Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 434

“Get away, we’ll leave by ourselves!”
Lin Yue glanced at several security guards in disgust, then she turned her gaze to Xia Mengyao, gritted her teeth and said: “Bitch! You wait for the old lady! Sooner or later the old lady will let you Ruinous!”
“Okay, I’ll wait.” Xia Mengyao said indifferently.
After letting out a vicious sentence, Lin Yue turned around and walked away. Xia Mengyao’s attitude has been put forward. It is impossible for her to be tough with a few security guards. If she is tough, she will only be ashamed.
“Mengyao, your second aunt, she…”
“Now you are satisfied?” Xia Mengyao coldly interrupted Lin Lan. She told Lin Lan before that she must not tell anyone about her becoming the president of Kangmei Group, but she didn’t. Thinking of it, Lin Lan turned around and told Lin Yue’s mother and daughter about the incident.
“Um, Mengyao, Mom didn’t know that your second aunt would do such a thing…” Lin Lan looked a little embarrassed, she did not expect that Lin Yue would make such an outrageous request, and was rejected by Xia Mengyao Later, she had a riot like a shrew.
“You are not allowed to bring anyone here in the future.” Xia Mengyao glanced at Lin Lan coldly. If she didn’t let Lin Lan have a long memory, maybe two days later, Lin Lan would bring the Seventh Aunt and Eight Aunts again. .
“Mom won’t do it anymore.” Lin Lan shrank her neck, quite a bit subdued. Now, although she is Xia Mengyao’s mother, she doesn’t dare to show off to Xia Mengyao as before, and she doesn’t even know what to do. From then on, she still felt a little fear of Xia Mengyao from the bottom of her heart.
On the other hand, although Lin Yue’s mother and daughter were kicked out of the Kangmei Group, the mother and daughter obviously didn’t mean to let it go, but walked into a printing shop with spiteful faces.
Ten minutes later, the two walked out of the printing shop with a large stack of colored paper and returned to the Kangmei Group…
In a blink of an eye, it came to lunch.
After turning off the computer, Chen Feng went straight into the staff canteen of Kangmei Group.
After ordering a few dishes at random, Chen Feng was about to take his seat. At this moment, Li Le walked over with a mysterious face, holding a piece of colored paper in his hand.
“Brother Feng, do you want to watch if there is heavy news?” Li Le took a cautious look around and found no one paying attention to his side, and then whispered.
“What heavy news?” Chen Feng asked subconsciously.
“About President Xia.” Li Le said.
“Mr. Xia?” Chen Feng froze, and immediately said: “Bring me to see!”
“Here you are, Brother Feng.”
Li Le handed the color-printed paper to Chen Feng.
As soon as he took the color-printed paper, Chen Feng’s face became cold after just a glance.
“Where did this paper come from?” Chen Feng raised his head and asked in a deep voice.
“I picked it up at the door of the company.” Li Le replied casually, seeming to notice that Chen Feng’s face was a little ugly, and Li Le couldn’t help asking: “What’s wrong, Brother Feng, is there any problem?”
Chen Feng did not To answer Li Le’s question, he asked: “How much is this paper now?”
“A lot, there are people everywhere at the company’s door, and even in the advertisement column opposite the company, there are people posting this.”
After listening to Li Le’s words, Chen Feng’s expression was completely gloomy. Although I don’t know who made the paper, the other party’s purpose is very obvious, completely stinking Xia Mengyao!
“Brother Feng, what I said above is very false at first glance. How could President Xia ever be married? Funny… Well, Brother Feng, you don’t have to take it too seriously.” Li Le smiled and comforted Chen Feng. But I regret that I shouldn’t show this color-printed paper to Chen Feng. It is not that Chen Feng likes Xia Mengyao. He doesn’t know it. Now that he sees the news that Xia Mengyao was married and divorced, how could Chen Feng think about it? Not uncomfortable.
Chen Feng didn’t know what Li Le was thinking. Of course, Li Le didn’t know that Xia Mengyao’s wretched ex-husband on the color-printed paper was Chen Feng in front of him.
“Do you know who is behind the scenes?” Chen Feng asked with a cold face. The person who made this color-printed paper was obviously familiar with him and Xia Mengyao, even when he and Xia Mengyao divorced. .
“I don’t know.” Li Le shook his head, and then seemed to remember something. He said again: “There is a gossip saying that it was a mother and daughter who made this, and they seem to be related to President Xia.
” Relatives?!” A cold light flashed in Chen Feng’s eyes, and almost instantly, he locked his target on Lin Yue and Tang Ruoxue.
Xia Mengyao didn’t offend many people in Zhonghai. Those who have relatives can be said to be Lin Yue’s family.
As for why Lin Yue did this, Chen Feng probably had a guess in his heart, and he couldn’t get rid of the blind date that day.
“Brother Feng, do you know who it is?” Li Le couldn’t help asking, how do you think Chen Feng’s expression meant that he wanted to stand out for Xia Mengyao.
Chen Feng pursed his mouth without saying a word. At this moment, a low voice of discussion passed into his eardrum.
“Hey, do you know? We Xia is a divorced woman.”
“Of course I know, who in our company does not know? It is said that the reason Xia Xia divorced her ex-husband was because her ex-husband was a door-to-door son-in-law. ”
The son-in-law? The kind that just cuts in the door?”
“Yes, the kind that cuts in the door upside down? I heard that her ex-husband is very wasteful and is a takeaway. Mr. Xia really can’t stand him, so he divorced him.”
“Ah, How can President Xia marry a food delivery person?”
“Haha, President Xia? It was not President Xia when she divorced her ex-husband.”
“What do you mean?”
“What do you mean is that it isn’t written on the paper? Our General Manager Xia was listed as a director of a Kangmei Group, and then kicked his rubbish ex-husband and came to our Kangmei directly as the president.”
“Huh? Isn’t this impossible?”
“Why is it impossible? Under normal circumstances, she can’t be the president of our company unless she sleeps with her.”
“This is also true. Before Mr. Xia came, our company was the most young president also forties, total summer twenties sit in this seat, there is indeed a problem. ” ”
If all this is true, then it is always summer too are not human. ” ” that is, how can I kicked my husband in order to cling to the powerful.”
“Hehe, in fact, I have long seen that the woman is not a good thing. She has a stinky face all day, as if someone owes her 80,000 yuan.”
“She also had a stinking face in front of us. In front of the senior management of the group, it might be as low as possible.”
Chen Feng’s expression became colder and colder. Those who were talking about it together were naturally from Kangmei Group. Employees.
With Lin Yue’s help, these people completely vented the dissatisfaction and jealousy that had accumulated in their hearts for many days.
As for the truth?
They don’t care!
What comes out of their mouths is the truth!

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