he represents Xiao Guozhong!
So he can’t retreat!
Once he retired and sought asylum in the Yanjing Zhanmeng, the reputation of Xiao Guozhong and Zhanmeng was ruined.
It is conceivable that if Taichi Watanabe did not find him in Zhonghai, what kind of news would he release when he returned to Japan.
The closed disciple of the Shenyin Divine Lord came to China to chase and kill the closed disciple of Xiao Guozhong of the War League, but the closed disciple of Xiao Guozhong did not even have the courage to face, and fled like a dog in the family.
Simply as timid as a mouse!
That’s nothing more than that for the closed disciples cultivated by the dignified god of war, Xiao Guozhong!
All this will eventually fall to Xiao Guozhong.
Chen Feng never allowed Xiao Guozhong’s reputation to be humiliated.
So this time, even if he died, he would not leave Zhonghai for half a step!

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