Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 432

Unexpectedly, he was stopped at the front desk.
Just as Lin Yue was thinking about how to meet Xia Mengyao, Lin Lan Shiran entered the company.
“Mrs. Lin.” The sharp-eyed beauty at the front desk saw Lin Lan for the first time, and she gave a respectful cry.
This sound caused Lin Yue’s mother and daughter to look sideways. When they saw that Mrs. Lin in the front desk of the beautiful lady turned out to be Lin Lan, the two of them opened their eyes.
This soil bun is called Mrs. Lin now? !
Seeing Lin Yue’s mother and daughter, Lin Lan was also sluggish for a moment, but soon the sluggishness was replaced by an exaggerated smile: “Oh, sister Yue, when did you come here?”
“Really, sister Yue.”
“Don’t tell me in advance why you are here, so I can go out to meet you.” Before Lin Yue could speak, Lin Lan walked up to Lin Yue in a few steps, and spoke in a friendly tone.
It’s okay for Lin Lan not to say these two words. Once they say these two words, the anger in Lin Yue’s stomach can’t stop rushing out, greet? Welcome you big head ghost!
You want to show off in front of my old lady!
Although Lin Lan’s teeth were itchy, Lin Yue didn’t dare to explode the anger in Lin Lan’s chest at this moment.
Without him, just because she came here today and asked for Xia Mengyao.
Taking a deep breath, Lin Yue calmed down, and then straight to the point: “Lin Lan, take me to Xia Mengyao, I have something to look for her.”
” Something ?” Lin Lan was shocked first, and then the corners of her mouth raised. A touch of playfulness: “What’s the matter?”
“Don’t worry about anything, just say if you want to take us there.” Lin Yue was a bit irritable. Lin Lan’s current attitude made her very upset. Once, Lin Lan was humbled before her. Lifting up, now, she can talk to her in this tone, how can she stand it.
Lin Lan could see Lin Yue’s displeasure, but now she doesn’t need to care too much about Lin Yue’s emotions.
After some squeezing, Lin Lan smiled and said: “It’s okay to take you in, but I can’t guarantee that Mengyao will have time to see you. After all, she is now the president of the company and has a lot to do.”
She has a fart to be busy!
Lin Yue was so angry that she almost burst into swearing, but in the end, she still resisted, just gritted her teeth and said: “You take me up quickly.”
“Okay, follow me.” Lin Lan also knew that she would accept it. , Lin Yue’s temperament has been worn out, and if she wears it down, Lin Yue should really get angry.
Because Lin Lan has been wandering around the company intentionally or unintentionally these days, many people in the company know that Lin Lan is Xia Mengyao’s mother.
Along the way, many Kangmei employees took Mrs. Lin one by one, and they were very flattering towards Lin Lan.
This scene naturally irritated Lin Yue’s mother and daughter.
Finally, the three walked to the door of Xia Mengyao’s office.
Lin Lan didn’t knock on the door, but directly opened the door and walked in. Lin Yue’s mother and daughter followed closely.
In the office, Xia Mengyao raised her head after hearing the sound. When she saw that the people coming in were Lin Lan and Lin Yue’s mother and daughter, Xia Mengyao’s eyebrows suddenly wrinkled: “I didn’t say that during my work, don’t come to the company to find Me?”
“Uh, Mengyao, your second aunt said something is looking for you.” Lin Lan said with a smile. Ever since she knew Xia Mengyao’s identity as the president, she didn’t dare to yell at Xia Mengyao like that, even to the bottom of her heart. , She was somewhat afraid of Xia Mengyao.
“What’s the matter?” Xia Mengyao shifted her icy gaze without any emotion to Lin Yue.
This look immediately made Lin Yue very upset.
What kind of pretense, bitch!
After an unsatisfied curse from the bottom of her heart, Lin Yue cleared her throat and said, “Mengyao, the second aunt is here to ask you to help her.”
“What’s the matter?” Xia Mengyao frowned.
“Arrange a job for Ruoxue.” Lin Yue didn’t treat Xia Mengyao courteously, but directly stated his purpose straightforwardly.
“You are now the president of Kangmei Group, don’t say that you can’t do this.”
Before Xia Mengyao could speak, Lin Yue hurriedly added another sentence, seemingly intending to directly block Xia Mengyao’s retreat.
Hearing Lin Yue’s request, Xia Mengyao didn’t respond. Lin Lan couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief. In fact, before bringing Lin Yue’s mother and daughter to the office, Lin Lan was still a little nervous. She was worried that Lin Yue would meet. What an excessive request made Xia Mengyao difficult to do.
Unexpectedly, Lin Yue just asked Xia Mengyao to arrange a job for Tang Ruoxue.
“What kind of work do you want me to arrange for Ruoxue?” Xia Mengyao frowned. She didn’t feel much disgust with Tang Ruoxue. If possible, she was willing to arrange a job for Tang Ruoxue.
Seeing that Xia Mengyao did not veto the first time, Lin Yue looked overjoyed, but instead of answering Xia Mengyao’s question directly, she asked Xia Mengyao: “Are you now the president of the company?”
“Yes.” Xia Mengyao lightly nodded. nod.
Lin Yue nodded slightly, with a very satisfied expression: “Since you are the president of the company, I’ll just say anything.”
“You know, my Ruoxue University major is medical management. This is a It is a profession that coincides with Kangmei Group, so only Kangmei Group can let her display her talent…”
“Ruo Xue should have just graduated this year?” Before Lin Yue finished speaking, Xia Mengyao couldn’t help interrupting Lin Yue. Kangmei Group’s recruitment of employees is extremely strict. In principle, at least a graduate degree is required. But Tang Ruoxue, It seems to be an undergraduate.
Lin Yue was a bit displeased: “What happened when I just graduated?”
“I can’t enter Kangmei right after graduation? My family Ruoxue’s ability is obvious to all. Let me say that she entered Kangmei because she was overkill.”
Listen. When Lin Yue said this, Tang Ruoxue’s pretty face was slightly unnatural. She had actually thought about joining the Kangmei Group before, but only passed the initial test. During the retest, she was brushed off because of her poor business ability.
But when she arrived at Lin Yue, she entered Kangmei, but she became an overkill.
“Well, I can let Ruoxue join Kangmei, but she has to start at the grassroots level first.” Xia Mengyao finally made a compromise. Although Tang Ruoxue’s academic qualifications were not enough, she was willing to trust Tang Ruoxue once.
But after all, Lin Yue exploded completely when she heard this.
“What are you talking about, grassroots?!” Lin Yue looked incredible.
“What’s the matter? Is there any problem?” Xia Mengyao is a little unclear. Therefore, letting Tang Ruoxue enter Kangmei violated her principle. How do you look at Lin Yue’s appearance and still feel very dissatisfied?
“Xia Mengyao! Ruoxue is your cousin, so you let her work at the grassroots level?!” Lin Yuefei was almost blown up.
“Then what do you want her to do?” Xia Mengyao’s face fell cold.

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