Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 44

Lin Lan can’t wait to bite her teeth. She has seen something today, it is called greedy not enough to swallow the elephant, but the person she hates most at this time is definitely Chen Feng. If Chen Feng does not attack Lin Dajun, nothing will happen.
“First, let my son drive that waste car. It will be used as interest. His waste is not worthy of driving such a good car.” Sun Guifang said slowly. When Chen Feng went out just now, she didn’t bring the car key. Having noticed this, she must get the immediate benefits first.
Lin Lan gritted her teeth without saying anything, and directly handed the car key to Sun Guifang.
“In addition, when Mengyao comes back, let her send me another 500,000 yuan, it won’t work if one point is less!” Sun Guifang said harshly, after finally grasping Lin Lan’s handle, she naturally had to fish enough oil and water.
Lin Lan’s eyes were about to breathe fire, but her mouth could only promise: “Okay, when Mengyao comes back, I will let her give you half a million.”
“It’s pretty much the same.” Sun Guifang nodded in satisfaction. Before, she was still worried about the fact that Lin Dajun got married and had no cars and houses. But in a blink of an eye, the RVs were almost all in place. Chen Feng, this trash, is really her lucky star. .
After Chen Feng went out, he still felt a little depressed.
Even if it is a dog, after three years of raising it, it will be able to cultivate love.
Not to mention a living person!
Chen Feng asked himself, in the Xia family for three years, he treated Xia Weiguo and Lin Lan as his biological parents, but he didn’t know that he treated Lin Lan as human beings, but Lin Lan treated him improperly.
Chen Feng could not help not being angry.
“Chen Feng.” At this moment, Xia Mengyao trot over.
Before Chen Feng opened his mouth, he felt the warm fragrance of nephrite jade and was hugged tightly by Xia Mengyao.
“Woo, Chen Feng, I’m sorry.”
Xia Mengyao’s eyes were reddish, and she couldn’t imagine how angry and wronged Chen Feng was when Lin Lan asked Chen Feng to kneel for Sun Guifang’s mother and son. If it were her, she would definitely not bear it.
“Fool, never say sorry to me.” Chen Feng gently stroked Xia Mengyao’s long black hair. Xia Mengyao never apologized for him. Lin Lan would never let Xia Mengyao take care of the mistakes he made.
“But, my mother really did too much.” Xia Mengyao sobbed.
“It’s okay. Mom said that because she was angry.” Chen Feng comforted. Although he understood that Lin Lan’s words today were probably what she had always wanted to say in her heart, but he didn’t want to put pressure on Xia Mengyao and make Xia Mengyao difficult. Do, after all, he once said, to make Xia Mengyao the happiest woman in the world, when it comes to it, do it!
“Chen Feng, where are we staying tonight?” Xia Mengyao asked, raising her head.
“We?” Chen Feng was stunned, and said with a wry smile: “Mengyao, it’s unnecessary. Mom just drove me out of my house alone, but didn’t drove you out too…”
“No!” Before Chen Feng finished speaking, he was interrupted by Xia Mengyao: “Mom won’t apologize to you this time, and I won’t go back.”
Chen Feng couldn’t help but warm up. He naturally understood that Xia Mengyao was planning to fight Lin Lan for him this time.
“Then let’s go live in Yuquan Mountain tonight.” Chen Feng said. The villa he bought in Yuquan Mountain has not slept in the whole night. It happened to take advantage of this opportunity to give Xia Mengyao a surprise. However, Chen Feng felt that Xia Mengyao really After seeing the villa, the possibility of shock will be greater.
“Yuquan Mountain?” Xia Mengyao frowned, “There are only residential areas, no hotels.”
“We don’t live in a hotel.” Chen Feng said sternly.
“Then where do we live? A road?” Xia Mengyao blushed slightly, and when he thought of two people going to sleep on the road for a night, she had a different feeling.
Chen Feng scratched Xia Mengyao’s Qiong Nose, and said with a petting look: “What do you think? We live in a villa.”
“Villa?” Xia Mengyao’s cheeks bulged, and then he pinched Chen Feng severely, and said: “I know bragging. There are only nine villas in Yuquan Mountain. They are already sold out. How can we live.”
“Really, my wife, I really have a villa on Yuquan Mountain, more than 500 square meters.” Chen Feng smiled bitterly. He should have expected that Xia Mengyao would not believe it to be honest.
Xia Mengyao gave Chen Feng a white look and said, “Why don’t you say that Yuquan Mountain is yours.”
Chen Feng opened his mouth and didn’t know what to say. Strictly speaking, Yuquanshan really belongs to him now.
“Okay, don’t be kidding. Let’s go to Fei Rong’s house. Her house is very big. Only she lives alone. Let her take us in for two days.” Xia Mengyao said.
“Okay.” Chen Feng could only agree. It is indeed not the time to give the Yuquan Mountain Villa to Xia Mengyao. He can only wait a few days before talking.
The two took a taxi to Xu Feirong’s home.
Xu Feirong’s home is also a villa, located in the center of Cangzhou City. Although the house price here is not comparable to Yuquan Mountain, it is also the top group in Cangzhou City, with an average price starting at 100,000.
On the way, Xia Mengyao had already told Xu Feirong what had happened just now, so Xu Feirong did not show a surprised expression.
After the two entered the door, Xia Mengyao went to take a bath first, Xu Feirong took out a pair of slippers and threw them under Chen Feng’s feet.
“Your wife is sleeping with me these days, so you live on the first floor.” Xu Feirong said with a grin.
Chen Feng was full of black lines, and only Xu Feirong, a female hooligan, could speak such words.
“In addition, you are not allowed to go to the second floor without my permission.” Xu Feirong glanced at Chen Feng vigilantly again, she was still a little worried about Chen Feng, for fear that Chen Feng would use Xia Mengyao as an excuse to take her upstairs. Cheap.
“Don’t worry, I won’t go up.” Chen Feng said lightly. Although Xu Feirong is also a great beauty who has harmed the country and the people, he really has no idea about Xu Feirong.
“Huh, it’s best to be like this.” Xu Feirong snorted coldly, but Chen Feng’s performance today still surprised her a bit. She even dared to confront Lin Lan. This was impossible before. .
After Xu Feirong finished speaking, she went upstairs.
Chen Feng took out his cell phone and prepared to ask Chen Zhong about the recent progress of the Yuquanshan project.
“Bang Bang Bang”
At this time, there was a rapid knock on the door.
Chen Feng opened the door, but his sight was occupied by a bunch of red roses.
“Fei Rong, marry me! I will give you happiness.”
Before Chen Feng knew what was going on, he heard an excited voice.
Chen Feng’s face was weird, and only then discovered that the owner of the voice was a handsome young man in a white suit. At this moment, the handsome young man was kneeling on one knee, and the red rose was held high by him.
Perhaps it was because the rose flower blocked the youth’s sight, so the youth did not notice that it was not Xu Feirong who stood in front of him, but a man in slippers.
“Fei Rong, my love for you can be learned from the world, the sun and the moon can be shown…” The youth’s tone was impassioned, and he insisted on making love words out of poetry reading.

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