Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 382

But Liu Shaobo, who was hanging in the air, was not as calm as Chen Feng.
He had already felt something wrong with the surface of the water under his body. Before Li Le called to be careful, he had already moved his eyes to the surface of the water.
It is conceivable that the crocodile will see what he will see when he comes out of the water.
There is no doubt that Liu Shaobo was scared to pee.
When he saw the blood basin bite at him, Liu Shaobo’s whole soul flew away in an instant.
He even smelled the stench in the crocodile’s mouth!
Liu Shaobo let out a stern scream, and then the whole person began to sway in midair, trying to avoid the lethal mouth of the tortoise and alligator.
“Ka” the upper jaw and lower jaw of the tortoise and alligator bite together heavily, but only bite into the air and did not touch Liu Shaobo.
Although there was no missing piece of meat all over his body, this bite directly scared Liu Shaobo into peeing his pants.
It can be clearly seen that Liu Shaobo’s crotch is wet.
At the same time, there was a smell of urine, which permeated the space.
Chen Feng glanced at Liu Shaobo disgustingly, then jumped down from the willow tree and returned to the ground.
But the crocodile in the water meant Liu Shaobo, who didn’t dislike him at all. On the contrary, after smelling the smell of urine, he thumped more cheerfully.
He kept leaping high from the surface of the water, and then bit down on Liu Shaobo’s ass.
Although the difference was only half a centimeter each time, the crocodile obviously didn’t mean to give up. The more miserable Liu Shaobo’s howling, the more persevering the crocodile became.
This scene immediately showed Li Le by the lake.
Now he finally understands why Chen Feng brought Liu Shaobo here.
“Help! Grandpa!”
“Grandpa! I’m dying! Help me!”
Liu Shaobo shook his body desperately, avoiding the bite of the crocodile’s mouth, and begged Chen Feng for mercy.
But Chen Feng by the lake didn’t mean to save Liu Shaobo at all, instead he smiled happily.
After being sent here by the capped man last night, he found the small lake next to the factory and the crocodile hiding in the small lake.
At that time, although Chen Feng was wondering why there were crocodiles in this place, he didn’t think much about it, just left a little thought.
Unexpectedly, the mindful eyes left yesterday will be used today.
Is there any way that can be more torturing than letting people walk on the edge of life and death?
There is no doubt that this is the method in front of you!
At this time, Liu Shaobo was only a thread away from death.
If he gives up struggling, the crocodile in the lake will be able to bite him.
If he doesn’t give up, he can only fight with the crocodile to see who is more durable.
Chen Feng believes that this lesson will definitely make Liu Shaobo remember for life.
More terrible than death is that life is better than death!
“Brother Feng, your trick… is terrific!” Li Le swallowed, no longer knowing what to say about Chen Feng.
He didn’t know how Chen Feng and Liu Shaobo hated or blamed him, and wanted to torture Liu Shaobo like this.
But he knew that Chen Feng’s goal had been achieved.
Liu Shaobo is definitely more uncomfortable than death.
In just a minute, Liu Shaobo’s crotch was full of shit and urine, and he was obviously frightened by the crocodile thrashing beneath him.
“I’m fucking your mother!”
“I’m fucking your eighteenth generation ancestors!” After seeing the hopeless for mercy, Liu Shaobo began to yell at him. Until now, he doesn’t know Chen Feng’s name, let alone where he offended Chen Feng.
All he knew was that after getting into the same elevator as Chen Feng, Chen Feng inexplicably acted on him and brought him to such a place to torture him.
Liu Shaobo also wanted to give up the struggle, but when he thought of giving up the struggle, he was torn to pieces by the crocodile and swallowed it bit by bit.
This method of death was too horrible, he couldn’t accept it.
Chen Feng did not mind Liu Shaobo’s abuse.
Liu Shaobo was also interesting, and after a few curses, he knew that Chen Feng was completely unaffected by him.
So Liu Shaobo changed another strategy, begging Chen Feng for mercy in a low voice, and persuading Chen Feng not to do stupid things.
Chen Feng didn’t feel much about the remaining routines he played before.
“Let’s go.” Chen Feng smiled and glanced at Li Le.
“Go?” Li Le was taken aback: “Brother Feng, what should we do with Liu Shaobo after we leave?”
“Let him fend for himself.”
Chen Feng’s answer made Li Le a little speechless, and Li Le said: “Brother Feng, didn’t you say that before? Don’t you kill Liu Shaobo?”
“I said not to kill him, but I didn’t say not to let the crocodile kill him. He died in the crocodile’s belly. It has nothing to do with me.” Chen Feng shrugged.
Li Le is dumbfounded, can this happen?
“Okay, let’s go, Liu Shaobo will not die.”
Chen Feng smiled slightly and took the lead. Before tying Liu Shaobo, he had already calculated the approximate jump distance of the crocodile.
In fact, even if Liu Shaobo did not hide, he would not be killed by a crocodile.
But out of psychological hint, or fear, Liu Shaobo always felt that if he didn’t hide, he would inevitably be killed by a crocodile, so he flopped desperately there, showing his ugliness and making a lot of opinions.
I don’t know how he would react when he found out that his flop was in vain after such a flop.
Of course, Chen Feng is not a god. When Liu Shaobo is fighting with the crocodile, it is very likely that the rope will fall off, or the crocodile will suddenly break out and jump higher than expected.
If this happens, Chen Feng can only say that Liu Shaobo is unlucky, and he is destined to escape this disaster.
After seeing Chen Feng really leave without looking back, Liu Shaobo suddenly became desperate.
He began to hiss and curse with exhaustion, and all kinds of terrible curses popped out of his mouth.
But at this moment, only the crocodile in the lake can hear his curses.
The harder Liu Shaobo scolded, the higher the crocodile in the lake jumped.
A few minutes later, Liu Shaobo finally lost his strength, and his whole person entered a state of paralysis.
The crocodile in the lake obviously has more power.
Seeing Liu Shaobo who had stopped resisting, there was a touch of excitement in the crocodile’s gloomy eyes, and it jumped high again and bit down towards Liu Shaobo’s ass.
There was a crisp bite sound, Liu Shaobo couldn’t stop shaking, but after waiting for a long time, he couldn’t feel the tearing sensation under him.
Could it be…
Liu Shaobo suddenly thought of a possibility, his eyes suddenly widened, and his whole person was almost exploded in anger.
The crocodile in the lake couldn’t bite him at all!
Everything is caused by his fear!

Hahahaha !” Liu Shaobo suddenly burst into laughter, tears coming out of his laughter.
Kill the heart!
The real murder and condemnation!
From the beginning, Chen Feng had never thought of killing him.
What Chen Feng did was to destroy his defenses step by step, making him fearful.
He scared himself out of poop!
He scared himself out of ugliness!

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