Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 435

Chen Feng did not argue with everyone. In fact, arguing is useless, but it will backfire.
Most people only believe what they see with their own eyes.
If you want to solve this matter, you have to find a breakthrough from Lin Yue.
But before looking for Lin Yue, you need to clean up some trash fish in Kangmei Group!
“Li Le, help me pay attention, who is taking the lead in fanning the flames in the company.” A cold light flashed across Chen Feng’s eyes. Although this incident has caused Lin Yue to rise up, it has already happened within the Kangmei Group. Many voices dissatisfied with Xia Mengyao.
Lin Yue is just an introduction.
Without Lin Yue, these people would spread rumors sooner or later.
Therefore, he wanted to take this opportunity to help Xia Mengyao clear these hidden dangers.
“Okay, Brother Feng.” Li Le nodded solemnly. Chen Feng made it clear that he was going to stand up for Xia Mengyao. Although he didn’t know what method Chen Feng would use, he would do what Chen Feng told him. , He has a blind trust.
At this time, Xia Mengyao naturally also knew Lin Yue’s methods.
But she did not respond.
On the other hand, Lin Lan, who was on the sidelines, jumped with anger: “I’m so angry, I’m so angry!”
“It’s too much!” What
Lin Lan fears most is that Xia Mengyao has a relationship with Chen Feng. What I was afraid of, now everyone in the company knows that Xia Mengyao was divorced, and her ex-husband is still a wasteful son-in-law.
“No, I’m going to find her!” Lin Lan decided not to sit back and watch. She couldn’t tolerate it, and the great situation created with great difficulty was ruined by Lin Yue.
“Why are you looking for her?” Xia Mengyao gave Lin Lan a cold look.
Lin Lan paused, a little unclear, so: “Clarify, clarify the facts.”
“What facts? I haven’t been divorced?” Xia Mengyao asked coldly, although many words on Lin Yue’s color-printed paper were stained on her. Water, but she was divorced, but it is a fact.
“No, daughter, you are divorced. But you can’t let people in your company know about this.”
“Why can’t you let them know?” Xia Mengyao’s tone remained cold, “Do you think divorce is shameful?”
Lin Lan said in a tone. He choked and was obviously stopped.
“There is no need to find her, she will not clarify when we find her.” Xia Mengyao said lightly. At this moment, Lin Yue estimated that Lin Lan would look for her, and then threatened to let Tang Ruoxue enter Kangmei as the vice president.
“But, if you don’t find her, what should I do if people in the company talk nonsense?” Lin Lan asked worriedly.
“Let them say!” Xia Mengyao’s expression was a bit cold, if Lin Yue thought that rumors would make her compromise, then she could only say that Lin Yue was too naive.
Before joining the Kangmei Group, she was ready to be attacked by rumors and rumors, and now, Lin Yue just let those rumors come in advance.
Lin Yue’s mother and daughter are sitting opposite each other in a duplex villa in Xiushui Garden.
Tang Ruoxue was the first to lose her temper, she said a little uneasy: “Mom, do you think that bitch will come to us?”
” Yes , daughter, you can rest assured, that bitch should come to us, Her reputation is completely stinking.” Although Lin Yue promised her vowedly, she was very worried, and she couldn’t see through Xia Mengyao.
The current Xia Mengyao and the former Xia Mengyao are completely two people, so she doesn’t know what decision Xia Mengyao will make.
“Mom, why don’t we take a step back and let that bitch assign me a position of department leader…”
“No, you can’t retire! You must let that bitch arrange a vice president seat for you. Only the vice president seat can be worthy of you.”
Lin Yue took it for granted.
Tang Ruoxue was just halfway through speaking, when a rough knock on the door suddenly sounded at the door.
The rough knock on the door frightened both mother and daughter.
“Who!” Lin Yue got up from the sofa with some suspicion, went to the door, glanced outside the door through the monitoring, and immediately she saw two familiar figures.
Liu Kun, Wu Zhike.
Not long ago, she had only met the two at the Hongye Club. At that time, the two of them were still present for Chen Feng, so Lin Yue had some impression of them.
After hesitating for a while, Lin Yue opened the door.
“How do you know that my home is here?” Lin Lan was full of vigilance, but when she asked this question, she already had the answer in her heart.
The reason why the two knew her home address was naturally related to their background.
This is also the reason why she is willing to open the door to the two of them. Whether it is a blessing or a curse, it is a misfortune that cannot be avoided. She does not open the door to the two of them now, and it will be more difficult for them to make some moths later.
“Brother Feng, let us bring you a word.” Liu Kun didn’t mean to answer Lin Yue’s question at all, but straight to the point.
“Brother Feng?!”
Lin Yue couldn’t help being surprised when he heard Liu Kun’s address to Chen Feng: “You call that Brother Feng Feng? You know him…”
“Laughter!” When
Lin Yue finished speaking, she was caught by Liu Kun. Interrupted with a cold face.
“You say another question about Brother Feng’s waste?” Wu Zhike on the side was also sinking. Since knowing that Chen Feng’s beating Bai Wenli would be safe, he and Liu Kun began to claim to be the younger brothers of Chen Feng, and Lin Yue dared to stand in front of them. The two of them spoke ill of Chen Feng in their faces, and they couldn’t tolerate it.
“Don’t say it, don’t say it.” Lin Yue shook her head in fear. Although she was not convinced, judging from the dangerous light emanating from the eyes of the two of them, if she dared to say something wasteful, they would definitely It was not worth it to act on her on the spot and be beaten for a trash.
“Humph, be careful when speaking later.” Wu Zhike snorted coldly, and then withdrew his fierce gaze.
“Well, Brother Feng, what did you tell me?” Although I hated Chen Feng’s hate, Lin Yue didn’t dare to do it again in front of Liu Kun and Wu Zhike at this moment. Can be aggrieved, followed by shouting brother Feng.
“Misfortune comes from the mouth.” Liu Kun spit out four words lightly.
“The curse comes from the mouth?” Lin Yue is a little unclear, so this is what the waste brought to herself?
Is this a warning or a threat?
Then why didn’t the waste directly let himself apologize to Xia Mengyao?
“You’ll understand right away.” Liu Kun smiled as he had expected Lin Yue to be unable to react.
“I’ll understand soon?” Lin Yue was even more confused, what exactly did Liu Kun say?
Liu Kun and Wu Zhike did not give Lin Yue a chance to ask questions. They took the words behind them, turned around and left.
Only Lin Yue was left in confusion.
“Pretending to be a god!” After a long while, Lin Yue gave a cold snort of disdain, turned around and walked in the door.
Although she didn’t understand what Liu Kun’s words meant, she felt that there was a high probability that Chen Feng just wanted to take Liu Kun’s hand to scare her and let her take the initiative to apologize to Xia Mengyao.
Lin Yue comforted herself like this, but as soon as she entered the house, she received a call.

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