Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 407

This sudden tyrannical aura shocked everyone in the audience and their complexion changed drastically.
Faced with Chen Feng’s tyrannical aura, Wang Dong was even more a little unsteady.
How could there be such a terrible breath on this waste? !
Looking at the amazed people, Chen Feng also realized that he was a little gaffe.
After taking a deep breath, Chen Feng’s mood calmed down.
“Meng Yao, let me say it for the last time. If you are willing to go on a blind date with him, just sit still and continue the blind date.”
“If you are not willing, you will get up and go with me.”
After saying this, , Chen Feng stretched out his hand in front of Xia Mengyao, quietly waiting for Xia Mengyao’s response, thinking that Xia Mengyao would stretch out his hand without hesitation and walk with him.
However, one second, two seconds, three seconds…
Three seconds passed, but Xia Mengyao’s expression remained calm, without any reaction.
Chen Feng laughed at himself and suddenly withdrew his hand.
He understood, he understood Xia Mengyao’s mind.
She accepted this blind date in her heart, and no one forced her at all.
The reason why I feel compelled is just that I am being passionate.
“Sorry, I’m sorry…”
Chen Feng took a deep breath, then turned around and walked to the door alone.
He thought it was better than Jin Jian, maybe it was just a joke.
In this world, there is no love at all than Jin Jian.
Only good birds choose wood for habitation.
When Xia Mengyao was with him, he not only could not give Xia Mengyao happiness, but would make Xia Mengyao feel terrified every day, and might die in the accidents made by the Chen family at any time.
Therefore, Xia Mengyao has the right to choose others, and he has no reason to blame or blame.
Seeing Chen Feng leaving in despair, Lin Lan and Lin Yue were proud of their faces…Lin
Wanqiu followed with a worried look.
After exiting the Hongye Club, the endless, turbulent Huangpu River was outside.
A white lightning tore open the cloudy sky.
The rumbling thunder came immediately, and the big raindrops crackled down.
Chen Feng did not hold an umbrella or take a taxi, but let the cold raindrops hit him.
“Brother Chen Feng!”
Lin Wanqiu followed out a little anxiously. It was the first time she saw Chen Fengcheng so desolate, she felt distressed for no reason.
“Wanqiu, you go back, I want to be alone.” Chen Feng paused and looked back at Lin Wanqiu.
Lin Wanqiu shook her head, two lines of clear tears shed in her beautiful eyes: “Brother Chen Feng, I’m sorry, I’m all to blame. If you don’t have me, you and my sister-in-law…”
“It has nothing to do with you.” Chen Feng interrupted Lin Wanqiu.
“I divorced Mengyao because of other things.”
After speaking, Chen Feng turned and left.
Lin Wanqiu did not listen to Chen Feng’s words to leave, but followed Chen Feng step by step.
The two of them just wandered in the freezing rain.
A few minutes later, a black bulletproof Land Rover appeared in the rain.
This black bullet-proof Land Rover was driving very slowly, like a ghost, following Chen Feng and Lin Wanqiu, keeping a safe distance of 100 meters from Chen Feng, not far or near.
Desperate, Chen Feng didn’t notice the existence of this bulletproof Land Rover. He still walked on his own.
A few minutes later, Chen Feng walked onto the bridge.
At this moment, the black bullet-proof Land Rover suddenly accelerated, like a beast that got out of its cage, suddenly rushed out of the rain and rammed straight towards Chen Feng.
The distance of one hundred meters is just around the corner!
At this time, Chen Feng didn’t realize it at all!
On the contrary, Lin Wanqiu reacted first, as if she had a warning sign.
After seeing the glaring car lights approaching, without any words, Lin Wanqiu directly pushed away Chen Feng, who was still in a daze.
“Bang!” A delicate figure flew out and landed heavily.
Until then, Chen Feng realized what happened.
For an instant, my eyes were splitting!
The black Land Rover Range Rover failed to see any success in a single blow, so he turned the front of the car and ran into Chen Feng again!
Roar like thunder, gallop like an angry horse!
Standing in place, Chen Feng didn’t mean to dodge, but clenched his fists, allowing the tyrannical aura to gush from his limbs.
Finally, the black bulletproof Land Rover hit as expected.
However, Chen Feng suddenly raised his head at this time and blasted out a punch!
“Bang” is like sparks hitting the earth, the black bulletproof Land Rover, under Chen Feng’s fist, it broke directly!
In an instant, the flames filled the sky!
But this is not the end!
A Jiao Fitness shadow dressed in a black samurai uniform was killed out of the fire!
What is even more bizarre is that after being killed from the fire, this vigorous figure split into three in an instant!
In midair, three black figures, each holding a silver katana, slashed towards Chen Feng from different angles.
“Three-sword style!”
Chen Feng’s pupils shrank, three-sword style, isn’t it the unique secret technique of the Japanese grandmaster-level swordsman Yanagi Ichi?
Why is it here?
Could it be that this dark shadow in front of him is a disciple of Yanagyuichi? !
Chen Fengqiang suppressed his incomprehension, and immediately made a bold move.
However, his fist did not swing at any of the three figures holding katana, but at the air behind!
If someone is watching the battle at this moment, they will be shocked by Chen Feng’s move, and feel that Chen Feng must be crazy. The three katanas are already close at hand, and the next second, he will cut to Chen Feng. Chen Feng didn’t care about it, turned around to hit the air. Isn’t this crazy?
Is Chen Feng crazy? of course not!
He knew very well that the three figures with swords were fake from beginning to end!
They are phantoms, they are guise!
The real swordsman, as early as the explosion of Bulletproof Land Rover, had been hidden in the dark.
Waiting for the chance to give him a fatal blow!
Therefore, Chen Feng’s punch seems to be beating the air, but in fact it is forcing the knife man to move!
“How is it possible?!” An unbelievable voice came from the air, and then, Chen Feng’s fist three feet before it, a black figure appeared out of thin air!
Chen Feng’s punch hit the black shadow’s chest hard.
Amid the “click” intensive fracture sound, the black figure flew upside down, like a kite with a broken line, flying seven or eight meters away before landing heavily.
As soon as the “Puff” person landed, he vomited a large mouthful of blood.
“You… are you a master of martial arts?!” The black shadow staggered up from the ground, and the eyes that looked at Chen Feng were full of shock and incredible.
Chen Feng ignored the shadows, but walked towards Lin Wanqiu blankly and picked Lin Wanqiu from the ground.
At this moment, Lin Wanqiu had long lost her voice, her pale and pretty face had no blood, but the happy smile on the corner of her mouth showed her that she did not regret her previous actions.

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