Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 406

Lin Wanqiu’s complexion changed suddenly. Wu Zhike didn’t know Lin Lan and Xia Mengyao. She did. She met Xia Mengyao and Lin Lan in the hospital in Cangzhou, and she was still held by Chen Feng. Because of this, she already Misunderstood by Xia Mengyao and Lin Lan once.
Unexpectedly, she saw Xia Mengyao and Lin Lan here again today.
But this time it was so dying, Wu Zhike also called her sister-in-law in front of the two.
Now she couldn’t clean it even if she jumped into the Yellow River.
As expected by Lin Wanqiu, after Lin Lan saw Chen Feng and Lin Wanqiu next to Chen Feng, her eyes burst into anger. She walked a few steps in front of Wu Zhike and pointed to Lin Wanqiu’s nose and asked angrily: ” What did you call her just now?!”
“Sister-in-law.” Wu Zhike replied a little unclearly. Although Chen Feng has never said about his relationship with Lin Wanqiu, anyone with a discerning eye can see that the two have a very close relationship. So his name is Lin Wanqiu sister-in-law. There is nothing wrong with him, right?
“Haha, sister-in-law?! You really dare to scream!” Before Lin Lan had an attack, Lin Yue said with a sneer, and there was a strong sarcasm in her smile.
This irony, like adding fuel to the fire, immediately made Lin Lan furious.
She walked up to Lin Wanqiu a few steps, raised her hand to slap Lin Wanqiu in the face.
But before the palm of his hand fell, he was caught in midair by Chen Feng.
“This incident has nothing to do with her.” Chen Feng said coldly. This incident did not have anything to do with Lin Wanqiu. From beginning to end, Lin Wanqiu was innocent.
Therefore, he could not let Lin Wanqiu get the slap.
“Trash! Let go of my mother!”
Lin Lan was blown up with anger. She didn’t expect Chen Feng to stop her!
Chen Feng did not let go, but moved his gaze to Xia Mengyao. He wanted to know why Xia Mengyao was here, and who was the man sitting opposite her?
When Chen Feng was watching Xia Mengyao, Xia Mengyao was naturally also watching Chen Feng.
However, Xia Mengyao’s eyes were surprisingly calm at this moment.
Without any words, the two looked at each other in this way, until Lin Lan shrieked, the calm was broken.
“Trash, are you deaf? The old lady asked you to let go, can’t you hear it?!”
“You shameless thing, you just got divorced from Mengyao for a few days, and you are looking for the Sao Fox outside?!
” Are you worthy of Mengyao?!” Lin Lan yelled, but Liu Kun and Wu Zhike were shocked by the information revealed in the words.
Chen Feng is already divorced? !
That said, this woman in front of you is Chen Feng’s former mother-in-law? !
“Tsk tsk, Lin Lan, your trash son-in-law is good at stepping on two boats. I haven’t gotten clean with Mengyao here, and I’ve gotten with this bitch over there.” Lin Yue sneered from the side She opened her mouth, as if she was afraid that the trouble was not big enough, she began to add fuel to the fire.
Chen Feng’s face became completely cold: “Lin Yue, keep your mouth clean!”
“Why? You feel bad when you hear me scolding this bitch?” Lin Yue sneered, and had to say that Chen Feng’s courage was true. They have been caught and raped by them on the spot, and they even dared to protect the adulteress.
“Auntie, you have misunderstood Brother Chen Feng, I don’t have that kind of relationship with Brother Chen Feng…” At this time, Lin Wanqiu spoke anxiously. She didn’t know whether Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao were divorced. Is there anything to do with her? I really don’t want to let Chen Feng be misunderstood again because of her.
It’s okay for Lin Wanqiu not to explain. Once he explained it, it was like adding fuel to the flames, making Lin Lan angry: “Sao vixen, shut up the old lady! There is no place for you to speak here!”
Without giving Lin Wanqiu a chance to explain too much, Lin Lan turned her gaze to Xia Mengyao: “Daughter, when I told you this rubbish was messing around outside, you didn’t believe me, but today, you saw it with your own eyes.
” The showy fox in front of you is the one you saw last time in the hospital.”
“This rubbish has long been gotten with this showy fox!” “Is that so?” Xia Mengyao suddenly raised her head, her pretty face pale. Look directly at Chen Feng.
“I don’t have that kind of relationship with Wanqiu.” Chen Feng paused, then sighed.
He didn’t blame Xia Mengyao for doubting herself, even if it was him, she would doubt herself in this scene.
“Not that kind of relationship?!” Lin Lan suddenly sneered.
“If you don’t have that kind of relationship with this pornographic fox, my old lady will go eat shit!” Xia Mengyao pursed her red lips without saying a word. She also wanted to believe in Chen Feng, but she couldn’t help but doubt it.
Takeshi Corrientes sister-in-law called out ……
Moreover, Lin Wanqiu looks not worse than her ……
“Meng Yao, ah, you do not be sad, although this behavior is very disgusting waste.”
“But this also happens to Take your chance and see the true face of this waste.”
“From now on, don’t worry about this waste. Just spend time with Dong Wang. Dong Wang will treat you like this waste, thousands of times! ”
Lin Yue said with a small smile, although I don’t know why Chen Feng appeared here, but I have to say that Chen Feng’s appearance helped her a lot.
Without Chen Feng, Xia Mengyao would never have a blind date with Wang Dong.
But the appearance of Chen Feng and Lin Wanqiu made Xia Mengyao completely give up.
Even if he is not willing to have a blind date with Wang Dong, he will never resist.
Blind date?
Hearing this word, Chen Feng’s brows frowned. Is Xia Mengyao voluntary?
Although she has divorced Xia Mengyao, Chen Feng will subconsciously consider Xia Mengyao no matter what happens.
This is also true this time.
Chen Feng took a step forward and looked at Xia Mengyao: “Are you voluntary?”
Xia Mengyao looked at Chen Feng and said nothing.
Chen Feng couldn’t help but sink.
“I’m ready to leave, if you really voluntary blind date with him, and then you sit and do not move, continue blind date with him.”
“If you are not voluntary, you got up and come with me.”
Having said Later, Chen Feng looked at Xia Mengyao with piercing eyes. He didn’t believe that Xia Mengyao voluntarily went on a blind date with the man opposite. He was more inclined that Lin Lan and Lin Yue jointly forced the blind date.
“Trash, what do you mean? Of course we Mengyao had a blind date with Wang Dong voluntarily, and no one forced her!” At this time, Lin Lan stepped forward and protected Xia Mengyao.
Chen Feng frowned, “Meng Yao…”
“Little brother, you have divorced Miss Xia. Now Miss Xia is your ex-wife. Mengyao is such an intimate name, you call it inappropriate.” At this time, sit down. Opposite Xia Mengyao, the middle-aged man with elegant temperament was silent from beginning to end and suddenly smiled.
Although his expression was gentle, there was a clear threat in his tone.
“Get out!”
Chen Feng suddenly raised his head, his expression instantly tyrannical.

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