Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 42

“You shut up! Do you still have my mother in your eyes? Now that your dad is in the hospital, I have the final say at home!” Lin Lan was also very angry with Xia Mengyao. Once upon a time, Xia Mengyao always let her go. But in the past few days, I don’t know what Ecstasy Chen Feng has given Xia Mengyao, and Xia Mengyao has actually opposed her repeatedly.
“Chen Feng, immediately apologize to your aunt and your cousin! No matter what they do, they are all your elders, you are a junior, do you have any rules for the elders!” Lin Lan angrily scolded Chen Feng , In the final analysis, all these things today were caused by Chen Feng. Without Chen Feng, Sun Guifang would never come to the door.
Chen Feng’s eyes were cold and asked him to apologize to Sun Guifang’s mother and son? ! It seems that Lin Lan is determined to face Sun Guifang’s mother and son.
“Is the apology over? Lin Lan, what do you take our mothers for?” Before Chen Feng spoke, Sun Guifang spoke first.
“Sister-in-law, what do you want to do?” Lin Lan frowned and asked.
Sun Guifang glanced at Chen Feng and said with a sneer: “Simple, just need this waste to do two things.”
“First, kneel down for our wife, kowtow to admit that we are wrong, and then let my son slap this trash a few times to exhale.”
Lin Lan’s face changed, and Sun Guifang’s request was too harsh.
“What else?” Chen Feng asked coldly with a flash of cold light in his eyes.
“Anything else, just give our mothers some money. Our mothers can’t get beaten for nothing.” Sun Guifang said.
“How much do you want?” Lin Lan asked through gritted teeth.
“Since you are my relatives, I don’t want more. Pay me 500,000 yuan. Chen Feng’s beating my wife can be done.” Sun Guifang’s face was taken for granted.
Half a million? ! Why don’t you grab it! Lin Lan was almost fainted by this number. Sun Guifang opened her mouth and was 500,000. When her money was blank? !
“Impossible!” Lin Lan refused without even thinking about it.
“Lin Lan, how do you talk?” Sun Guifang suddenly became unhappy. “What is impossible? In your eyes, our mothers are so worthless.”
“Sister-in-law, I didn’t mean that, but if you open your mouth, it costs 500,000, which is too much.” Lin Lan said angrily.
“Huh, too much?” Sun Guifang snorted coldly, and said, “I don’t think it is too much! This is a matter of our wife’s face, if we let others know that our wife was beaten by Chen Feng’s squandering, we How will the mothers raise their heads in front of others in the future?”
“Furthermore, the one and a half million of your Mengyao, isn’t it for nothing? Our mothers only need half a million, which already gives you a lot of face.
Sun Guifang acted as if it was cheaper for you. Lin Lan was tickled with anger. She knew that Sun Guifang was difficult to deal with, but she still did not expect that Sun Guifang was shameless to this point, even if Xia Mengyao’s 1.5 million yuan was really What does it have to do with your Sun Guifang? If you open your mouth, it will cost 500,000 yuan without blinking your eyes.
“Sister-in-law, let Chen Feng kneel down and apologize to you, but don’t talk about money matters! I can only pay you five thousand yuan at most.” Lin Lan said with a cold face, although Gu Dongchen paid Xia Mengyao the money. But Xia Mengyao’s is hers, she is absolutely impossible, and gave Sun Guifang 500,000 for nothing.
Chen Feng sneered again and again. Lin Lan asked herself to kneel down and apologize to Sun Guifang without asking her own opinion. Does she really feel like she is a toy doll and can knead it at will?
“Five thousand yuan!” Sun Guifang screamed, “Lin Lan, you are calling Huazi!”
“Sister-in-law, I hope you understand that no one’s money is in vain. What’s more, if Chen Feng beats your wife, you should go to Chen Feng to settle the account. What does your family do?” Lin Lan said coldly, her meaning was obvious, Chen Feng is Chen Feng, Xia family is Xia family, there is no connection between the two.
Hearing this, Xia Mengyao was completely chilled. She thought that after the last time, Lin Lan would have changed Chen Feng’s views, but now it seems that she is wishful thinking after all, and Lin Lan is still in her heart. Look down on Chen Feng.
“Lin Lan, Chen Feng is your son-in-law!” Sun Guifang was also surprised by Lin Lan’s words. They were half sons-in-law, but Chen Feng was not as good as an outsider when he came to Lin Lan.
“I don’t have such a son-in-law who can cause trouble.” Lin Lan gave Chen Feng a cold look and said.
There was a cold expression at the corner of Chen Feng’s mouth. Is there no son-in-law like himself? Lin Lan, I hope you don’t regret what you said today!
Lin Lan’s attitude towards Chen Feng was unexpected by Sun Guifang.
Fortunately, Sun Guifang also has a killer.
“Lin Lan, let me ask you one last time, are you really planning to give me half a million?” Sun Guifang asked gloomily.
“No.” Lin Lan’s answer was as firm as ever.
Sun Guifang smiled and said, “Well, I hope you don’t regret it.”
“Sister-in-law, what do you mean by this?” Lin Lan felt something wrong, as if she had something to hold in Sun Guifang’s hand.
“It’s not interesting, I just remembered something suddenly. A few days ago, I ran into a man named Wang. He said that you are his college classmate…”
When Sun Guifang said, he paused deliberately, but saw that Lin Lan’s face had changed drastically.
“Lin Lan, do you want me to continue?” Sun Guifang asked with a smile.
“Sister-in-law…” Lin Lan grinned reluctantly, and said: “If you have anything, you can sit down and talk slowly.”
“Talk slowly?” Sun Guifang sneered disdainfully. At this time, he knew that he was talking slowly. Where did the fierce energy that had just sent the begging flower go.
“Lin Lan, I don’t want more than 500,000 yuan.” Sun Guifang sat back slowly on the sofa and asked.
“Not too much, I will let Chen Feng find a way to pay you and the army 500,000 yuan.” Lin Lan hurriedly said, although she could not wait to tear Sun Guifang at the moment, she thought of what Sun Guifang said. I can’t help but feel weak.
Chen Feng frowned. What handle was Sun Guifang holding Lin Lan? How could he make Lin Lan so jealous?
Even half a million agreed.
Sun Guifang suddenly raised her arrogance. In fact, before she came, she had thought about what to do if Lin Lan did not agree to lose money. It can be said that she had already figured out how to deal with it. With Lin Lan’s character of death, face and suffering, absolutely Wouldn’t let her explode the incident.
“Don’t tell me about half a million things, Lin Lan, should you let your son-in-law kneel down and apologize to our wife.” Sun Guifang gave Chen Feng a triumphant glance and said.
No matter how arrogant Chen Feng was in front of her and Lin Dajun before, when he arrived at the Xia family, in front of Lin Lan, Chen Feng was just a dog after all. Lin Lan asked him to go east, and he definitely did not dare to go west.

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