Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 431

Lin Yue didn’t explain. She had thought about this possibility before, but when she thought about it calmly, she found that the possibility was very small.
The position of the president of Kangmei Group can never be obtained by sleeping with him.
Not even sleeping with the chairman of Kangmei Group.
There must be other help behind Xia Mengyao.
“Ruoxue, no matter how that bitch became the president of Kangmei Group, it is already a fact that our mothers can’t offend her now.” “So in the future, you should never be in front of that bitch. Mian’er said. “Although this is difficult to accept, Lin Yue has lived for most of her life after all, so she quickly recognized the reality. Now Xia Mengyao has the ability to ride on her head, if she still looks like Treating Xia Mengyao as before, I am afraid there will be no good fruit.
“Mom, I know, but I’m not reconciled. Why did that bitch have such a good life? What kind of shit luck did she have…” Tang Ruoxue said angrily, the president of Kangmei Group, that was what she thought before. A position that I didn’t even dare to think about, but now, Xia Mengyao took it so grandly.
“Mom is not reconciled, but what can I do? Wang Defa’s old man has already decided to super-mother’s squid. My job at Zhongsheng Group will be lost sooner or later. Ruoxue, now I can only look at you. “As Lin Yue said, she turned her gaze to Tang Ruoxue.
“Look at me?” Tang Ruoxue was stunned, and immediately reacted: “Mom, you mean, let me go to Kangmei Group?”
“Yes.” Lin Yue nodded and said: “Your university major is medical care. Management, and Kangmei Group is a pharmaceutical company, which fits with your profession. That bitch is now the president of Kangmei Group, and you are her cousin. With this relationship, when you join Kangmei Group, follow up your own back garden It’s as simple as that.”
“But, Mom, I don’t want to be ridden on the head by that slut, and look at that slut’s face.” Tang Ruoxue said reluctantly. Lin Yue’s apology made her feel a little moved by the idea of ​​Lin Yue. After joining the Kangmei Group, it depends on Xia Mengyao’s face to act, and she suddenly feels a little upset.
“Ruoxue, the situation is better than others. Mom has lost her job now, and that bitch has become the president of Kangmei Group. If our family does not do anything, we will not be able to lift up that bitch in the future. Started.”
“Besides, after you join Kangmei, you don’t have to look at the face of that bitch.”
“Although that bitch is the president of Kangmei Group, she doesn’t know anything about the medical profession, and you are different. Now, your major in university is medical management. Entering Kangmei is a fish in the water.”
“If it is done properly and the performance is outstanding, it may attract the attention of Kangmei Group executives. Once it attracts the attention of Kangmei Group executives, then Your chance to take off is here. It’s not impossible to squeeze out that bitch and become the president by yourself.” Lin Yue planned happily. Although her daughter’s appearance is slightly inferior to Xia Mengyao, she can be put outside. A rare and extraordinary beauty.
As long as she enters Kangmei, supplemented by certain means, it may not be difficult to squeeze out Xia Mengyao!
Lin Yue’s persuasion immediately made Tang Ruoxue a little distracted.
It is not so much a heartbeat, but it is Tang Ruoxue who wants to prove that you can do it Xia Mengyao, and so can Tang Ruoxue!
And I can do better than you!
“Okay, Mom, I’ll go!”
“But you have to find a way to get that bitch to arrange a better position for me. If it is a general position, it will be difficult for me to get promoted after I enter.” Tang Ruoxue glared. Flickering said, she had already thought about it. After entering, she lied to Xia Mengyao as a snake and deceived Xia Mengyao’s trust. When the time was about, she kicked Xia Mengyao away and fought against Xia Mengyao.
“Don’t worry, mom will let that bitch arrange a better position for you.” Lin Yue patted her chest to ensure that now, Wang Defa doesn’t have to think about it anymore. It is more important for Tang Ruoxue to enter Kangmei.
“What if that bitch doesn’t agree?” Tang Ruoxue said worriedly.
“She dare!”
“If she dares not agree, I will explode all her scandals.” Lin Yue flashed a vicious look in her eyes, and let Tang Ruoxue enter Kangmei, her only retreat, if Xia Mengyao even her retreat If it’s all broken, don’t blame her for breaking the net.
Early the next morning, Lin Yue’s mother and daughter came to Kangmei Group.
After entering the Kangmei Building, Lin Yue’s mother and daughter went straight to the front desk. After taking a look at the beauties at the front desk, Lin Yue said lightly: “Call Xia Mengyao and let her come down to meet us.”
“Xia Mengyao?” The beauty at the front desk was slightly startled. It took a long time to react, Lin Yue said who Xia Mengyao was.
After react, Qiao Lian beautiful reception suddenly they reveal a touch of professionalism smile: “Excuse me, ladies, we are now busy summer always, if you two want to see her, please make reservations in advance.”
“Advance Appointment?!” Lin Yue exploded when he heard this, her tone extremely dissatisfied: “Do you know who I am? Let me make an appointment in advance?”
“Sorry, I don’t know.” The beauty receptionist smiled slightly and sat down. Over the years at the front desk, she has seen a lot of domineering people like Lin Yue. Everyone was very coaxing when they first came up, but in the end, most of these people were driven out by security.
“I’m Xia Mengyao’s second aunt!” Lin Yueqiang suppressed the anger in her chest. Although she was very upset, she did not dare to break out at this moment. She didn’t want to miss a major event because of a small receptionist.
“Xia’s relatives?” The beautiful woman’s mouth raised a touch of disdain. Maybe Lin Yue’s words are true, but Lin Yue doesn’t even have Xia Mengyao contact information. This shows that the relationship between Lin Yue and Xia Mengyao is not better. Where to go.
“You don’t believe it?!” Lin Yue was a little bit irritated into anger. At this moment, she realized what it means to be bullied by a dog. A small front desk even dared to show her a face.
“I’m sorry, this lady, it’s not a question of whether I believe it or not. Even if you are really Mr. Xia’s second aunt, you need to make an appointment in advance if you want to see Mr. Xia.” The beauty receptionist continued to smile and said, no matter what Lin Yue has to do with Xia Mengyao, no She would never let Lin Yue in when she made an appointment.
Not seeking merit, but seeking no demerits, this is her code of conduct.
The beauty front desk made it clear that Lin Yue was so angry that she didn’t get in. In fact, in the morning, she thought about calling Xia Mengyao, but after the call, she found that she was blackmailed by Xia Mengyao.
So she had to come to the company in person with Tang Ruoxue.

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