Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 414

After a long silence, Chen Feng finally said: “I’m fine.”
Although Xia Mengyao did not say clearly, Chen Feng knew that what Xia Mengyao asked was what happened on the Binjiang Bridge before.
“Where is she?” Xia Mengyao asked again.
Chen Feng paused: “She’s okay.”
“It’s okay.” Xia Mengyao nodded lightly, her expression became complicated, and she had an indescribable feeling for Lin Wanqiu at this moment.
Said hate, she did not hate.
After all, Lin Wanqiu can sacrifice herself to save Chen Feng at a critical moment.
Based on this alone, she had absolutely no reason to hate Lin Wanqiu.
This woman loves Chen Feng as much as she does.
But if she likes it, she can’t like it.
After all, the appearance of Lin Wanqiu made her and Chen Feng’s relationship a crisis for the first time.
Chen Feng didn’t know what Xia Mengyao was thinking at the moment, but he could more or less guess some.
If it were before, he would definitely tell Xia Mengyao that there was no relationship between him and Lin Wanqiu.
But at this moment, he couldn’t say anything.
He was ashamed.
After experiencing such a thing, how could he not really have Lin Wanqiu in his heart?
He is just an ordinary person, he is not a saint, and his heart is not made of iron.
At the critical juncture, Lin Wanqiu pushed him aside without hesitation and met the Land Rover scene, which has been engraved in his heart forever.
In the past, Chen Feng could say categorically that Lin Wanqiu was not in his heart.
But after today’s incident, Lin Wanqiu’s heart was torn open.
After a long silence, Xia Mengyao took the lead: “My mother lied to me for today’s blind date. I also found out after I went there. She and Lin Yue arranged a blind date for me.”
“Sorry, I misunderstood you.”
Chen Feng said apologetically. In fact, when he was in the Hongye Club before, he should have realized that Xia Mengyao did not come out for a blind date voluntarily.
At that time, the reason why Xia Mengyao didn’t go with him was because Wu Zhike called Lin Wanqiu’s sister-in-law.
It’s not that the blind date he mistakenly thought was Xia Mengyao’s own meaning.
“It’s okay.” Xia Mengyao responded indifferently. She didn’t know why she wanted to explain below. Maybe she didn’t want Chen Feng to have any grudges in her heart, or she wanted to prove that she was not the kind of woman who changed her heart quickly. Or… it was the appearance of Lin Wanqiu that made her feel the crisis.
“By the way, did you do what Liu Shaobo did?” After hesitating for a while, Xia Mengyao finally decided to ask this question. She had suspected before that the person who made Liu Shaobo disappear without knowing it was Chen Feng. After Lan got the answer from Chen Feng’s visit to Zhonghai for a while, her suspicion became even greater.
“I did it.”
Chen Feng did not conceal, but directly and generously admitted.
There is no need to conceal this kind of thing. Besides, Xia Mengyao only needs to check the company’s job list in recent days and he will know that he did it.
“Thank you.” Xia Mengyao felt a little complicated. It turned out that Chen Feng had been watching her under her nose these days.
“Is it a habit to stay in Kangmei Group?” Chen Feng asked. Kangmei Group, after all, is a listed company with a market value of nearly 30 billion. It is not the same as a small family company like Xia’s. A large company like Kangmei Group thinks To be in charge, there are many things to consider.
Personnel transfer, financial remittance, and the balance between various departments… All these require Xia Mengyao’s own efforts.
But Xia Mengyao doesn’t have much experience in running large companies, so suddenly she might face a lot of pressure.
In the long run, Chen Feng worried that Xia Mengyao would be exhausted.
“Habits.” Xia Mengyao’s tone became lighter, seeming to know what Chen Feng was thinking.
“Aunt Qin has taught me a lot, and there is a dedicated think tank behind me who advises me. I feel that it is easier to run the Kangmei Group than to run the original company at home.”
“Easy.” Chen Feng smiled faintly. Of course, Xia Mengyao said this to comfort him. The pressure of running the Kangmei Group is much greater than the pressure of running Xia’s company.
The two are not at the same level at all.
After chatting with Xia Mengyao for a while, Chen Feng hung up.
This call eliminated a lot of the distance between the two due to the divorce.
But the estrangement between the two still exists.
After returning to the car, Xia Mengyao’s expression returned to her previous calmness, and no one could see anything from her expression.
“Mr. Xia, now we…”

Go back to the company.” After giving the order, Xia Mengyao leaned on the back chair and began to close her eyes and rest.
Lin Lan also closed her mouth very interestingly. After all, the current Xia Mengyao is no longer what she used to be. Although she did not study luxury cars deeply, she also recognized that the two cars under her ass are high-end Maserati.
Landed price, six million!
Moreover, in addition to Maserati, Fang Ya, who is capable and self-proclaimed secretary, called Xia Mengyao as President Xia.
All signs show that Xia Mengyao’s current status is very noble!
Not even worse than Wang Defu before!
With such an identity, even if she was Xia Mengyao’s mother, she wouldn’t dare to make another mistake in front of Xia Mengyao.
Xia Mengyao slapped her last Lin Yue.
However, although he couldn’t make trouble in front of Xia Mengyao, he still had to find a way to get the necessary benefits. Lin Lan’s eyes rolled and his mind gradually became more active…
Early the next morning, Chen Feng came to work at Kangmei Group as usual.
Although something happened yesterday, Chen Feng did not intend to leave Kangmei.
One is because Xia Mengyao has not completely stabilized yet.
The second is because he still needs a clear identity during his time in Zhonghai.
There is no identity, less noticeable than the grassroots employees of the Kangmei Group.
After coming to the company, Chen Feng first saw Li Shiping.
Li Shiping was able to calm down. Although he was severely humiliated by Chen Feng at the Wang’s dinner the night before, when he saw Chen Feng today, he was just like a okay person, smiling, as if he hadn’t been able to. The things from the night before last are generally in mind.
Afterwards, Chen Feng saw Wang Shiyuan again.
There is no doubt that Wang Shiyuan’s attitude towards Chen Feng is a bit worse than before.
If Wang Shiyuan in the past only disliked Chen Feng’s appearance as a hillbilly and the status of a door-to-door son-in-law, then Wang Shiyuan now has a heartfelt dislike for Chen Feng.
Insatiable, selfish, not knowing how to advance or retreat… all kinds of ugly words can be used to describe Chen Feng at this moment.
Chen Feng is simply a toad in the smelly ditch!
She felt sick at a glance.

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