Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 395

“Wen Li, this child should also increase his memory this time. There are people outside the world, there are days outside the sky, and there are some words from the ancestors that cannot be forgotten.” Yang Jianxiong also sighed with a rare emotion. Before Chen Feng played the piano, he simply I never thought that Chen Summit would win, but afterwards, Chen Feng slapped everyone in the face.
Who said that people who drive second-hand Santana can’t play the piano?
The only person in the field who expected the result was Chu Celadon.
But Chu Celadon’s surprise at this moment is not much smaller than that of others.
Others can only hear that Chen Feng’s “To Alice” is good, but she can hear the soul in Chen Feng’s “To Alice”.
Chen Feng played “To Alice” alive!
It’s almost technical!
This level is not inferior to some domestic piano masters, and it is even worse!
What is Chen Feng’s identity?
It doesn’t matter if the martial arts are superb, why is the piano level so terrifying?
“I’m done playing, you can roll off the stage.” On stage, Chen Feng with his hands on his back, moved his gaze to Bai Wenli, and spoke lightly.
At this time, Bai Wenli’s complexion was a bit distorted. He never thought that one day, he would be crushed in public by a cock in his area where he is best.
“I’m not convinced!” Bai Wenli’s eyes were blood red, he couldn’t accept it, he couldn’t accept it, so he lost to Chen Feng!
Chen Feng, this stinky cock, must just happen to be good at piano talk. Apart from playing the piano well, he doesn’t have any decent skills!
Chen Feng frowned: “Are you not convinced?”
“Yes, I’m not satisfied!”
“You are a second-hand Santana cock, you don’t deserve Wanqiu!” Bai Wenli gritted his teeth as if tore off the last fig leaf.
“I want to fight with you! If you can still beat me in a fight…”
“Bai Wenli, can you ask for a face?!” When Bai Wenli finished speaking, she was interrupted by Xiao Wei, too shameless !
It’s so shameless!
Xiao Wei has seen a shameless person, but he hasn’t seen a shameless person like Bai Wenli. He said that it was him who wanted a showdown, and it was him who said that it was the person who wanted to fight. But now he lost, but he didn’t admit it. Fight with Chen Feng? Is there such a shameless one?
“Xiao Wei, you shut up for Lao Tzu, this matter has nothing to do with you.” Bai Wenli became a little angry. Of course, he knew how shameless he was doing this, but at this moment, he is already overwhelmed. He must give Chen Take a lesson, save a little face, otherwise, his name as a school of Zhonghai University will become a joke in the future.
Bai Wenli turned his gaze to Chen Feng again.
“Smelly dick silk, aren’t you very capable? Continue fighting with me! As long as your fighting can win me, I will meet Wanqiu in the future, and I will definitely go around!” Bai Wenli looked cold and provocative, as long as he could hold Chen Feng in If you get down on the stage, he won’t be considered a lose today!
He still has a chance to comeback!
Chen Feng shook his head: “I don’t want to do something like you, it will dirty my hands.”
Chen Feng said lightly, but Bai Wenli blushed with anger and his neck was thick: “You fart, you are obviously counseling.
“Yes !” “Yes, you are right, I was persuaded.” Chen Feng smiled slightly and asked him to fight with Bai Wenli on the stage. The price is already very low. Now let him and Bai Wenli continue to fight on the stage. Fighting, he really can’t pull that face down, and dignified the martial artist, don’t you want face?
After Chen Feng finished speaking, he turned around with his hand and prepared to step down.
The disregarded Bai Wenli’s face was suddenly distorted and full of resentment.
“Wen Li, come down, you have already lost.” In the audience, President He stood up from the VIP table and spoke displeased. Today, the face of China Overseas University was completely lost by Bai Wen Li.
Even if Wen Dou loses to Chen Feng, a member of the public is fine. If he loses, he still intends to go wrong. If this matter is to be spread, China Overseas University may be discredited by the outside world.
Bai Wenli would step down very wittily because of why the principal spoke.
But the next Bai Wenli made an unexpected action for everyone!
Sneak attack!
When Bai Wenli turned around, he attacked Chen Feng!
He lifted the bench in his hand high and smashed the back of Chen Feng’s head severely.
It’s going to be smashed this time, Chen Feng’s brain will burst like a watermelon!
This sudden action made everyone in the field sluggish, and many girls’ screams were stuck in their throats.
Xiao Wei and Lin Wanqiu, the closest to Bai Wenli, reacted first.
Xiao Wei’s brain was blank, and he subconsciously wanted to remind Chen Feng, but at this moment, Lin Wanqiu beside him actually rushed directly to Chen Feng!
As if he was going to use his body to block the sneak attack for Chen Feng.
Bai Wenli’s complexion was bitter and distorted. Seeing Lin Wanqiu rushing forward, he not only didn’t intend to stop, but increased the strength in his hands a bit!
Bitch, go to death!
Bai Wenli’s eyes are full of hideousness. He is a selfish and narrow-minded person. He would rather destroy what he cannot get than let others get it!
Seeing that the bench that Bai Wenli raised heavily was about to fall on Lin Wanqiu, the hearts of everyone in the audience couldn’t help but a lot of people even closed their eyes, seemingly reluctant to see, Lin Wanqiu was seriously injured Picture.
At this moment, Chen Feng turned his body expressionlessly, and looked at Lin Wanqiu, who was close at hand with a look of selflessness, and Chen Feng couldn’t help sighing.
Then he stretched out a hand and took Lin Wanqiu back into his arms.
The other hand changed its palm into a fist and blasted towards Bai Wenli.
Chen Feng’s fist first ran into the red wooden bench that Bai Wenli had hit hard.
“Kacha”, at the moment of contact, the red wooden stool in Bai Wenli’s hand was directly broken into a dozen pieces.
In Bai Wenli’s unbelievable gaze, Chen Feng’s iron fist passed through the red wooden bench and blasted towards his front door.
The fist was hitting the bridge of Bai Wenyu’s nose, Bai Wenyu only felt his nose sore, and his vision began to spin uncontrollably.
Bai Wenyu flew upside down, like a kite with a broken line, flying a full ten meters away before landing heavily on the ground.
Then life and death do not know.
The audience was quiet again. hiss!
Then there was a sound of cold breath.
With a punch, a big living person blasted more than ten meters away. What is this concept? !
Even a truck can’t do it! be quiet.
Inexplicably quiet.
The super conference hall with more than 20,000 people, at this moment, is inexplicably quiet.
Everyone was stunned by Chen Feng’s punch!
Bai Wenli is the president of the Taekwondo Club of China Overseas University. His skill is not weak!
But now, he sneaked into Chen Feng, but he was punched backhand by Chen Feng and flew more than ten meters away!
In front of Chen Feng, the whole person was as fragile as paper.
What kind of freak is Chen Feng? !

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