Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 423

There were many people in the box, so Bai Wenli did not see Chen Feng the first time after entering the box.
But Guan Chuyi had already begun to yell loudly at this time: “Dog bastard, get out of me!”
“Are you sure you want me to get out?” Chen Feng’s playful voice sounded in the box.
Hearing this voice, Bai Wenli, who had originally looked carelessly, suddenly snorted in his heart, showing a bad premonition.
But Guan Chuyi didn’t realize it at all, and still smirked to himself: “Hey, bastard, are you afraid of it?”
” If you are afraid , kneel down for Lao Tzu, knock your head ten times, and let your woman Stay with Lao Tzu and Young Bai for one night. If they can comfortably serve Lao Tzu and Young Bai, maybe Lao Tzu can spare you…”
“Shut up!” In the rear, Bai Wenli finally couldn’t restrain himself, violently. Drank out loud.
This violent shout shocked everyone in the box.
Guan Chuyi’s jaw dropped to the ground even more shocked, Young Master Bai…why did you want to shut up?
“Young Master Bai, you…” Guan Chuyi couldn’t help opening his mouth and wanted to ask again, but Bai Wenli gritted his teeth and opened his mouth in anger: “I told you to shut up, can’t you hear it?!”
Guan Chuyi fell silent for a moment. Sheng, although I don’t know what happened, Bai Wenli’s face is green, but he can’t do it.
The sudden change in the situation immediately made everyone in the field puzzled, and everyone didn’t understand why Guan Chuyi’s backer would make Guan Chuyi shut up.
When everyone was thinking about the story, Chen Feng smiled and said, “Young Master Bai, long time no see.”
Long time no see? !
It was shocking.
Everyone had their mouths wide open, as if they could squeeze two eggs into it, so that this dick who offended Chu Yi actually knew Bai Wenli? !
How is this going?
“Why are you here?!” Bai Wenli’s forehead bulged with blue veins, staring at Chen Feng, he couldn’t think of breaking his head, it turned out that the person Chuyi offended was Chen Feng!
If he had known that Chen Feng was here, he would not have come here if he was killed.
The person he least wants to see now is Chen Feng!
“Where am I going, I still have to explain to Bai Shao that I can’t make it?” Chen Feng smiled faintly. It is not difficult to see from Bai Wenli’s expression that Bai Wenli is very jealous of him now. The old man of Bai Wenli should warn Bai Wenli not to provoke him. Yourself.
Listening to Chen Feng’s slightly mocking tone, everyone in the room was shocked again.
I thought that Chen Feng was only acquainted with Bai Wenli, but now it seems that the relationship between the two is more than that simple!
The two are likely to have a grudge!
Thinking of this, everyone couldn’t help taking a breath.
What kind of existence can be made with Bai Wenli and conceal Bai Wenli?
Guan Chuyi’s expression became scared, he was not stupid, he could naturally think of what others could think of.
He didn’t understand before, why Bai Wenli asked him to shut up, but now he understands.
The smelly fish and shrimp he thought was probably not a smelly fish or shrimp.
It’s a prehistoric giant crocodile!
It is a prehistoric giant crocodile who is afraid of even Bai Wen Qu!
As Guan Chuyi thought, Bai Wenli was indeed very jealous of Chen Feng at this time.
Although he said before that he didn’t care about Chen Feng, but when he met Chen Feng, he was still a little frustrated.
After all, since childhood, Chen Feng was the first man to make him suffer so much.
And most importantly, his Laozi’s reaction.
As the largest jeweler in Zhonghai City, his Laozi has been under the title of Jewelry King for more than ten years. Apart from the four great masters, there has never been anyone who can make him jealous.
Until I met Chen Feng.
Because of Chen Feng, not only did his old man dare not give him a head start, but instead wanted to confine him for 15 days.
Bai Wenli did not dare to think about the implications of this.
After taking a deep breath, Bai Wenli said in a deep voice: “Where is Mr. Chen going, naturally there is no need to explain to me.”
No need to explain to me?
Hearing this obviously with a somewhat subdued tone, everyone’s complexion changed again.
No one thought that Bai Wenli would be soft!
And also served so thoroughly!
There is no sign of hard lips!
At this time, Guan Chuyi’s calf had already begun to tremble, and even a layer of cold sweat was coming out of his back.
He had overestimated Chen Feng’s background as much as possible, but he still underestimated Chen Feng’s background.
What is the monstrous background of people who can make Bai Wenli not even dare to talk back, and just persuade them.
Guan Chuyi at this moment has the desire to die.
“Really?” Chen Feng smiled slightly, Bai Wenli was quite familiar.
“Yes!” Bai Wenli gritted his teeth and spoke. Although he was embarrassed to Chen Feng in front of so many people, he had to do so.
He can’t afford to offend a person who is afraid of even his old man!
“What about him?” Chen Feng smiled, then turned his gaze to Guan Chuyi, whose calf was shaking.
“He has nothing to do with me!”
Without even looking at Chu Yi, Bai Wenli spoke flatly: “I am not familiar with him.”
“Young Master Bai?!”
Hearing this, Guan Chuyi’s face turned pale, and his back was frightened and he knelt down. .
He didn’t expect that Bai Wenli would be so decisive and would sell him.
Although it was for self-preservation, Bai Wenli didn’t even mean it. This was too ruthless.
Bai Wenli glanced at Guan Chuyi in disgust. At this moment, the person he hates most is not Chen Feng, but Guan Chuyi in front of him!
If he didn’t care about Chu Yi, he would never go out today, nor would he ever meet Chen Feng, the evil god.
Although Chen Feng looks like this, he won’t be too embarrassed.
But after he returned, Bai Xiaotian would definitely not let him go.
The original 15-day confinement might become two months!
At this moment, Bai Wenli couldn’t wait to kill Guan Chuyi.
Looking at the disgusting and cold eyes of Shang Bai Wen Li, Guan Chuyi couldn’t help but shudder. Now, he dare not pull Bai Wen Li into the water anymore.
At this time, if he chooses to pull Bai Wen Li into the water, then Bai Wen Li would probably kill Chen Feng first.
After some analysis of electric light and flint, Guan Chuyi finally came to a conclusion that if he wants to survive at this moment, the only hope is still in Chen Feng.
“Shao Chen, be merciful!”
Guan Chuyi was very acquainted, and after knowing that the only hope of survival was on Chen Feng, he started to kowtow to Chen Feng with his nose and tears.
The floor was knocked and banged, showing the degree of force.
After knocking his forehead to bleed, Guan Chuyi knelt on the ground again and began to slap himself wildly.
“Shao Chen, I was wrong, and I will never dare anymore.”
“Shao Chen, I look down on people, I don’t know Taishan!”
“Shao Chen, I shouldn’t provoke me You, your lord has a lot, let me go.”
“Chen Shao…” In just one minute, Guan Chuyi slapped himself a dozen times, and the corners of his mouth were slapped with blood.

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