Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 404

“Okay, I’ll be over tomorrow.” Xia Mengyao nodded without thinking.
At the same time, Chen Feng had already returned to the hotel.
But what Chen Feng didn’t know was that the videos he played “To Alice” for Lin Wanqiu at China Overseas University and the videos he worked with Chu Celadon on the same stage were recorded by many students, and posted to various video websites and social platforms, and matched them. All kinds of eye-catching titles…
“Chu Celadon Cooperates with Mysterious Man on the Stage”
“What is the identity of a mysterious man with amazing piano skills”
“The little piano prince and the rich man are jealous”
Chu celadon has already attracted public attention. It is conceivable that as a’friend’ of Chu celadon, Chen Feng will attract many people’s attention tonight.
There is no doubt that as soon as the video was released, it completely detonated the entire network.
In just ten minutes, the broadcast volume has broken through one million.
After half an hour, five million!
Two hours later, 18 million!
As the heat continues to ferment, more and more people begin to wonder about the identity of Chen Feng.
Regardless of the relationship with Lin Wanqiu and Chu Celadon, Chen Feng’s piano skills alone are enough to kill 99% of the famous masters in China.
Soon after watching the video, several professors from the Department of Modern Musical Instruments of China Overseas Conservatory of Music rushed to China Overseas University without stopping, with the intention of appointing Chen Feng as the honorary professor of China Overseas Conservatory of Music.
There is no doubt that several professors rushed out because Chen Feng had already left China Overseas University.
In the end, several professors had to put their attention on President He and asked President He to help pay attention to Chen Feng’s news. If Chen Feng appeared again, be sure to inform them as soon as possible.
Although President He was embarrassed, he had to nod his head to agree, but in his heart he did not have much hope for Chen Feng’s return to China Overseas University.
At this moment, not only several professors from China Overseas Conservatory of Music were looking for Chen Feng, Liu Kun and Wu Zhike were also looking for Chen Feng.
The two looked for Chen Feng, naturally not for Chen Feng’s piano level.
It was because of Chen Feng’s punch on the stage.
That seemingly fluttering punch directly blasted Bai Wenli more than ten meters away!
Bai Wenli is a ninth dan in taekwondo. Even Wu Zhike, who came out of the army, would have to work hard to clean up Bai Wenli.
But now, Bai Wenli sneaked into Chen Feng, but he was blasted more than ten meters away by Chen Feng with a backhand punch.
The meaning of this is self-evident.
Chen Feng is definitely a warrior. That night, Liu Kun didn’t look away!
If that punch could not prove Chen Feng’s identity as a warrior, then the invitation of Chu Celadon and the attitude of the Bai family once again proved that Chen Feng is not simple.
Liu Kun didn’t understand the background of Chu celadon, but Liu Kun couldn’t afford to offend him just by putting it on the surface.
Plus a Bai Xiaotian.
King of Jewelry!
Net worth of more than 40 billion!
Black and white take all!
Bai Xiaotian is a typical giant!
For such a character, it would be easy to clean up a door-in-law who beats his own son.
But the fact is that the seven Mercedes-Benz S600s of the Bai family drove in front of Chen Feng arrogantly, and then didn’t even dare to let go of the fart, and then turned back desperately!
Liu Kun no longer dared to think about the meaning of this.
Liu Kun could only determine that Chen Feng’s identity was already so big that even Bai Xiaotian would be afraid of it.
Chen Feng is definitely not a little son-in-law!
Wu Zhike found out the information, there must be a problem!
Liu Kun and Wu Zhike are very smart, and they found Xiao Wei the first time they knew Chen Feng had left.
“What are you looking for Brother Feng for?” Xiao Wei gave Liu Kun a wary look. She could learn the identity of Chen Feng’s son-in-law, and Liu Kun would naturally know that at this moment, Liu Kun is probably very likely. Chen Feng found his place.
“Xiao Wei, don’t get me wrong, Zhike and I are looking for Brother Feng to apologize to Brother Feng.” Liu Kun smiled bitterly. He naturally understood Xiao Wei’s thoughts, but at this moment, let alone trouble Chen Feng, Chen If Feng didn’t trouble him, he should thank God.
“Apologize?” Xiao Yan was so wrong that Liu Kun, who had always been arrogant and domineering, wanted to apologize to Chen Feng?
What is going on in this world?
“Well, I apologize. Before at the Hongye Club, Zhike and I shouldn’t hit my sister-in-law. We were both blinded by lard. If Brother Feng came in time, we would probably make a big mistake and regret forever. . ” ” so, we are two peaks brother and sister-in-law wanted to apologize, that …… Xiao recalcitrant, can you help inform peak brother cry? “Kun voice was a little mean to pray.
Wu Zhike on the side was also very nervous at this moment. His family background was not as good as Liu Kun, and even Liu Kun was afraid of Chen Feng. Naturally, he had no reason not to be afraid of Chen Feng.
If Chen Feng can’t be dealt with, Chen Feng will suddenly think of them in the future, and if he wants to settle accounts after Autumn, their martial arts family, I am afraid they will experience a great upheaval, and it is possible to be removed from Zhonghai.
Xiao Wei could see that Liu Kun and Wu Zhike’s fearful look was not a fake.
Liu Kun and Wu Zhike are really afraid of Chen Feng at the moment.
Is Chen Feng really just a son-in-law?
Xiao Wei couldn’t help but remember the appearance when he saw Chen Feng for the first time. At that time, Chen Feng, dressed in a whole suit, looked like an ordinary person.
Seeing Chen Feng’s first glance, she asked Chen Feng why she didn’t call the police.
At that time, Chen Feng’s answer to her was that it was not necessary. He could not keep the person he wanted to take away.
At that time, she was pissed off by Chen Feng’s words. She felt that Chen Feng was arrogant and that Chen Feng did not know the height of the world.
But everything that happened later proved that she was the one who didn’t know the height of the earth.
Chen Feng took Lin Wanqiu away with only two words.
See Chen Feng again, tonight.
Chen Feng tonight is dressed even more silky than last time.
But it was such a dick, but on a big stage watched by tens of thousands of people, she surprised four people with the song “To Alice”, which caused everyone in the audience to rise up and shout, and countless people worshipped.
Bai Wenli’s sneak attack was resolved with a light punch.
Chu Celadon, a popular jade actress from across the Taiwan Strait, asked him to perform on stage.
All in all, it shows that Chen Feng, a dick, is not a dick.
Now, it seems she is not the only one who has discovered it.
Liu Kun and Wu Zhike, the two dudes, also discovered that Chen Feng is not simple.
So they want to remedy their relationship with Chen Feng.
“Okay, I’ll call Brother Feng.” Xiao Wei finally agreed to Liu Kun and Wu Zhike’s request. Since the two sincerely wanted to apologize, she gave them a chance.
However, the specific decision depends on Chen Feng.
If Chen Feng doesn’t want to bother with them, she will naturally respect Chen Feng.
“Thank you, Xiao Wei.” Liu Kun felt a little excited when Xiao Wei agreed.
“No, you pay less attention to late autumn in the future.” Xiao Wei gave Liu Kun a cold look.

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