Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 45

“Ahem, buddy, you have admitted the wrong person.” Chen Feng coughed slightly. He found that this handsome young man was a bit naive. After kneeling for so long, he didn’t realize that he was a man.
After hearing Chen Feng’s voice, the handsome young man finally realized something was wrong, and his expression changed drastically: “Who are you?!”
“I am Fei Rong’s friend.” Chen Feng said truthfully.
“Fart! Fei Rong doesn’t have any male friends in the country at all, who are you?!” The handsome young man threw the rose on the ground and asked fiercely.
Chen Feng said helplessly: “I’m really Fei Rong’s friend.”
“I don’t believe it! You let me in, I want to go in and ask Fei Rong.” As the handsome young man said, he stretched out his hand and prepared to push Chen Feng away.
“No, you can’t enter now.” Chen Feng frowned and stopped in front of the handsome young man. Although this is Xu Feirong’s home, Xia Mengyao is taking a bath now, and it is impossible for him to let other men rush in.
“What are you? Why don’t you let Lao Tzu in? Lao Tzu is Fei Rong’s fiancĂ©!” The handsome young man was furious and raised his hand as he said, preparing to give Chen Feng a slap in the face.
But before his hand reached Chen Feng’s face, his wrist was tightly bound by Chen Feng’s big hand.
“I’ll say it for the last time, you can’t enter now!” Chen Feng’s tone was faintly cold. After all, this is Xu Feirong’s home. He is now under the fence, so he can’t do whatever he wants like the previous one, otherwise this handsome The young man was lying on the ground early.
“Grass your mother! Let go!”
The handsome young man blushed, and he found that this thin-looking man in front of him had incredible strength in his hands. He felt that his wrists seemed to be clamped by iron tongs, and he could not break away.
Chen Feng sneered and increased his strength a bit.
“Ah! It hurts! It hurts!”
The handsome young man let out a miserable cry, half-kneeled on the ground, tears were sore, he felt Chen Feng’s pinch, and directly squeezed his wrist bone.
“Still in?” Chen Feng asked coldly.
“Don’t go in, let go quickly!” The tearing pain made the handsome young man’s face a little distorted.
“Humph.” Chen Feng snorted coldly before letting go.
“I care about your mother!”
After being let go by Chen Feng, the handsome young man didn’t even know what was good or bad, so he directly raised the flowerpot at the door and slammed it on Chen Feng’s head.
This time Chen Feng was not polite with him. He slapped the handsome young man with his backhand. Before he landed, a few bloody teeth appeared in the air.
“Chen Feng, what are you doing?” Xu Feirong walked over slowly.
Chen Feng took a cold look at Xu Feirong. He found that this woman was too good at pretending. He knew that this handsome young man had come, but he was still watching the show. It was obvious that Xu Feirong wanted to borrow his hand and clean up This handsome young man.
“Fei Rong, who is this bastard?!” The handsome young man staggered up from the ground, walked to Xu Feirong, and asked angrily.
“He is my friend.” Xu Feirong said indifferently.
“Friend?!” The handsome young man gritted his teeth, “What the fuck is your friend, he will be at your house most of the night.”
“Shen Junwen, what do you mean?” Xu Feirong’s expression became colder.
“What does Lao Tzu mean?!” Shen Junwen spit out bloody saliva and roared: “Xu Feirong, are you green Lao Tzu?”
“Shen Junwen, please pay attention to your words, I am not yours, so whoever I am with has nothing to do with you.” Xu Feirong frowned Liu brows.
Chen Feng sneered in his heart, Xu Feirong’s remarks were very vague, obviously trying to lead Shen Junwen to think.
Sure enough, as expected by Chen Feng, as soon as Xu Feirong’s voice fell, Shen Junwen’s face was blood red.
“Xu Feirong, I am your fiance!” Shen Junwen roared.
“Fiance?” Xu Feirong sneered, “I have never admitted.”
“Your parents promised me!” Shen Jun almost vomited a mouthful of old blood. He and Xu Feirong were childhood sweethearts. Long ago, the parents of both parents decided on a baby kiss for both parties. He waited for Xu Feirong to wait. For more than ten years, I thought that when Xu Feirong returned to China this time, she would agree to his marriage proposal, but when the governor came, Xu Feirong refused.
“Then you go to my parents, I didn’t agree anyway.” Xu Feirong turned her head and put on a gangster style.
Shen Junwen clenched his fists, his teeth clenched, and his blood-red eyes moved to Chen Feng: “Is it because of this bastard? You don’t like Lao Tzu? How is he better than Lao Tzu?!”
Chen Feng glanced at Shen Junwen, and said with some irritation: “It’s better to keep your mouth clean. The matter between you has nothing to do with me.”
“It’s okay?! I’m so cute, you slept with Lao Tzu’s woman, you said it has nothing to do with Lao Tzu!” Shen Junwen’s eyes were full of resentment. If Chen Feng did not appear, Xu Feirong would still like him.
Chen Feng is extremely angry, this feeling of being wronged is really uncomfortable, if he really wants to sleep with Xu Feirong, there is nothing to say, but he has never touched this crazy woman, he and Shen Junwen, They were all put on by Xu Feirong!
As for explaining to Shen Junwen, it’s not that Chen Feng didn’t want to, but that he was disdainful!
A mere Shen Junwen is not qualified to let Chen Feng put his face down!
“Okay, Lao Tzu is the woman who slept with you, what can you do with Lao Tzu!” Chen Feng was too lazy to argue, and admitted with a sneer, he wanted to see how Shen Junwen would react.
“Okay! Okay! Your kid has a kind!” Shen Junwen was trembling with anger, and Xu Feirong opened her mouth in surprise. How dare you admit this trash? Can’t he see that Shen Junwen is not an ordinary person? Is he not afraid of Shen Junwen’s revenge?
Xu Feirong only felt a little unbelievable. For a long time, Chen Feng’s image in her eyes was wimpy, timid and fearful, how could he suddenly become fearless and fearless? What kind of confidence does he have, or does he just want to show it in front of him and don’t want to be despised by himself?
“Don’t hurry up? Don’t you want to stay here overnight?” Chen Feng scolded. He didn’t have as many thoughts as Xu Feirong. He just guessed that Xia Mengyao should finish the shower now.
Shen Junwen’s eyes became blood red again when he heard the word “night”. He couldn’t imagine that after he left, the woman he had liked for more than ten years would be pressed under him by Chen Feng, how he wanted to play with, that kind of humiliation , So that Shen Junwen has an urge to vomit blood.
However, he still has nothing to do with Chen Feng.
“You bastard, and Xu Feirong, you slut, you all wait for Lao Tzu! Lao Tzu will definitely let you know what is better than death!” Shen Junwen looked resentful, and after a harsh word, he said nothing. Back to leave.

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