Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 418

“Yanjing.” Hu Siyuan repeated Chen Feng’s answer once, with a mysterious smile on his lips.
“Where is Miss Hu from?” Chen Feng shifted his gaze to Hu Siyuan. He said that he was talking about Yanjing instead of Cangzhou, so he was naturally testing Hu Siyuan.
He wanted to know whether Hu Siyuan knew his true identity.
If Hu Siyuan only knew the identity of his door-to-door son-in-law, then he would be surprised if he said Yanjing.
If Hu Siyuan knew his identity completely, then he said that Yan Jing, Hu Siyuan would not be the slightest surprise.
This time Chen Feng miscalculated.
Hu Siyuan’s expression was very calm. Except for the mysterious smile, she did not show any look that Chen Feng wanted to see. Instead, she gave Chen Feng a difficult question: “Brother Feng can guess, where am I from?”
“Guess?” Chen Feng was slightly stunned, and then shook his head with a wry smile: “Miss Hu, don’t embarrass me, I can’t guess it.”
” Can’t guess?” Hu Siyuan raised a deep smile at the corner of her mouth: “Brother Feng needs Prompt?”
“Need.” Chen Feng smiled faintly, he wanted to see what kind of medicine Hu Siyuan sold in the gourd.
“Brother Feng still remember where his mother is from?” Hu Siyuan looked at Chen Feng directly and spoke word by word. mother? !
Chen Feng’s pupils shrank suddenly, what does Hu Siyuan mean?
Is she related to her mother? !
“Miss Hu is from Suzhou?!” After taking a deep breath, Chen Feng said in a deep voice. About his mother’s affairs, even in Chen’s house, were taboos. He only knew that his mother’s hometown was in Suzhou.
But he didn’t know anything about the members of his mother’s family and what they did. Even the Chen family had very few people who knew about his mother.
Unexpectedly, Hu Siyuan, who met for the first time today, mentioned her mother.
“Not bad.” Hu Siyuan smiled slightly, and some indescribable light flashed in her eyes looking at Chen Feng.
“Miss Hu knows my mother?” Chen Feng’s brows tightened. He can be 100% sure now that Hu Siyuan came with a purpose today. The so-called admiration for him is just a cover.
Then Hu Siyuan’s words verified Chen Feng’s guess: “There was a fate, Aunt Su is the most gentle woman Siyuan has ever seen in her life.”
“Thank you.” After taking a deep breath, Chen Feng’s mood changed again. After he calmed down, he couldn’t mess up his position. No matter what Hu Siyuan came to see him today, he must remain calm and cope with all changes.
“Siyuan, how did you meet Brother Feng’s mother?” Chen Feng was able to keep calm, but Xiao Wei was a little unsure. She only knew that Chen Feng was a door-to-door son-in-law, but for Chen Feng’s other things, She knows nothing.
You can see Hu Siyuan’s appearance, but she seems to know Chen Feng very well.
How did she understand?
“My father and Aunt Su are friends. When I was young, my father took me to visit Aunt Su once.” Hu Siyuan replied with a smile. Chen Feng couldn’t see anything abnormal from her look.
Xiao Wei frowned Liu Mei subconsciously. She didn’t know Hu Siyuan’s family background very well.
However, there were rumors before the school that Hu Siyuan’s father was Hu Jinghai, the former richest man in Suzhou.
Xiao Wei is not clear about the truth of this rumor, but Hu Siyuan’s family background is definitely not simple.
But just now, Hu Siyuan said that her father had taken her to visit Chen Feng’s mother. visit.
This word clearly shows that Hu Siyuan’s father’s status and identity are not as good as Chen Feng’s mother.
In this way, the status of Chen Feng’s mother is definitely not low, at least at the level of the richest man in Suzhou.
But since Chen Feng’s mother’s status is not low, why should Chen Fengcheng be the door-to-door son-in-law?
And it is a small family from a prefecture-level city like Cangzhou?
What’s the secret about Chen Feng?
Xiao Wei shook his head, suppressing the doubt in his heart.
No matter what secrets Chen Feng has, it is not suitable to talk about this kind of occasion.
“Okay, okay, let’s not say, we…” Xiao Wei was about to make a round and continue the dinner, but at this time, the door of the box was kicked open.
A drunk young man walked in full of alcohol.
“Brothers, go ahead, I can still drink…” The drunk young man was drunk and confused. While walking towards Xiao Wei, he murmured vaguely, obviously in a state of drunk.
Xiao Wei and Liu frowned, this young man obviously drank too much and entered the wrong box.
Xiao Wei opened her mouth and was about to call the waiter to come in. She never thought that another young man came in full of black lines and pulled the drunk young man: “Huazi, you got into the wrong box!”
“You got into the wrong box? Hey, sorry. ……” Although the drunk youth was confused, but the quality was good, he even subconsciously apologized.
“Sorry, my brother is drunk, I’m here…” The young man with black lines coming in behind was about to apologize, but when he saw Chen Feng sitting on the main seat, the young man was stunned. “Brother Feng!”
“Li Le…” Chen Feng was also a little surprised. At noon, Li Legang said that there was a classmate gathering. Unexpectedly, he ran into Li Le at night.
“Brother Feng, why are you here?” Seeing Chen Feng, Li Le was a little delighted.
“Dine with friends.”
“Friends?” Li Le subconsciously glanced at the few people sitting on the table, Xiao Wei and Hu Siyuan. After seeing the faces of the few people, Li Le’s eyes widened. My friend, too beautiful, right? ! Li Leyin swallowed faintly, only to feel a little weird.
He grew up so much, it was the first time he saw so many beautiful women gathered together.
These are all big beauties who are at the flower school level.
How did Brother Feng know so many beautiful women? !
Looking at Li Le’s surprised expression, Chen Feng couldn’t help but feel a headache. How could he explain to Li Le when he turned his head back, what about his relationship with Xiao Wei and Hu Siyuan?
“Li Le, Wang Hua, what’s the matter with you? Why is there no one after half a drink?”
At this moment , a carefree voice sounded at the door of the box. After the voice, one of them was wearing a brand-named suit, dyed yellow hair, and The young man with earrings walked in like no one else.
After the young Huang Mao entered the door, he first glanced at Li Le and the drunk youth.
Then he turned his attention to Xiao Wei and Hu Siyuan.
This movement was immediately inseparable.
“Li Le, these beauties are your friends?” The young Huang Mao swallowed, and the eyes of Xiao Wei and Hu Siyuan were full of naked desire.
The look in the yellow-haired youth immediately gave Li Le a bad feeling. Li Le hurriedly shook his head: “Guardian, they are not my friends, I don’t know them.”

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