Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 403

“Second aunt, it doesn’t matter what your Dong Wang status is! I never thought about going on a blind date with him.” Xia Mengyao forcefully suppressed the Huoqi Dao in his chest.
“What?! You never thought about going on a blind date with Dong Wang?!”
Lin Yue raised her eyebrows, and her anger instantly covered her body: “Xia Mengyao, you really take yourself seriously, right, you are a divorced A woman, it would be nice to have a man.”
“Wang Dong can see you. That is a blessing that you can’t cultivate for eight lifetimes. You still don’t want to have a blind date with Wang Dong? Who gave you the confidence to say this!”
“It doesn’t matter who gave me the confidence. Anyway, I’ll leave this alone. In any case, I won’t have a blind date with the Wang Dong you said!” Xia Mengyao gave Lin Yue a cold look. Turning and leaving without looking back.
Lin Yue of gas left in place the foot straight, turn anger spread in the body Ringland:
“Ringland, how do you teach her daughter, and you hear her say, this is the man saying?!”
“Aging mother to I gave her the thread of Dong Wang, and even used the energy to eat milk, but at the end of the day, Dong Wang promised to see her, but she didn’t know what was good or bad. Is there anyone who does this?!”
Lin Lan said She smiled and hurriedly said to calm her: “Sister Yue, you calm down. Mengyao probably still misses the waste in her heart, so she is very resistant to blind dates. After a few days, she forgot the waste, she will definitely agree. I had a blind date with Dong Wang.”
“Missing that trash?” Lin Yue suddenly became angry.
“What is there to worry about that trash! We Wang Dong is not better than that trash. We need identity and identity, and we want money and money. This kind of golden turtle son-in-law, if it weren’t for me to use the power of breastfeeding to ask others, in the past you could You can’t find it even with a lantern…”
“Yes, yes, Sister Yue, what you said is, I thank you on Mengyao’s behalf. If Dong Wang can see Mengyao this time, I will let Mengyao remember your love for Sister Yue.” Lin Lan smiled. .
“Huh, it’s almost the same.” Lin Yue curled her lips. “Lin Lan, to tell you the truth, don’t say much about Dong Wang, he is very satisfied with your daughter. Now you only need to do your daughter’s work and ask her to agree. Just meet Wang Dong.”
“Yes, sister Yue, I will persuade Mengyao to meet Wang Dong when I go back.” Lin Lan said.
“Well, that’s fine, Lin Lan, go back and tell Xia Mengyao that there are too many women wanting to marry Wang Dong. The queue from Huangpu River to Tongdamen may not be finished. If she is not active, she will pass this Village, it will be difficult to meet this store anymore.” Lin Yue snorted coldly.
“Yes, yes, Sister Yue, I must truthfully tell Mengyao what you have said.” Lin Lan nodded hurriedly. Her first task at Zhonghai this time is to match Xia Mengyao this time, if she can let Xia Mengyao marry Wang Dong, Then their Xia family can be regarded as half-footed into the rich family.
“Repost? Is it enough? What I want is for you to bring your daughter to the Hongye Club tomorrow to go on a blind date with Dong Wang.” Lin Yue said a little uncomfortable. She had already agreed to Dong Wang and let Dong Dong and Xia Mengyao go again tomorrow. Meet at Hongye Club.
If Dong Wang doesn’t see Xia Mengyao tomorrow, then she, the deputy manager, probably won’t have to do it.
“Tomorrow?” When
Lin Lan heard this time, Lin Lan was a little bit confused: “Sister Yue, can you postpone it for a few days, Mengyao has a very stubborn temper, I’m afraid I won’t be able to persuade it at a time, at least it will take two or three days. . ” ” twenty-three days? Wong Tung & Partners when you put us what sort of person do you think twenty-three days people can wait a second-hand goods, etc., tomorrow! tomorrow have to get your daughter leaves appear at the club, she dare not come, I Let your mothers get out of the sea!” Lin Yue said coldly, with a somewhat threatening tone in her tone.
Lin Lan trembled and nodded hurriedly and agreed, “Sister Yue, don’t worry, I will tie it tomorrow, and I will tie Mengyao to the Hongye Club.
“It’s better.” Lin Yue snorted coldly, and after finishing speaking, she took Tang Ruoxue away proudly.
On the road, Don Ruoxue looked somewhat puzzled Lin Yue: “Mom, why do you do if the match Xiameng Yao and Wang Dong Wong Tung & Partners Xiameng Yao really married, her future are we going to have a ride in a quick heads?.”
“Riding in our one head, she dare! “Lin Yue sneer,” Ruoxue, Xiameng Yao What kind of character that bitch, mother is very clear, even if she is married to Wong Tung & Partners, did not dare in front of our swagger. ” ” says Uncertain, she still has to be respectful and grateful to us.” Lin Yue is in her chest, she has a good sense of people. Although Xia Mengyao is Lin Lan’s daughter, she has completely different personalities from Lin Lan.
Kindness, don’t fight or grab, Buddhism…to put it bluntly, it’s easy to bully.
Supporting such a bully person to marry Wang Dong, with her means, it is absolutely possible to turn this person into her puppet, and to continuously convey benefits for her.
Although Xia Mengyao was angry, she did not leave Lin Lan alone at the airport, but took Lin Lan to the hotel.
Along the way, Lin Lan frowned, apparently thinking about how to take Xia Mengyao to the Hongye Club.
After arriving at the hotel, Lin Lan reacted.
“Mengyao, where is the house you rented here?” Lin Lan looked at Xia Mengyao puzzledly and asked. She thought that Xia Mengyao would take her to the house she rented in Zhonghai, but she did not expect that Xia Mengyao would She took it to the hotel.
“The house I rent is too small, it’s only enough for me to live alone. You can live in the hotel first.” Xia Mengyao frowned, and the house Qin Xuerou prepared for her was a high-end apartment of nearly 200 square meters. It’s not a small matter.
The reason she didn’t bring Lin Lan there was because that apartment was standard equipment for the president of the Kangmei Group. If Lin Lan saw it, she would definitely respond that there was a problem with the’job’ she was looking for.
She did not plan to tell Lin Lan about her becoming the president of Kangmei Group.
“It turned out to be like this.” Lin Lan nodded without thinking.
Then she rolled her eyes and said, “Mengyao, just after you left, your second uncle called and said that it has been a long time since we saw our mothers and I want to invite our mothers to dinner…”
“My second uncle “Xia Mengyao glanced suspiciously at Lin Lan. The snobbery of my second uncle would be worthy of asking her to have dinner with Lin Lan?
“Well, your second uncle.” Lin Lan lied without flushing, and the so-called second uncle’s invitation to dinner was naturally an excuse.
The reason for this excuse was that she had been thinking about it for a long time on the way here, but she didn’t think of a way to get Xia Mengyao to go on a blind date. In the end, she only thought of deceiving Xia Mengyao.
After deceiving Xia Mengyao to the Hongye Club, let’s talk about the blind date.
“Really?” Xia Mengyao furrowed her eyebrows deeper. She always felt that Lin Lan was lying to her. The so-called meal was probably a blind date in the past, but Lin Lan was not afraid to lie to her and she would not give it to Dong Wang. Face?
“Of course it’s true. Your second uncle hasn’t seen our mother in seven or eight years. This time our mother is coming to Zhonghai, of course he will invite our mother to dinner.” Lin Lan continued.

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