Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 420

Although Chen Feng’s action was sudden, many people in the field were not surprised by it.
This includes Xiao Wei and Hu Siyuan.
Xiao Wei knew very well what kind of person Chen Feng was.
If Chen Feng were not here, she would never use such a rude means to deal with Guan Chuyi.
Chen Feng gave her enough confidence.
Guan Chuyi, who fell on the ground, looked painful and angry. He couldn’t even think of killing him. He was cruel to him, it turned out that he looked down on him from start to finish, and he didn’t say a word.
The movement here finally attracted the attention of Jiang Manlou.
Soon, the manager of Jiang Manlou brought people over.
Guan Chuyi’s classmates also walked out of other boxes one after another.
When seeing Guan Chuyi lying on the ground covered in blood, everyone’s complexion changed drastically.
“Guan Shao, what’s the matter with you?” Jiang Manlou’s manager stepped forward with some trepidation, and hurriedly helped Guan Chuyi from the ground.
Others don’t understand Guan Chuyi’s background, but he knows it all.
Guan Chuyi’s father, Guan Zhongfei, was the chief steward of the Jin family, the No. 1 wealthy family in Jiangdong Province.
His mother, Wang Xiaoxue, runs a cosmetics company in Jin’an. Last year, his net worth crossed the one billion threshold.
It is conceivable that Guan Chuyi, as the only son of the two, will be loved by them.
It is no exaggeration to say that even if Guan Chuyi wants the stars in the sky, the two will try to get Guan Chuyi off.
But today, Guan Chuyi was beaten like this in Jiangmanlou.
As the manager of Jiang Manlou, if he can’t come up with a suitable solution, let alone his managerial position is not guaranteed, even Jiang Manlou may be closed down!
“I was beaten! Are you blind?! Can’t you see?!” At this moment, Guan Chuyi was like a mad lion, casting all his anger on the manager of Jiang Manlou.
Manager Jiang Manlou looked bitter, but from the moment he entered the box, he probably knew what had happened.
He had met Xiao Wei and Hu Siyuan before outside the gate of Jiang Manlou. Xiao Wei left a deep impression on him at that time. This was a thorny rose.
Guan Chuyi was surprised, and he provokes this thorny rose, and it’s normal to make himself bloody.
Although he knew the ins and outs of the matter in his heart, Manager Huang didn’t dare to blame Guan Chuyi at this moment. Instead, he had to smile and comfort Guan Chuyi: “Man, don’t be angry, I’ll call the police…”
“The police report you for paralysis! I won’t call the police!” Manager Huang finished speaking, and Guan Chuyi slapped Manager Huang angrily on the face.
“Do you Jiang Manlou’s security guard eat shit?!”
“Let them come out and break this bastard’s legs!”
Guan Chuyi looked savage and resentful. He was beaten by a stinky cock. He has to rely on the police to settle the matter, then where does his face go, will he still be in Jiangdong in the future?
Besides, it is too cheap to call the police Chen Feng!
He wants Chen Feng to torture better than death!
“Good, good! Master, don’t be angry, I won’t call the police, can’t I if I don’t call the police?” Manager Huang cried and hurriedly calmed down. Although the best way to deal with this matter is to call the police, you can control what the master Chu Yi wants He used violent means to get private, he didn’t dare not to agree.
“Let Ahu and the others come over!”
Manager Huang turned around, sullenly calling the waiter behind him.
High-end restaurants like Jiang Manlou naturally have their own security team, but they are rarely used on weekdays.
Seeing Manager Huang’s order to continue, Li Le suddenly couldn’t hold back. In the final analysis, it was because of him. If he was firm at first, don’t let Guan Chuyi sit here, it won’t happen at all. The next thing.
“Manager Huang, don’t call someone for the first time. This is a misunderstanding…” Li Le bit his scalp and said. If Manager Huang is allowed to call someone, the incident will only get worse.
Chen Feng is someone who dared to tie up even the young directors of the Kangmei Group. Even Chuyi would not be seen by him.
“Misunderstand you are paralyzed!”
Before Li Le finished speaking, Guan Chuyi began to curse.
“Li Le, dare you say a word for this bastard, believe it or not, I will fight with you!”
“Brother Guan, I…”
“Alright Li Le, let him call, I want to see, he What kind of monsters, ghosts, and snakes can be called.” At this time, Chen Feng interrupted Li Le with a smile. Li Le wanted to help him. He could naturally see it, but Chu Yi was indifferent, he really didn’t see it.
Want to wrestle with him, Guan Chuyi is still far away!
Chen Feng’s tone naturally surprised many people in the court.
Among them, Manager Huang is the worst. You know, this is Jiang Manlou’s site. Why should Chen Feng be so confident when he hit someone?
Could it be that Chen Feng also has any background?
Manager Huang frowned, and only felt that one head was two big. If Chen Feng had some background, he would not be able to eat it today.
Manager Huang is an old man and thinks about everything, but Chu Yi’s many classmates didn’t think so much at all.
At this moment, they all targeted Li Le and Chen Feng. After all, this was an extremely rare opportunity to take care of Chu Yi’s flattery.
“Eat what’s inside and out! If you don’t care about brother being beaten, you don’t care if you don’t help him, but also help the perpetrator!”
“That is, why did our financial team produce such ungrateful things!”
Everyone pointed at Li Le’s nose Scolded.
There are also a few tall and strong people who directly rely on their physical strength to walk in front of Chen Feng and start to threaten Chen Feng.
“That’s the hand that you did with Brother Guan?”
Although Chen Feng is half a head shorter than these people, Chen Feng is not afraid at the moment.
“So what?” There was a joking smile on the corner of Chen Feng’s mouth. Guan Chuyi’s group of classmates can be said to have fully interpreted the four words of power and wealth.
“So what?!”
Hearing Chen Feng’s obviously provocative tone, the dark youth headed by him suddenly became cold.
He was about to scold Chen Feng and kneel down. At this moment, Jiang Manlou’s security guard rushed over aggressively.
The leader was a sturdy man with a tiger back and a waist height of 1.9 meters.
The ferocious look makes people feel a little scared for no reason.
This sturdy man is a tiger.
“Manager Huang, who is making the trouble?” Brother Tiger glanced at the audience like a falcon.
“He, it’s because he played Guan Shao.” Manager Huang pointed at Chen Feng reluctantly. Now that he has to choose a team, he can no longer be a turf.
Compared to Chen Feng, who does not know the foundation, he naturally wants Choose Guan Chuyi with a strong background.
As soon as Manager Huang’s voice fell, Brother Tiger’s cold eyes fixed on Chen Feng.
Without any words, Brother Hu directly took a step forward, starting with a whip.
The black explosion-proof boots hit Chen Feng’s face heavily.
Guan Chuyi’s face suddenly showed a grinning smile. After this step, the head of this stinky cock will burst like a watermelon, right?

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