Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 401

“Guest son-in-law?!”
Xiao Yan’s heart shook again. She did not expect that such a capable man as Chen Feng turned out to be a door-to-door son-in-law.
Why does he want to join? What kind of woman is worthy of him?
Xiao Wei wanted to ask a few more questions, but then Chen Feng walked out side by side with Chu Celadon.
“Mr. Chen, then I’ll go back first.” Chu Celadon gave Chen Feng a complicated expression. Today, Chen Feng’s rejection of grandpa’s invitation really shocked her.
“Well, Miss Chu walks slowly, I won’t give it away.” Chen Feng nodded and said.
Now there are many people outside, and the identity of Chu Celadon is there again. If he goes out with Chu Celadon, he doesn’t know how much trouble it will cause.
“Okay.” After
Chu Celadon left, there were only three people, Xiao Wei, Lin Wanqiu, and Chen Feng in the huge backstage.
Xiao Wei couldn’t help but glanced at Chen Feng, as if he wanted to ask if the local tyrant who had used her space battleships was Chen Feng, but when the words came to her lips, she swallowed it back.
Xiao Wei felt that with Chen Feng’s character, he would not admit it even if he was really a local tyrant.
“If Bai Wenli harass you in the future, you will tell me and I will clean him up.” Chen Feng shifted his gaze to Lin Wanqiu, he fisted Bai Wenli on the stage, and he had already become enemies with Bai Wenli.
Taking Bai Wenli’s flaws to be retributable, revenge is inevitable.
If Bai Wenli was looking for him, he would be afraid to go to Lin Wanqiu.
“Yeah.” Lin Wanqiu nodded lightly, a bit of self-blame in her heart. She had caused Chen Feng a lot of trouble one after another, and she didn’t know when she would not be able to stop Chen Feng.
Soon after Chu Celadon left.
At the gate of China Overseas University, a 788 Mercedes-Benz S600 drove over in a row.
Seeing this formation, the security guard at the door didn’t even dare to let go, so he let it go.
In this way, the seven-eight-two Mercedes-Benz S600 lined up in a long line and drove into China Overseas University on a rampage, extremely arrogant.
The students walking on the campus retreated in a panic.
These seven or eight Mercedes-Benz S600s are here to find fault.
As for who to blame, everyone can easily think of it.
Apart from Chen Feng, there will be no other people!
“The Bai family’s reaction was too quick, that little piano prince, I am afraid that it will suffer this time.”
“Not necessarily, the little piano prince knows Chu celadon.”
“What is it to know Chu celadon? Chu celadon is just a star. she sorted out net worth tens of billions of jewelry tycoon Bai Xiaotian over? ” ”
Yes, celadon with Baixiao Tian Chu is simply not comparable, even if there are comparable, Chu celadon not for a friend, offended Bai Xiaotian this business giant. ” everyone Chen Feng walked out of the backstage like a stroll in the courtyard, followed by Xiao Wei and Lin Wanqiu behind him.
Seven or eight Mercedes-Benz S600s quickly locked onto the target and stopped a few meters in front of Chen Feng.
Afterwards, the car door opened, and more than twenty big men in black suits and headsets rushed out of the car and walked towards Chen Feng with a grim expression.
Although they don’t have weapons in their hands, the aura exuding from their bodies is terrifying.
After walking in front of Chen Feng, the leading man gave Chen Feng expressionlessly: “Who are you Miss Chu?”
“Does it have anything to do with you?” Chen Feng said lightly. These people in front of him thought with their toes. All thought that they were from the Bai family.
The headed man in black suit frowned, as if he didn’t expect Chen Feng to be so arrogant after seeing such a big battle.
“Our boss invites you to come over.” The man in the black suit spoke patiently. On the way, he already knew what had happened on the stage before, including Chu celadon for the Chen Feng platform.
There is no doubt that the relationship between Chen Feng and Chu celadon is absolutely extraordinary.
But they didn’t know anything about Chen Feng’s identity.
The only thing he knew was that Chen Feng drove a second-hand Santana.
Therefore, they will never act rashly until Chen Feng’s identity is known.
“No time.” Chen Feng said lazily. Just now in the background, Xiao Wei had already told him the identity of Bai Wenli.
A well-known jewelry tycoon in Zhonghai City, worth tens of billions.
If this identity is heard by ordinary people, I am afraid they will be frightened.
But Chen Feng is not an ordinary person, he will not take it seriously.
The big man in the black suit jumped his eyelids. Before coming, Bai Wenli told him to test Chen Feng’s identity.
If Chen Feng was frightened and weakened after seeing their battle, then needless to say, Chen Feng must have no background and belong to the kind that can be handled at will.
But now…
Chen Feng’s performance of me is completely different from that without a background.
This makes the man in black suit a little bit difficult.
“Mr. Chen, our boss just wants you to go over, and it won’t delay you for too long…”
” Can’t you understand what people say? I’m not free!” Chen Feng frowned, Bai Wenli Lao Tzu is very acquainted, but his men are not very sensible.
Before he finished speaking, Chen Feng interrupted him, which made the man in the black suit look blush.
At the same time, the jealousy in his heart became a bit strong.
After taking a deep breath, the man in the black suit said in a deep voice, “Since Mr. Chen is not available, Hemou will not force Mr. Chen to leave.” After that, the man in the black suit waved his hand, and more than 20 thugs were mighty. Dangling back into the car.
In this scene, many onlookers suddenly looked stupid.
Is this over?
What kind of plane is the Bai family?
He came so aggressively, but he didn’t even let go of the fart, and left with a disgusting face?
Xiao Wei and Lin Wanqiu behind them were also confused. They were all ready to call the police if the Bai family acted rough, but they didn’t expect that the Bai family’s thugs were so polite that they even used it.
Everyone’s reaction was as expected by Chen Feng.
Everyone thought that Chu Celadon was just a big star.
But as everyone knows, the true identity of Chu Celadon is the granddaughter of the old God of War.
In front of this identity, the so-called jeweler is a joke at all.
Bai Xiaotian came here with great fanfare, obviously for the purpose of testing. If he was only half timid, then the twenty-odd person would definitely do it on the spot, and would not leave him any room.
Chen Feng drove the car back to the hotel.
At the same time, Lin Lan also went to Zhonghai.
As soon as he came out of the airport, Lin Lan saw Xia Mengyao who was waiting outside the airport alone.
“Daughter, I heard your dad say that the trash came to Zhonghai a few days ago, did he not harass you?” Lin Lan couldn’t wait to ask when we first met. She didn’t plan to come to Zhonghai, but Xia Weiguo said yesterday, Chen Feng has also come to Zhonghai.
After hearing this news, Lin Lan was furious and felt that Chen Feng must have gone to Zhonghai to harass Xia Mengyao, otherwise it would not be so coincidental.
So Lin Lan rushed over that night.

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