Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 445

“Aunt Su’s business talent is extremely terrifying. I heard from my father that Aunt Su created a business alliance in the past. At its peak, this business alliance was called China’s No. 1 Alliance. The wealth of all members in the alliance combined was enough to be able to leverage. To stimulate the economies of some small western countries, even those in power in the country must be afraid of it.”
” Back then, our Hu family was a member of this business alliance, but later, because of the Chen family, this business alliance was disbanded. ”
The Chen family?” Chen Feng frowned. What happened to the Chen family?
“Aunt Su fell in love with your father at first sight and wanted to marry into the Chen family.”
“But your grandfather and the many in power in the
Chen family put forward a condition to Aunt Su.” “Want to marry into the Chen family is fine, but you must Bring the business alliance as a dowry.” Hu Siyuan said calmly.
“The Chen family is a good calculation!” Chen Feng couldn’t help but feel cold. When Hu Siyuan from the Chen family said here, he already had a general inference about what happened back then.
Mother created a business alliance with great value, and then the Chen family focused on this alliance, and wanted her mother to give this alliance to the Chen family, and then grow the Chen family, but her mother was unwilling and even disbanded the business for this. alliance.
It is conceivable that the Chen family will be greatly annoyed by her mother’s behavior, and her wish to marry into the Chen family has become an empty talk.
“Although the business alliance was created by Aunt Su, there are many Aunt Su’s partners in the alliance. They have a strong relationship with Aunt Su and are brothers and sisters. If Aunt Su handed over the alliance to the Chen family, the Chen family did it. The first thing is to clean out all Aunt Su’s partners. In order to preserve those partners, Aunt Su disbanded the alliance.”
“Aunt Su’s move to dissolve the alliance annoyed the Chen family. On the second day after Aunt Su disbanded the alliance, The Qin family reached a marriage decision and asked Qin Xuerou to marry your father.” Hu Siyuan said.
Chen Feng nodded slightly. The things that happened back then were really twists and turns. If it hadn’t been for Hu Siyuan to say that today, he might never know that his mother had done such a deed.
The business alliance created is even the Chen family’s heart, wanting to annex.
“Brother Feng, if there was no Aunt Su, there would be no Hu’s family. Although Aunt Su is no longer there, our Hu family is still the leader of Feng Feng. In the future, if there is anything that Brother Feng needs to help, please do not hesitate to give instructions. “Hu Siyuan said in a respectful tone. Although the Hu family is now declining, it is no better than it was in the past, but no matter what, the skinny camel is bigger than Ma, and the Hu family can help Chen Feng far more than Chen Feng imagined.
“Okay, what’s the matter, I will find you.” Chen Feng nodded after hesitating for a moment. From the current point of view, the Hu family found him, it is indeed the mother’s meaning, but Hu Siyuan’s words, he will not be all. Believe, after all, people’s hearts are separated by their belly. Who knows, after so many years, whether the Hu family still remembers the support of his mother back then, and whether he would truly help him.
After giving the key to Chen Feng, Hu Siyuan resigned and left.
In the huge villa, only Huang Lao San, Chen Zeli and Chen Feng were left.
“Zeri, go to the housekeeping company tomorrow to hire a few servants.” Chen Feng ordered. The villa his mother left him was the largest in the entire Royal Villa No. 1. The area of ​​the villa was sufficient. More than 3,000 square meters, such a large area, cleaned every day is a big project, and it is a matter of hiring servants sooner or later.
“Okay, Uncle Chen, I’ll do it early tomorrow morning.”
Chen Zeli nodded in excitement. It is the first time he has lived in such a luxurious villa when he grows up.
“Little boy, your mother is not easy.” After Chen Zeli went out, Huang Laosan shifted his gaze to Chen Feng and spoke earnestly.
“It’s not easy.” Chen Feng nodded, his expression a bit complicated. It can be said that Hu Siyuan’s words today completely subverted his understanding of his mother.
In her impression, her mother was an ordinary housewife. Apart from being talented, she had no other characteristics. But today, Hu Siyuan says that her mother is a strong woman who can use business to influence the economy of a country. The richest man in Suzhou was supported by his mother.
There is another point. Although Hu Siyuan didn’t say it explicitly, Chen Feng could also guess that the Chen family must have feared his own mother. If not, the Chen family would not threaten their mother by using marriage in spite of their face. .
“How did you say your mother died back then?” Huang Laosan couldn’t help but ask. After listening to Hu Siyuan today, he always felt that Su Zhaoxi would not die so easily as a strong woman, but Chen Feng said, Su Zhaoxi’s death is what he once saw with his own eyes.
“Dying…” Chen Feng frowned. “Back then, my mother had a very strange disease. This disease would attack every time the moon was full, and each attack would kill his mother. ”
The last attack was three years ago. At that time, everyone in the Chen family was present. When my mother became ill, I begged Chen Zhennan to save my mother, but Chen Zhennan shook his head and refused me, saying that his mother was sick. He could do nothing. He was alive and sick.”
“What kind of disease did he not go to the hospital for an examination?” Huang Laosan’s expression was a little weird. Chen Zhennan, the only master of the Chen family now, could not have a disease he could not cure.
“No.” Chen Feng shook his head. “Mother refused to go to the hospital. She said that she was sick and the hospital couldn’t check it.”
“Strange, is there any disease that the hospital can’t check?” Huang Laosan frowned. It’s getting tighter. For some reason, he always feels that Su Zhaoxi is not dead.
He didn’t think that a strong woman who could create an economic and commercial alliance that could influence a country would die so easily.
“Do you think my mother is not dead?” Looking at Huang Laosan’s expression, Chen Feng couldn’t help asking. In fact, he also had this kind of suspicion in his heart, but he was not sure about it. But today, Hu Siyuan talked about his mother’s past. Let him pick up the previous suspicion.
“I think my mother may have suspended animation.” Huang Laosan said solemnly. Although the current doubts do not indicate that Su Zhaoxi is not dead, it definitely cannot indicate that Su Zhaoxi is dead.
“Fake death?”
Chen Feng frowned. The possibility Huang Laosan said did exist. The mother’s death back then was a bit sudden, but what was the purpose of her suspended death?
To get rid of the Chen family?
“By the way, boy, your mother left you the piano in the attic before?” Huang Laosan asked suddenly, thinking of something.
“Not bad.” Chen Feng nodded.
“Have you ever thought about why your mother left a piano for you?” Huang Laosan asked.

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