Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 422

After being scalded by the boiling tea, Guan Chuyi immediately became more honest. Although the look in Chen Feng’s eyes was still bitter, he didn’t dare to make any harsh words in front of everyone.
At the same time, three black cars drove out side by side in Tomson Yipin, a well-known wealthy area in Zhonghai City.
In front of the road is a Mercedes S600.
Behind the break is a Range Rover.
Guarded by these two cars in the middle is a black Rolls Royce.
In the back row of Rolls-Royce, a handsome young man in a Gucci limited edition shirt was smoking a cigar leisurely and looking out the window.
Compared to the leisurely youth, the middle-aged man in a suit sitting next to him is a little restless: “Master, the master said, you can’t go out these days…”
“Uncle Funing…” The youth Deliberately stretched the tail, and looked a little dissatisfied.
After a while, he calmed down again: “Uncle Funing, I will go out for a while to help my friend pack something that doesn’t have eyesight, and I will come back. I promise you that I will never get into trouble this time.
” Master, this is not a question of not causing trouble, but the master has set a rule for me. You must stay at home for fifteen days to go out this time. If you dare to go out without permission in these fifteen days, the master will not let it go. My…” Wan Funing is very helpless, why his young master still doesn’t understand the importance of the matter, the people he provoke this time are different from the past.
“Uncle Funing, the rules are dead, and people are alive. I’ll go out for a while. If you don’t tell Dad, you won’t get it.” The young man vomited a smoke ring a little bit indifferently. In his opinion, This time my father’s decision was purely a fuss. Chu Celadon had too many friends, so how could one emerge randomly, an existence that their Bai family couldn’t afford.
“But…” Wan Funing wanted to persuade again, but the young man was a little impatient: “Don’t worry, Uncle Funing, if my dad finds out, you can tell him that I will come out this time for Guan Zhong Fei’s son is supporting the scene, and my dad will understand.”
“Guan Zhongfei?”
Wan Funing was taken aback: “Is it Guan Zhongfei from Jiangdong?”
“Yes.” The young man nodded.
“Master, how did you meet Guan Zhongfei’s son?” Wan Funing was a little curious. Guan Zhongfei’s son was nothing but Guan Zhongfei was the chief steward of the Jin family, the number one rich man in Jiangdong Province. Rumor has it that he had Saved the life of the current Patriarch of the Jin family, and had a close friendship with the current family of the Jin family.
If you can pass Guan Zhongfei’s son to catch Guan Zhongfei’s line, and go one step further and get a relationship with the Jin family, then your master’s contribution this time will be great.
Jiangdong Jin Family, that is no less inferior than the four major families of Zhonghai, if the Bai Family can get in touch with the Jin Family, it will surely be able to go further and advance to another level.
“I met at the Minghui Club.” Bai Wenli said lazily: “Guan Zhongfei’s son said he wanted to come to Zhonghai for development, but his foundation was too shallow, so I organized a dinner at the Mingmen Club and introduced him a few things. Brothers in this circle…”
“So it turned out to be like this.” Wan Funing nodded lightly, instantly understanding.
The Bai family wanted to take advantage of Guan Zhongfei’s hand to establish a relationship with the Jin family, but Guan Zhongfei’s son also wanted to use the Bai family’s hand to integrate into Zhonghai’s circle.
The two have their own needs, and Bai Wenli is also well-known this time.
Looking back, even if Bai Xiaotian asked the guilt, he could still give Bai Xiaotian an explanation.
A few minutes later, three luxury cars stopped at the gate of Jiangmanlou.
Seven or eight wearing black suits and bodyguards with headsets got out of the car. They scanned the surrounding corners with falcon-like gazes. After removing all the surrounding dangerous factors, they walked to the front of Bai Wenli’s car. Opened the door for Bai Wenli.
Bai Wenli Shi Shiran got out of the car and then took out his mobile phone.
“Brother Guan, I’m here.”
“Young Master Bai, you’re here?!” In the box, Guan Chuyi’s expression was immediately surprised. He didn’t expect that Bai Wenli would come so fast!
Without waiting for Bai Wenli to speak, Guan Chuyi said flatteringly: “Bai Shao, wait a while, and I will come down to pick you up.”
“Okay.” Bai Wenli smiled faintly. Before coming, he was worried that Guan Chuyi would pose. Not correcting his position, now it seems that his worry is purely superfluous, and Chuyi’s attitude towards him is very respectful.
He likes it very much.
After hanging up the phone, Guan Chuyi turned his gaze to Chen Feng. His expression was both excited and ferocious: “Dog bastard, Young Master Bai is downstairs now, you are not far from death!”
Chen Feng smiled slightly: ” Really? I’ll wait and see.”
“Bai Shao?”
“Who is Bai Shao?”
Compared to Chen Feng’s sitting still on the Diaoyutai, the others in the box were a little uneasy.
After all, regardless of Chu Yi’s previous flattery attitude, they all saw it.
People who can make Guan Chuyi so low-handed are bound to have no small background.
Who is he?
“Young Master Bai? Could it be the son of jeweler Bai Xiaotian?!” Suddenly, someone exclaimed.
Suddenly caused an uproar.
“The son of the jewellery tycoon Bai Xiaotian?! How could this be possible?!”
“How can it be impossible? In Zhonghai, although there are many people surnamed Bai, it is possible that Guan Chuyi, the Jiangdong young man, is treated so respectfully. I am afraid that only Bai Wenli is the only one. . ” ” but if that is true, how qualified tube Chu Yi know him? “Some people are still skeptical, that tube Chu Yi Bai oak not qualified to know.
Manager Huang also had a look of suspicion, Bai Wenli’s name, he knew it, but how did Chuyi know Bai Wenli, logically speaking, the two were not of the same grade at all.
Although Chu Yi had a big head, he was a fart in front of Bai Wenli, the top young master in Zhonghai.
Before the head of Huang Jing’s idea fell, Guan Chuyi’s figure appeared again at the door of the box.
This time behind him, there was a handsome young man wearing a limited edition Gucci shirt.
Seeing this handsome young man, Manager Huang’s brain suddenly went blank.
It’s over, it’s over, it’s really Bai Wenli!
All of Guan Chuyi’s classmates also took a breath at this moment. The young man in front of him, I am afraid, is really Bai Wenli. Even if he is not, he will not be far away, because the aura of him who is the only one in the world is not what ordinary people can do. own.
For a while, everyone looked at Chen Feng with sympathy.
With Bai Wenli, one of the top youngsters in China Sea, is the leader of Chu Yi, Chen Feng will lose his skin even if he is not dead this time.
As if for fear of being implicated by Chen Feng, everyone began to move away from Chen Feng without a trace.
Among the crowd, only Xiao Wei’s expression was very strange: “Brother Feng, how could it be Bai Wenli?”
“Who knows?” Chen Feng’s mouth raised a joking smile. Destiny is sometimes so wonderful, even he. Unexpectedly, the big Buddha Guan Chuyi invited would be Bai Wenli.

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