Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 415

Wang Shiyuan didn’t give Chen Feng a good face, and Chen Feng naturally couldn’t give Wang Shiyuan a good face.
The two of them passed by with a cold face.
After arriving at the office area, Chen Feng saw Li Le again.
Li Le’s state today is very strange, it seems a bit twitchy.
Especially after seeing Chen Feng, this kind of tweaking became more obvious.
Chen Feng thought that Li Le had something to tell himself, but after a long time of brewing, Li Le vomited out: “Brother Feng, early.” “Morning.” Chen Feng smiled, Li Le obviously did. What’s the matter, but he didn’t take the initiative to say it, so he couldn’t ask directly.
In this way, the morning passed quickly.
When it was time to get off work at noon, Li Le came to Chen Feng with some embarrassment: “Brother Feng, that…I want to treat you to a meal.”
“If you have something, you can just talk about it. Don’t be so polite between us. “Chen Feng smiled slightly. Li Le obviously needed his help for something, but he was embarrassed to speak directly, so he used his meal as an excuse.
Chen Feng’s purpose was seen through, and Li Le was a little embarrassed at once, but at the same time, he was still a little moved in his heart. What moved is that Chen Feng did not treat him as an outsider.
“That… it’s like this, Brother Feng, I have a class reunion to attend tonight. I’m really embarrassed to drive my Santana…”
It turned out to be borrowing a car, and Chen Feng was suddenly stunned.
Without giving Li Le a chance to finish speaking, Chen Feng took out his car key directly from his pocket, smiled and handed it to Li Le: “Take it.”
“Thank you, Brother Feng!” Li Le was a little moved, Chen Feng Taking care of his face, borrowing a car to go to classmates to pretend to force such things, after all, is not very glorious, if he speaks directly, it will be more or less embarrassing.
Chen Feng clearly saw this, so before he finished speaking, he gave him the car key, which cleverly resolved his embarrassment.
“Why do you say thank you for something big? If you are so polite with me, don’t call me Brother Feng from now on.” Chen Feng smiled. Although Li Le has been out of society for several years, his thinking has been stuck. school days.
Thin-skinned, sorry to trouble others.
This kind of thinking will actually suffer a lot in society.
“Hey, what Feng Brother taught is that I won’t be so polite to Brother Feng in the future.” Li Le smiled, a little embarrassed, Chen Feng has never treated him as an outsider, but he has always treated Chen Feng cautiously.
But sometimes, it’s not wrong to be cautious. Chen Feng’s Audi A6, after all, has just been mentioned for a few days, and the car is still the man’s second wife. He borrowed Chen Feng’s “wife” and naturally had to lower his attitude.
After finishing get off work at noon, Chen Feng came to the hospital.
After entering the ward, she discovered that Lin Wanqiu had already woken up from her coma. At this moment, she was sitting idly by the bed, not knowing what she was thinking.
Chen Feng sighed faintly, and then smiled again on his face: “Wanqiu, how do you feel?”
“Woo, brother Chen Feng, I’m so scared…”
Seeing Chen Feng, the girl no longer controlled Unable to restrain his emotions, he rushed over and hugged Chen Feng, sobbing in a low voice.
“Don’t be afraid, it’s already over.” Chen Feng stretched out his hand and patted the girl’s slightly trembling shoulders. No matter how brave Lin Wanqiu was last night, the fact that he walked behind the gate of the ghost was a fact, and he didn’t leave a shadow in his heart. All are considered good.
“Brother Chen Feng, I…I thought I would never see you again.” Dou Da’s teardrops slid from Lin Wanqiu’s beautiful eyes, and she held Chen Feng’s hand even harder, she was not afraid of death , Death is always a trivial matter. What she fears is that she will never see Chen Feng again after death.
“No, I promise you that you will never be allowed to see me in the future.” Chen Feng flashed a touch of complexity in his eyes, and then he smiled forcefully.
Is this a promise?
Lin Wanqiu couldn’t help but looked up at Chen Feng. She wanted to ask Chen Feng if this was a promise, but when the words came to her lips, she swallowed it back.
She could see that Chen Feng still had Xia Mengyao in his heart, and Xia Mengyao still occupies a large position in Chen Feng’s heart.
At this time, if she asked Chen Feng this, she would force Chen Feng to make a choice.
She didn’t want to force Chen Feng, she wanted Chen Feng to choose by herself.
“Don’t be so stupid in the future, you know? When you encounter danger, first find a way to protect yourself.” Chen Feng said in a deep voice. In fact, last night, even if the black Land Rover was allowed to hit him, he would suffer internal injuries at most. , There will be no big problems.
But Lin Wanqiu, a stupid girl, didn’t know this. Faced with danger, she chose the stupidest way to deal with it.
Chen Feng couldn’t imagine what crazy decision he would make if Lin Wanqiu died in a car accident last night.
Perhaps it is very possible that he will kill the Jin Jiazong, wash the whole Jin Jiazong with blood, and then die with the black hand behind the scenes.
He has never been a sensible person. Most of the time, the reason why he is sensible is that the enemy did not touch his inverse scales.
If someone touched his inverse scale, he would die, and that person would be splashed with blood.
“Yeah.” Lin Wanqiu nodded lightly, and a blush appeared on Qiao’s face. This was the first time Chen Feng had spoken to her in this tone. Although severe, it was obviously entrapped in the severity. The long-awaited care.
Chen Feng didn’t notice the delicate changes in the girl’s mind. He was still tirelessly instructing: “Don’t go to school for the time being these few days. First, go to the hospital to recover from the injury. When will the injury recover, and when will you go to school.
” Well, I listen to you.”
Lin Wanqiu nodded obediently. In fact, her injury is no longer in the way, but in the hospital, she can get along with Chen Feng alone.
After leaving the hospital, Chen Feng was thinking about calling Xiao Wei to ask Xiao Wei to take a few days off for Lin Wanqiu, but he didn’t want to. Xiao Wei had already called him one step ahead.
“Brother Feng, is Wanqiu with you? I can’t contact her anymore.” On the phone, Xiao Wei asked anxiously. She planned to find Chen Feng last night, but in the end, she gave up the idea. , Because Lin Wanqiu is likely to spend the night with Chen Feng, if she called at that time, it would inevitably disturb the good things of the two.
But until noon today, Xiao Wei still couldn’t contact Lin Wanqiu, which made her feel a little flustered.
“Wanqiu… not here, she went back to Cangzhou yesterday.” Chen Feng paused, and finally decided to tell a lie to Xiao Wei. Lin Wanqiu obviously had a big secret. Before investigating this secret, what happened to her , It is not convenient to be known by too many people.
Once someone knows that she had been in a car accident, but recovered in an extreme time, then this person will definitely hit Lin Wanqiu’s idea.
At that time, the development of the situation will inevitably be beyond his control.

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