Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 409

Shi Pojun frowned, pulled Chen Feng aside, and whispered: “Xiaofeng, you mean this killer is related to Liu Shengyi?”
Chen Feng nodded slightly: “Yes, when he attacked me just now, he used three tricks. The sword stream and the three-sword stream are Yanagi Ichi’s original secret skills. The entire Japanese country, except his disciples, will not be caused by anyone.”
Shi Pojun nodded lightly, and his complexion immediately became serious, as a battle Vice-master of the League, he is qualified to have access to Liu Shengyi’s information.
This is one of the six great masters in Japan, and at the same time, he is the number one Japanese swordsman!
In Japan, the status of Yagyu Ichi is undoubtedly the same as that of the gods, even if it is the three chiefs of Shenyin, when I see Yagyu Ichi, he must call his seniors respectfully.
Now his disciples and grandchildren have appeared in Huaxia, and they are still coming to Chen Feng.
This makes the otherwise unclear situation suddenly complicated.
“Small peak, a disciple of Yagyu, why should assassinate you?” Ishiba army could not resist asking out, Chen Feng and hidden grudges against God, because scores of the older generation, but with the Yagyu a disciple …… stone can not think of breaking the military The reason for the two feuds.
Chen Feng smiled bitterly and shook his head: “Brother Shi, I said I don’t know, do you believe it?”
“Don’t you know?” Shi Pojun was stunned.
“Well, I really don’t know. I have never met Liu Shengyi, my master, and I have never taken any grudges with Liu Shengyi.” Chen Feng said truthfully. Although Xiao Guozhong had been to Japan back then, he was just flattering. After the Shenyin Mountain Gate, it did not set foot in other areas of Japan.
So naturally, I couldn’t talk about it, and had a hatred with Liu Sheng.
After listening to Chen Feng’s words, Shi Pojun’s brows became even tighter.
The current situation is getting more and more chaotic.
The messenger group sent by Shenyin hadn’t moved yet, but it was Liu Shengyi’s disciple who had started with Chen Feng.
“Big Brother Shi, don’t worry too much. Although this killer has made Liu Shengyi’s three-sword style, it does not mean that he is from Liu Shengyi…” At this time, Chen Feng said in a deep voice.
“You mean…” Shi Pojun paused: “It’s possible that he was sent by someone else?”
“Yes.” Chen Feng nodded: “What kind of character Liu Shengyi is, Big Brother Shi should know. If you want to kill me, I will never send out a young man from the mid-Dark
Jin period …” Mid-Dark Jin period, Xiao I?
The corners of Shi Pojun’s mouth twitched. He was also in the mid-stage Dark Jin, and he was also the deputy hall master of the Zhan League…
“Brother Shi, I didn’t mean that.” Chen Feng smiled bitterly as he noticed Shi Pojun’s expression. Open up.
“I know, you can keep talking.” Shi Pojun smiled indifferently, and said, if others say that the warrior in the mid-Ajin is Xiaoyou, he will only think that others are arrogant, but Chen Feng said that the mid-Ajin is arrogant. The martial artist is Xiaoyou, but he doesn’t think there is any problem, because Chen Feng is a martial arts master, the youngest martial arts master in the Chinese martial arts world!
For Chen Feng now, if he wanted to kill an ant in the middle stage, it was as simple as shooting an ant to death.
“Going back to the topic just now, I think that if Liu Shengyi wants to kill me, he will let his direct children take action instead of sending a dark force to come over.” Chen Feng said, all the martial artists who can reach the master level They are all mature and refined characters, none of them are fools.
The lion fights the rabbit, and they use their full strength. They can’t understand it better.
If the martial arts circles of the two countries had not set rules for each other before, the masters of the two countries were not allowed to enter the territory of the other country. They might commit suicide to solve their own potential threat.
“That’s the reason.” Shi Pojun nodded slightly. Chen Feng’s remarks were not indiscriminate. Liu Shengyi is a Japanese god-level figure. If he wants to kill Chen Feng, he will send his disciples to the level of Huajin the last time. The warrior came out.
“If it weren’t for Liu Shengyi, who would it be?” Shi Pojun thought.
“Jin Jiazong.”
Chen Feng suddenly spit out three words.
Hearing these three words, Shi Pojun’s pupils suddenly tightened, and a layer of cold sweat appeared on his back. After a careful glance around, Shi Pojun lowered his voice and said, “Xiaofeng, don’t say this. Speaking in front of outsiders, you will die.”
Chen Feng smiled faintly: “Don’t worry, Brother Shi, I’m not that stupid. I only say that when you are my own. In front of outsiders, I wouldn’t be like this.
Yes .” “That’s good.” Shi Pojun wiped the cold sweat from his head, then heaved a sigh of relief.
Jin Jiazong, but the super-large sect of the Zhonghai martial arts world, even if you look at the entire China, Jin Jiazong is also a giant sect that can rank in the top ten.
Just the dark warrior, the Jin Jiazong has thirty!
In addition to thirty dark warriors, Jin Jiazong also has four martial arts masters!
Two in the early stage, one in the middle stage, and one in the late stage!
All are the top powers of the world.
One can imagine how lofty the position of Jin Jiazong with such martial arts heritage in the Zhonghai martial arts world will be.
Chen Feng said that the current national swordsman was related to Jin Jiazong, if there is evidence, if there is no evidence, then Jin Jiazong will definitely die with Chen Feng.
Because the actions of Chinese warriors and Japanese warriors assassinating Chinese warriors are undoubtedly treasonous!
The treason sect, the Chinese martial arts world, will win together and punish them!
So this news, whether it’s true or not, as long as it spreads out, it will set off a massive earthquake throughout China!
At that time, Chen Feng, who is at the core of the earthquake vortex, will surely become the target of public criticism!
“Xiaofeng, you said that the national swordsman was sent by the Jinjia sect on this day, but what evidence is there?” Shi Pojun couldn’t help asking. Although the Jinjia sect is strong, if they really collude with the Japanese warriors, the three major alliances of China , Is not a vegetarian.
Chen Feng shook his head: “Not yet, I just doubt it.”
“Well, doubt, I met two killers at the high-speed rail station in Cangzhou before, and they were about to assassinate the granddaughter of the old God of War… …” Chen Feng reiterated the previous encounter with black apes and thin monkeys at the Cangzhou high-speed railway station.
He suspects Jin Jiazong for a reason.
At the high-speed railway station in Cangzhou, he saved Chu celadon and told Chu celadon that the killer was related to Jin Jiazong.
But on the Chu Celadon side, before he had time to dig into Jin Jiazong, the black ape was killed by the people in the Wu League.
Once the black ape died, he became the only evidence.
If Jin Jiazong wants to extract himself from this incident, he must erase all evidence.
Assassinating him became a matter of success.
But obviously, they made a mistake, they underestimated their own strength and overestimated the skill of the national swordsman of this day.
“You say that, Jin Jiazong is indeed very suspicious.” Shi Pojun nodded solemnly. It must be no ordinary force that can buy the insiders of the Wu League.
Looking at the entire Zhonghai, there will be no more than five fingers.

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