Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 383

Chen Feng didn’t know what Liu Shaobo thought.
Chen Feng has returned to Kangmei Group at this time.
As soon as he arrived at the door of the company, Chen Feng saw seven or eight Mercedes-Benz S600s with Shanghai brand parked downstairs.
At the gate of the company, there are more than 20 big men in black suits and headsets, looking around with a walkie-talkie with a solemn expression.
Chen Feng’s eyes narrowed, and a subtle glow flashed past his eyes.
There is no doubt that these people are sent by Liu Shaobo’s Lao Yuanqing.
I have to say that Liu Yuanqing’s reaction was very quick. From Liu Shaobo’s disappearance to the present, Liu Yuanqing has gathered such a large group of forces to investigate the company in just over an hour.
“Brother Feng, now…what should I do now?” Li Le’s nervous voice trembled a little, and only felt that his brain was empty. He had grown up so big and had never seen such a battle before, the bulletproof Mercedes-Benz S600. Walkie-talkie, big man in black suit… it’s just like making a movie.
“Back to the company.” Chen Feng said lightly.
“?! Back to the company,” Lee eyes widened, some confusion looked Chen Feng one: “Peak brother, who apparently came to our, our company at the moment, would not Yangruhukou it?”
“That’s What do you mean?” Chen Feng smiled and glanced at Li Le.
“Brother Feng, let’s run away.” Li Le swallowed. The only way he could think of was to run away. After all, it was Liu Yuanqing who offended Liu Yuanqing, a billionaire!
The richest man on the domestic Forbes ranking list!
Chen Feng shook his head: “Where can I go when I am running? In such a big place in China, it couldn’t be easier for Liu Yuanqing to find someone.”
“Besides, it’s okay if you don’t run. If you really run, the Liu family will suspect you.”
Li Le’s expression fell down, and Chen Feng was right. Indeed, in terms of Liu Yuanqing’s influence, he wanted to investigate It couldn’t be easier for a person, and at this time, running away is a serious crime.
“Go back to the company, no matter what they ask you, you only need to answer three words, I don’t know.” Chen Feng smiled and patted Li Le on the shoulder. In fact, he was not worried at all. The Liu family would investigate him and Li Le.
The only person who saw him was Liu Shaobo.
Fang Ya was stunned by the palm of his hand when he didn’t even have a chance to look back at him. As for surveillance…
He is a dignified warrior. Isn’t it easy to break it and avoid surveillance?
Just as Chen Feng thought, the twenty-odd professionals sent by Liu Yuanqing are not at all confused now. They can only be like ants on a hot pot, rushing around, but they can’t find any entry point.
Fang Ya, the only person who had come into contact with Liu Shaobo, fainted as soon as he entered the elevator. The elevator monitoring was also violently damaged and nothing was recorded. As for other places, Liu Shaobo’s traces were completely invisible, as if Liu Shaobo disappeared out of thin air. general.
When Chen Feng and Li Le entered the company, two big men in black suits came out and questioned them randomly. With Chen Feng blocking the gun in front, Li Le was surprisingly calm, and the whole process was consistent.
In the end, the two naturally joined the company.
“Brother Zhao, Dong Liu called again, and asked if we found a clue, how should we get back?” A gentle man with glasses asked with a mobile phone. Standing in front of him was a black suit. A middle-aged man with a face with Chinese characters.
The middle-aged man with the national character face sighed, and looked at the gentleman with some helplessness: “Tell Dong Liu that we were not able to deal with this case. We took Liu Shao’s people away. The method of committing the crime was very clever and did not show any clues at all. I doubt it. …”
“He is a warrior.” The Guozi face paused in the middle age, and finally he finally said his own guess. Except for the warrior, he didn’t expect anyone else to have this method.
Hearing the word warrior, the young man couldn’t help but shrink. Since the warrior is involved, it is not something they can handle and must be handed over to the Wumeng.
Soon, the gentleman called Liu Yuanqing.
Liu Yuanqing’s response was also very simple, with only three words: “Retreat.” A few minutes later, seven or eight Mercedes-Benz S600s lined up and left Kangmei.
“Brother Feng, they are gone.”
Li Le came to Chen Feng with some excitement and whispered.
When he only went upstairs, Chen Feng told him that these people would leave Kangmei in less than half an hour. He didn’t believe it at the time. He felt that Chen Feng was talking nonsense. After all, these people hadn’t found anything, so how could they leave like this.
But a few minutes later, reality slapped him severely.
The menacing Liu family mercenaries really left like this.
Chen Feng smiled slightly and said nothing.
He had anticipated all this a long time ago, and before he packed Liu Shaobo, he had thought out a strategy.
Guide Liu’s family to think in the direction of warriors, not Kangmei Group.
Of course, Liu Yuanqing didn’t even think that the one who took his son would be a chemical fighter, and this chemical fighter is still a small employee in the sales department of Kangmei Group.
As long as Liu Yuanqing thinks about the martial artist, there are many targets that can be doubted. Chen Feng doesn’t believe it. Liu Yuanqing has been in business for so many years and has not offended a few people and established a few enemies.
As long as there is an enemy, it will be a normal thing for the enemy to send a warrior to take Liu Yuanqing’s son.
Chen Feng originally thought that there would be no mistakes in all this, but at night, Qin Xuerou called over.
“Chen Feng, where is Liu Shaobo?” Qin Xuerou was straight to the point on the phone.
Chen Feng frowned: “What are you talking about? What Liu Shaobo? I don’t understand.”
“Chen Feng, do you have a meaning with me here? Others don’t know that you are in Kangmei Group, and I still know you are in Kangmei Group?” Qin Xuerou asked grimly.
Chen Feng suddenly became speechless, how could he forget Qin Xuerou’s crop.
“Chen Feng, I advise you to put Liu Shaobo as soon as possible, Liu Yuanqing has now been almost crazy, he even found the Yanjing Wu AU headquarters there, and soon the military alliance headquarters will send someone to the sea to find the whereabouts of Liu Shaobo.”
“Let They look for it. If they can find it, I’ll lose.” Chen Feng said lazily, forcing him to anxiously. He kicked Liu Shaobo into the lake to feed the crocodile. Liu Shaobo was found in the crocodile belly.
“Chen Feng, I’m not kidding you.” Qin Xuerou some angry, “Liu Shaobo is the only offspring Liu Yuanqing, if he died, Liu Yuanqing on the unrepeatable, unprecedented in a person, what insane things are done out.”
“Yes , You did this thing seamlessly. You successfully picked Xia Mengyao and Kangmei Group from Liu Shaobo’s disappearance and let them clear all suspicions.”
“But have you ever thought about what kind of character Liu Yuanqing is? ?”

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