Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 410

Jin Jiazong is one of them.
“It’s just that there is suspicion, and the specific evidence has to fall on him.” Chen Feng turned his eyes to the captured Japanese swordsman.
This day, the national swordsman is now a breakthrough. From him, maybe he can find evidence of Jin Jiazong’s action.
“I’ll take him back for interrogation.” Shi Pojun’s eyes flashed fiercely. The Zhanmeng was already responsible for foreign warfare. Now the Japanese swordsmen and the assassins of Chinese warriors on the street are within the scope of the Zhanmeng’s duties.
“Okay.” Chen Feng nodded. In fact, he didn’t have much expectation for the interrogation. There is a high probability that Shi Pojun could not ask anything from the Japanese swordsman.
On this day, the national swordsman knew very well that if he didn’t tell the truth, he might still have a reason to live. If he dared to tell the truth, it would be a deadly situation. No matter it was the Jin Jiazong or the war alliance, he would not let him. He survived.
His only way to survive is to survive until the Jin Jiazong releases him.
On the other side, after Chen Feng left the Hongye Club.
Lin Lan finally breathed a sigh of relief.
Lin Yue turned his gaze to Wang Defu and apologized: “Wang Dong, I’m really sorry. We didn’t expect that rubbish and rubbish would appear here…”
“It’s okay.” Wang Defu waved his hand, although in his heart Very upset, but at this moment, in front of Xia Mengyao, he couldn’t break out.
“Then…Wang Dong, you can have a good blind date with Mengyao, that trash is gone, no one disturbs you anymore.” Lin Yue smiled and said. Judging from Wang Defu’s current performance, he is very satisfied with Xia Mengyao. Without Chen Feng disrupting the situation, the blind date between the two was already pretty sure, and maybe they could be engaged today.
Wang Defu nodded lightly, feeling proud. Xia Mengyao rejected Chen Feng in front of him just now, which made him very pleased.
After pondering for a moment, Wang De faintly smiled and said, “Miss Xia, your ex-husband… is very vulgar. It is wise for you to divorce him.”
“Wang Dong, you are too right, but it is more than a waste. Crudeness is so simple, he is still a violent man! Dong Wang, don’t you know how many times that rubbish hit me when I was at home before, and that rubbish looked at him and he didn’t treat me as a mother-in-law at all.” Lin Lanyi The face of grievance began to sell miserably. Her idea at this time was very simple, that is, to establish a very bullying image of her family in front of Wang Defa and increase the success rate of blind dates.
As for discrediting Chen Feng, it was just incidental at the moment.
“What?! He even beat you?!”
After listening to Lin Lan’s words, Wang Defa’s face suddenly became gloomy. He didn’t expect that Chen Feng would go so far as to go crazy and even beat his own mother-in-law.
Do you not be afraid of thunderstorms if you act like this?
“Yeah, there is no age or inferiority in the eyes of this trash. He bullied our mothers before, and the bullying was terrible. Otherwise, I wouldn’t let Mengyao divorce him.” Lin Lan whirled tearfully. Continue to sell miserably.
Wang Defa clenched his fists, his face dripping with a gloomy face: “Miss Xia, don’t worry, that scumbag bullies your mother and daughter’s hatred, I will definitely help you avenge, and in the future, I will never let him harass you again. Once.”
Lin Lan couldn’t help but be pleased when he heard Wang De’s loyalty.
After turning her gaze to Xia Mengyao, Lin Lan hurriedly urged: “Mengyao, what are you doing in a daze, thank you Wang Dong!”
“Thank you?” Xia Mengyao’s tone was still calm, but her voice was extremely cold.
Lin Lan was taken aback: “Thank Wang Dong for helping you clean up that waste.”
“Clean up Chen Feng?”
The corner of Xia Mengyao’s mouth curled up, and suddenly she glanced at Wang Defu with a sneer: “He is worthy too?”
He is worthy too? ! boom!
The three words are like thunder, blasting above the hearts of the audience, and the station that blasts everyone is a little unstable.
After a long while, Lin Lan reacted.
After reacting, her complexion changed drastically, and she hurriedly yelled, “Mengyao, what are you talking about?! Hurry up and apologize to Wang Dong!”
“Yes, apologize to Wang Dong! Mengyao, why are you so ignorant, Wang Dong helped you clean up that waste for your own good! You dare to say that Dong Wang is unworthy, if you say it is unworthy, that waste is not worthy! How could it be that Dong Wang is unworthy!” Lin Yue also sternly scolded, she didn’t know Xia Mengyao Which of the tendons is wrong, said this. But in any case, she couldn’t take the matter seriously.
“Miss Xia, do you look down on me?!” Wang Defu forced the anger in his chest and said, his cultivation is very good, but even if he is well cultivated and looked down by Xia Mengyao in public, he is also angry at this moment.
“Yes, I just look down on you.”
“In my eyes, you are worse than a finger!” Xia Mengyao coldly glanced at Wang Defu. Although she has separated from Chen Feng, she will never allow anyone to slander him. Chen Feng.
“Xia Mengyao! Are you crazy! Hurry up and apologize to Dong Wang!”
Lin Yue was blown up with anger. She didn’t expect that the stable things would turn out to be like this.
It’s fine for Chen Feng to offend Wang Defu, and now Xia Mengyao directly scolds Wang Defu, isn’t this offending Wang Defu to death?
“Yes, Mengyao, quickly apologize to Dong Wang!” Lin Lan was also stern, but Wang Defu didn’t give her face at all.
“No need! Miss Xia’s apology, Wang can’t afford it! Goodbye!” Wang Defu waved his hand coldly. After speaking, he got up and left. Now, even if Xia Mengyao kneels down for him, he will never again. Forgive Xia Mengyao.
“Wang Dong, wait, don’t leave…” Lin Yue got up and left Wang Defu, and Lin Yue panicked, and hurriedly stepped forward, trying to stop Wang Defu, but was thrown away by Wang Defu.
In the end, he could only watch Wang Defu leave the Hongye Club.
Lin Yue grabbed the tea cup on the table and slammed it to the ground. She screamed and pointed to Xia Mengyao’s nose and cursed: “Xia Mengyao, you are a bitch!”
“Lin Yue, keep your mouth clean. Click!” Xia Mengyao’s face turned cold, she had no feelings for Lin Yue’s family at first, and after the last incident, she hated Lin Yue’s family even more.
In the final analysis, Lin Yue’s family encouraged Lin Lan to make this blind date.
“What do you call me?! Bitch, do you still have the inferior and inferior in your eyes!” Lin Yue was blown up by anger, and Chen Feng called her by her name directly, and it didn’t matter if she didn’t respect her. Why should Xia Mengyao dare to be straight? Call her by name and disrespect her!
“Older and inferior?! Do you think you are worthy?!” Xia Mengyao sneered. In the past, she was weak to be deceived, not really weak to be deceived, she just didn’t want to care about people like Lin Yue.
But today, she discovered that the less she cares about these people, the more these people push their noses!
People are good to be bullied, horses are good to be rided!
She doesn’t want to be bullied anymore!
She had had enough of those days!

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