Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 392

The news made many students in the field take a breath.
Many people from other provinces may not know the identity of Bai Xiaotian, but for the locals in Zhonghai, it can be described in four words like Leiguaner.
In the 1990s, the first domestic family to connect with the Huo family on Hong Kong Island, a serious jewelry tycoon, almost one-third of the jewelry stores in Zhonghai City were opened by Bai Xiaotian.
Outsiders don’t know what Bai Xiaotian’s specific net worth is, but a conservative estimate is that 50 billion is definitely there.
Only such a local tyrant can donate a library worth nearly 100 million to China Overseas University.
“Trash, are you persuaded?! Don’t you dare to come up?!” Bai Wenli continued to provoke, and when there was no response from the audience, he sneered: “It doesn’t matter if you don’t dare. From today, don’t say you are Wanqiu. boyfriend. ” ” wan autumn, or to me to take care of it. ” ”
Bai oak! “Lin Wanqiu Meimou Spitfire, angry stepped forward, ready Bai oak thrown a slap in the face, but it was tightly Xiao Chuo Hold on.
“Wanqiu, don’t be impulsive, Bai Wenli’s background is very big, if you dare to beat him, he won’t let you go.” Xiao Wei anxiously persuaded, Bai Wenli is even more advanced than Liu Kun and Wu Zhike. Existence really angered Bai Wenli, and if Bai Wenli ignored the bottom line, Lin Wanqiu would definitely be in trouble.
The sudden change also made the school leaders into a dilemma.
If other students dared to do such extraordinary things on the stage, let alone ousted from the stage, they would have been expelled by now.
But by the way, it was Bai Wenli who made a big noise on the stage. It was Bai Wenli who had a jeweler as Lao.
This makes it difficult for many leaders.
“President He, do you want to let Bai Wenli down?” The director of the teaching office respectfully asked for advice. When it comes to Bai Wenli, he is a small director of the teaching office. He can’t sit down at all and can only speak from the principal.
“This…” Principal He was a little embarrassed. Bai Wenli obviously had a grudge against Chen Feng, and now chasing Bai Wenli down is no different from preventing Bai Wenli from getting revenge. It will definitely make Bai Wenli hate.
“Secretary-General Yang, President Zhu, what do you think should be done about this?” Principal He turned his eyes to Yang Jianxiong and Zhu Qingfeng beside him. These two have something to do with Bai Xiaotian, and they can Bai Xiaotian spoke in front of him and let the two make a decision. Even if Bai Wenli was upset, he would not say anything.
Yang Jianxiong and Zhu Qingfeng glanced at each other, and then shook their heads in unison.
“Ahem, Principal He, I don’t think it’s a big deal. It’s normal for young people to be angry. We are all from that age and should be understood.” After all, Yang Jianxiong is an old fritters in the officialdom. It’s not leaking, although I didn’t directly say how to deal with the matter, but I vaguely pointed out three words, don’t worry.
“Wen Li is a very sensible child. I have never seen him lose courtesy before. The reason why he is so gaffe today is probably because he met true love. We don’t talk about helping him make a marriage, but we can’t beat the mandarin duck.” Compared with Yang Jianxiong, Zhu Qingfeng’s attitude is clearer, and directly expresses that he is on Bai Wenli’s side.
As far as a businessman is concerned, Wanzili takes the lead, and Bai Xiaotian always dotes on Bai Wenli. If Bai Xiaotian is present today, he will stand by Bai Wenli without hesitation.
At this moment, Bai Wenli on the platform is equivalent to Bai Xiaotian on the platform. With this affection, he will cooperate with Bai Xiaotian in the future, and he will naturally share more benefits.
The two people’s remarks made Principal He feel confident.
With these two people opening their mouths, no matter how big things happened in Bai Wenli’s back, they could suppress it.
“What about Miss Chu? How does Miss Chu think this matter should be handled?” In the end, Principal He turned his attention to a young woman wearing a mask. The young woman was sitting between Yang Jianxiong and Zhu Qingfeng. The best theme.
To be able to sit on this person, the identity of the woman with a mask is unnecessary to say, at least several grades higher than Yang Jianxiong and Zhu Qingfeng.
The reason why Principal He asked the woman last, he also meant to let the mask woman decide the matter.
If the mask woman and Yang Jianxiong and Zhu Qingfeng mean the same thing, then there is naturally no suspense in this matter.
Bai Wenli, you can do whatever you want, even if the sky is falling, some people are making noise.
If the woman with the mask shook her head, there is no need to say more, even if Bai Xiaotian himself is standing here today, Bai Wenli has to get off the stage.
The woman with the mask did not pay attention to Principal He. At this moment, the light in her beautiful eyes was all attracted by a young man who had just stepped onto the stage.
“Miss Chu?” Headmaster He yelled again, a little embarrassed.
“Huh?” The woman with the mask reacted. She was a little lost just now, and a blush appeared on her fair and pretty face under the black mask.
“I’m sorry, Principal He, I just thought about something and didn’t hear what you said. Can you say it again?”
Principal He was relieved when he heard the mask woman explain. He thought that the mask woman had an opinion on him. .
“Ms. Chu, what I asked you just now is, what do you think about this matter, do you want to kick Bai Wenli off the stage?”
“No, let him stay on stage.” The mask woman shook her head, beautifully There was a playful color in his eyes. If Bai Wenli provoked other people at this moment, maybe she would let Bai Wenli step down, but Bai Wenli provoked at this moment, it was Chen Feng.
Insult yourself.
There is no doubt that Bai Wenli is taking his own shame.
Although this is only the second time that Chu celadon has seen Chen Feng, there is an inexplicable sense of trust in Chen Feng and Chu celadon.
Especially after Chen Feng came to power, his calm expression made Chu Celadon look forward inexplicably.
The woman with the mask is Chu celadon, a mysterious guest invited by Zhonghai University for its centennial celebration.
“You dare to come up?” Bai Wenli’s expression was somewhat unexpected. He thought that Chen Feng, a stinky cock who had never seen the world, should be timid to not come on stage when he saw this kind of occasion. The peak just came up.
“Don’t you think you are ridiculous?” Chen Feng raised his head and glanced at Bai Wenli lightly.
Bai Wenli’s behavior at the moment was indeed naive and ridiculous. If he changed places, he would not pay attention to clowns like Bai Wenli, but Bai Wenli used Lin Wanqiu as a bargaining chip, which made him unable to sit back and watch.
“Ridiculous?” Bai Wenli snorted, looking disdainful: “You are a waste of second-hand Santana, what right do you have to call me ridiculous?”
“I advise you to get acquainted and leave Wanqiu as early as possible. Wanqiu is not a toad like you. You can get involved.” Bai Wenli’s tone was high, and since Chen Feng dared to take the stage, he would naturally humiliate Chen Feng and give Chen Feng an unforgettable lesson.

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