Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 394

“Wanqiu, can Brother Feng play the piano?” Xiao Wei couldn’t help it. She couldn’t figure out why Chen Feng would fight with Bai Wenli. Bai Wenli’s piano skills are obvious to all. Chen Feng would fight with him. Qin, didn’t you put your face up and let Bai Wenli beat it?
“I…I don’t know.” Lin Wanqiu whispered. Her knowledge of Chen Feng is limited to Chen Feng being a door-to-door son-in-law and a very beautiful wife. I don’t know anything else. Now Chen Feng wants to talk to Bai Wen for her. Qu Douqin, she was also a little nervous.
“You don’t know?” Xiao Wei’s eyes widened, and his heart became more uneasy. Lin Wanqiu didn’t know, then Chen Feng would probably not be able to play the piano. Even if he could, his level might not be as high as Bai Wen. A professional master like Qu is incomparable.
When Xiao Wei was talking with Lin Wanqiu, Chen Feng had already sat on the piano chair and began to try the piano.
The audience was questioning.
“Fighting the piano with Bai Wenli, I really don’t know how to live or die.”
” Does this second-hand Santana dick play the piano?” “I guess not. Look at his dick, there is no way to touch the piano.”
“Quickly. Go ahead and don’t insult our ears.”
Chen Feng didn’t care about the verbal abuse from the audience, but he felt a little emotional in his heart. Sometimes the fate is really wonderful. Last time he beat Shen Junwen in the Queen’s Building. When I played “To Alice” on his face, I never thought I would play it again today.
Chen Feng began to play amidst the verbal abuse. The first few notes were so common that many teachers and students in the audience did not notice anything outstanding.
But as Chen Feng’s fingers flew, the piano on the stage seemed to come alive. The notes came from the soundboard and spread throughout the venue through the sound. The beautiful notes slapped everyone like a storm. The eardrums make people tremble.
The first thing that changed his face greatly was Bai Wenli. As the so-called expert makes a move, he will know if there is any. Among all the people in the field, his piano attainment belongs to the highest group. The same note sounds to ordinary people. It sounds good, but they can’t tell why it sounds good.
But Bai Wenli, a kung fu lady who has played on the piano for more than ten years, can clearly feel that the notes played by Chen Feng are simply natural!
In other words, the rhythm is perfect, and there is no gap between the notes.
Just by controlling the rhythm, Chen Feng has thrown him dozens of streets!
On the VIP table, Chu Celadon was not shocked at this time by Shen Junwenshao. It was also “To Alice”. Bai Wenli had just played it. Chu Celadon thought it was just copying the book. Although it sounds good, it lacks a bit of agility.
Obviously, Bai Wenli did not realize that the true meaning of “To Alice” was only played for the sake of playing.
But in Chen Feng’s hands, “To Alice” seemed to come alive, with a soul!
He vividly interprets the mood of a man who admires but does not admire, even if she is a woman, she can feel the complex mood of despair and hope.
Xiao Wei and Lin Wanqiu couldn’t help but glance at each other. They both saw the surprise and excitement in each other’s eyes. Chen Fengcheng played the piano!
And the level far exceeds Bai Wen Qu!
There are not many people who know piano in the venue, and most of them may have never touched a piano, but this does not hinder their definition of goodness.
Just like an ordinary person, if you want to evaluate whether a dish is delicious, you must first go for a chef certificate.
Everyone has their own unique understanding of beautiful sounds!
Obviously, Chen Feng’s “To Alice” is very beautiful!
At least at this moment, the more than 20,000 teachers and students in the venue think so.
“Fuck, is this guy alive with Beethoven? Isn’t it too nice to play?”
“It’s more than nice, I must be moved and cry, he plays so much.”
“So this is the real “To “Alice”, sure enough, there are people outside, there is a heaven outside, who would have thought that a dick who drives a second-hand Santana could play the piano so well.”
“Compared with this big brother, “To Alice” just now played by Bai Wenli Shit.”
“This big brother seems to be the little piano prince who went viral on the Internet some time ago. Have you noticed it?”
“Little piano prince? No way.”
“Why not, look at this big brother.” Back view, is it exactly the same as the back view of the little piano prince that came out on the Internet some time ago? And both of them played “To Alice”.”
” Damn , it’s impossible, the little piano prince is my idol. Did he really come to our school?”
“How impossible, I have a video of the little piano prince in my hand, you wait for me to find it for you.”
Soon, someone played Chen Feng on the top floor of the Queen’s Building. The video of “Silk” was dug out.
At that time, Shen Junwen was broadcasting the whole process, so the video of Chen Fengdan’s “To Alice” was recorded by many people and posted to various video websites.
Later, Chen Zhong used his own power to delete a batch of video screens, but some of them still circulated, which happened to be preserved by the students of China Overseas University.
When the audience was verifying Chen Feng’s identity, Chen Feng’s “To Alice” on stage had already been played.
After a moment of silence, the audience suddenly burst into thunderous applause. One wave overwhelmed another wave, and there was a tendency to overturn the entire venue.
There were even many unfulfilled students who asked loudly for Chen Feng to play again.
These voices are naturally harsh compared to Bai Wen Qu.
Every voice slapped Bai Wenli’s face like a slap, and Bai Wenli felt his face aching pain.
Now, he doesn’t have to play anymore, because there is no suspense about the outcome of the game.
The moment Chen Feng finished playing, he was completely crushed by Chen Feng, and he would only insult himself if he shot again.
“Brother Feng, you are too amazing.” Xiao Wei’s eyes are full of small stars. I have to say that Chen Feng really exceeded her expectations this time. If it were not for Chen Fenglu’s hand, she would not be able to Chen Feng got in touch with the piano master.
Chen Feng smiled and didn’t say anything. For him, this is not commendable, because fighting with a little kid like Bai Wenli is indeed a bit of a price drop.
Although Lin Wanqiu on the side didn’t say anything from beginning to end, her red face and her clenched pink fists undoubtedly showed how excited she was at the moment.
“This young man is so interesting.” The smile on Zhu Qingfeng’s face was somewhat reluctant, and a little embarrassing. Just now, the universe was not timed. Everyone in the VIP table was the one he criticized Chen Feng the most. Now, Qiankun must be the most painful being beaten in his face.

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