Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 417

Because once he reveals it, Jin Jiazong will definitely kill him.
“So, Brother Shi, if you release a message to the outside world, just say…” After a moment of thinking, Chen Feng smiled, and Shi Pojun’s eyes gradually brightened on the other end of the phone.
The place where Xiao Wei made an appointment was Jiang Manlou.
Jiangmanlou, although the name has a Jiang character, this restaurant has nothing to do with Jiang. It was not built on the river, but in the bustling downtown.
When Chen Feng arrived at Jiangmanlou, it happened to be a meal.
Therefore, at the gate of Jiang Manlou, there were many people crowded.
Among them, a tall figure is extremely conspicuous.
This figure was dressed in a long black dress, with a dignified and charming temperament.
Although Qiao’s face didn’t put any powder on her face, she looked extremely bright and moving.
She just stood there and was the focus of the crowd.
This figure is naturally Xiao Wei.
When Chen Feng was watching Xiao Wei, Xiao Wei was also searching for Chen Feng in the crowd.
She quickly saw Chen Feng, and the moment she saw Chen Feng, Xiao Wei’s beautiful eyes lit up.
“Brother Feng, here!” Xiao Wei beckoned with some excitement.
Chen Feng smiled and walked to Xiao Wei in front of everyone’s envy and jealousy.
“Why are you alone? What about your classmates?” Chen Feng glanced at Xiao Wei and asked. In the afternoon, Xiao Wei told her that she would bring a few classmates with her, but now, Xiao Wei is alone. Wait for him here.
“Inside.” Xiao Wei pointed to the gate of Jiangmanlou, and immediately added: “Brother Feng, my classmates are waiting for you inside.”
“Originally they planned to stand outside and wait for you with me, but they All of us were big beauties. We were standing together with a group of big beauties. People who didn’t know thought we were welcome by Jiang Manlou, so I let them go in and wait inside.” Xiao Wei’s face was not red and heartbeat. She lied, in fact, it wasn’t because they were like welcoming guests that she let a few classmates in.
It’s just that they just stood at the door for ten minutes, and seven or eight self-proclaimed men came up to them to ask for WeChat, and there was even a nouveau riche who directly offered to use one million to support them.
There is no doubt that this upstart was so miserable by Xiao Wei and a few sisters that he had even reached the point of doing it. In the end, it was Jiang Manlou’s manager who came out to settle the matter.
Without the experience of Jiang Manlou, whether this upstart can get out of Jiang Manlou today is a question.
Naturally, Xiao Wei couldn’t let Chen Feng know about these things. She was afraid that Chen Feng would have opinions about her sisters after they knew that her sisters were so grumpy.
“Well, let’s go in, don’t let them wait too long.” Chen Feng didn’t think too much. In fact, he didn’t want a bunch of beautiful women to stand at the door and wait for him. Just Xiao Wei, let him There are dozens of jealous eyes on his body. If it is a large group, it will be worth it?
The box that Xiao Wei ordered was on the third floor. When Chen Feng came to the door of the box, he heard the voices of Yingying and Yanyan coming from the box, as if there were girls laughing and playing.
“Cough cough.”
Xiao Wei was full of black lines, and immediately coughed twice, the voice of Yingying Yanyan in the box disappeared instantly.
When the box calmed down, Xiao Wei smiled. She pushed open the door and turned her body aside: “Brother Feng, please come in.”
Chen Feng shook his head and smiled before stepping in.
“Hello Feng!”
As soon as he entered the box, several unanimous voices resembling oriole sounded in his ears.
This voice immediately made Chen Feng stiff, a little startled.
What is this?
“Brother Feng, leave them alone, they are crazy.” Xiao Wei came up with black lines to resolve the embarrassment. She didn’t know why her sisters had to come out like this. People who didn’t know thought they were seeing them. Black will be the boss.
Seeing Chen Feng seemed to be a little frightened, Xiao Wei’s sisters were also a little embarrassed. Their original intention was to make Chen Feng feel how much they value Chen Feng, but instead of wanting to do this, they were self-defeating.
“Brother Feng, let me introduce this to you. This is Hu Siyuan, your number one fan. She runs our dormitory most frequently these days.” Xiao Wei began to introduce Chen Feng.
“Brother Feng, hello.”
Hu Siyuan, who was introduced, stood up generously and smiled and stretched out her hand towards Chen Feng.
Chen Feng also smiled and stretched out his hand, shook hands with Hu Siyuan. , This woman named Hu Siyuan is not simple.
After introducing Hu Siyuan, Xiao Wei introduced the remaining four women one by one.
There is nothing surprising about these four women. Except for their pretty appearance, the others are quite satisfactory.
The next meal confirmed Chen Feng’s guess.
The whole box was Hu Siyuan’s home court, and Hu Siyuan was talking on her own throughout the entire box, guiding the atmosphere.
The host, Xiao Wei, almost never even had a chance to interrupt.
Chen Feng originally thought that the others would more or less have some opinions on Hu Siyuan’s dominance.
However, the expressions of several people indicated that Chen Feng was thinking too much.
These people have no opinion on Hu Siyuan at all, and even some of them are favored by Hu Siyuan.
Chen Feng squinted his eyes slightly and observed carefully, only then did he find the tricky.
Although Hu Siyuan is suspected of being domineering, her methods are very clever. When she is speaking, she has been watching the feelings of other people in the court. Once she finds that someone shows dissatisfaction, she will move the words to that person. , Give that person a chance to speak, and then eliminate that person’s dissatisfaction.
Be careful, know your words and colors, and control people’s hearts.
Chen Feng gave Hu Siyuan a comment again.
This woman must have some other identity besides her student identity.
She is not an admirer of what Xiao Wei said.
She appeared here today, I am afraid there is some other purpose.
Chen Feng kept an eye on his heart.
“By the way, Brother Feng, you are not a native of Zhonghai.” At this time, Hu Siyuan changed the topic to Chen Feng again. She looked at Chen Feng with a smile, as if she wanted to see something from Chen Feng’s expression. What comes in general.
“Well, I am indeed not a native of Zhonghai.” Chen Feng smiled slightly and put down the wine glass in his hand.
“Where is Brother Feng from?” Next to Hu Siyuan, a rather innocent woman could not help asking.
“Yen Jing.” Chen Feng spit out two words with a smile, and at the same time he looked at Hu Siyuan again in his heart. Hu Siyuan’s method was indeed good.
She wanted to test herself, but instead of opening her mouth, she asked others to help her ask.
Xiao Wei was slightly surprised when he heard Chen Feng’s answer. Didn’t Lin Wanqiu say before that Chen Feng had come from Cangzhou? How come he has become Yanjing again.

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