Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 444

“Miss Hu, wronged, I didn’t mean you Chinese cabbage, I…I was just joking with this brother…” At this moment, the headed security guard was almost crying. He couldn’t even think of killing him and mocked one. Stinky cock will provoke the real mistress of Royal Villa One.
“What kind of thing are you! You dare to call brother Feng!
Hu Siyuan’s beautiful eyes burst out with anger. This kind of dog-seeing thing, dare to call Chen Feng brother and brother, this is not humiliating Chen Feng. What is it?
Brother Feng?
Hearing Hu Siyuan’s address to Chen Feng, many security guards were dumbfounded again.
The people who live in Royal Villa One, who didn’t know, Hu Siyuan is the daughter of the former Suzhou richest man Hu Jinghai, and Hu Siyuan is also out on weekdays. The name is proud and arrogant, ordinary people, let alone make Hu Siyuan called brother, just don’t even have the qualifications to make Hu Siyuan look right. But today, Hu Siyuan actually calls a stinky dick Sifeng who drives an Audi.
What is the identity of this stinky dick ? ! several security will not help look towards the Chen Feng, Chen Feng was surprised to find shook his head with a wry smile.
“you, and you, you, and now I flew to pack up and get out! ”
At this moment, Hu Siyuan took a cold look at several security guards, and made the decision to expel without mercy. After hearing this, several people’s complexion changed drastically:
“Miss Hu, you give us another chance, we know it is wrong. Now, we will never dare to look down upon others…”
“Want to have a future? ! Hu Siyuan’s eyebrows were erected, her silver teeth biting straight: “Get out of here now!” ”
Miss Hu…”
“Siyuan, give them a chance.” At this moment, Chen Feng smiled.
Hu Siyuan couldn’t help but glanced at Chen Feng in surprise, but saw Chen Feng smiled and said:
“They didn’t do anything wrong, they are just doing their job. If you insist on saying the bad thing, that is their attitude. There is a problem.”
“Thank you Mr. Chen!”
“Thank you Mr. Chen!”
Hearing Chen Feng speaking for himself, several security guards were immediately grateful.
Hu Siyuan’s frowning brows gradually eased: “Since Brother Feng has spoken for you, then I will give you another chance, but I warn you, I don’t want to see the same thing again in the future, understand. Is it?!”
“Understood! Miss Hu, don’t worry, it will never happen again!” Several security guards wiped the cold sweat on their heads and hurriedly made a guarantee.
“Huh, it’s better.” Hu Siyuan snorted coldly, thanks to Chen Feng’s generosity. If not, she will definitely let the security guards peel off today.
“Well, Brother Feng, let’s go in.” Turning her gaze to Chen Feng, Hu Siyuan put on a smiling face again.
Chen Feng nodded slightly, and then followed Hu Siyuan’s car, going around all the way. A few minutes later, Hu Siyuan’s car stopped in front of a villa by the lake.
The villa has walls, high, white as a barrier, and bulletproof copper is used for the gate. It is roughly estimated that the cost is at least 10 million yuan.
Entering the wall, the courtyard is independent, with the main building on one side and the garden on the other.
The garden is in a simple and modern style, with turf paved with flagstone roads and piles of blue stones. It is very clean and tidy.
Looking at the main building, the marble is the bone and the red brick is the skin. At first glance, it seems a bit of a retro style in the Republic of China.
The decoration of this villa is obviously different from other villas in the villa area.
The other villas are mostly modern European style.
But this villa is obviously a retro style of the Republic of China.
And it seems that this style has been maintained for decades.
Although the villa is unoccupied, it is very clean.
Chen Feng came in all the way, barely seeing the slightest dust.
On the way, Hu Siyuan carefully introduced the structure of the villa to Chen Feng, but she said nothing about her mother.
If Hu Siyuan didn’t say anything, Chen Feng would naturally not ask.
After bypassing the main building, Hu Siyuan came to a small attic again.
The small attic in front of me has three floors and is about nine meters high. Its architectural style is somewhat similar to a pagoda.
The door of the attic was rendered with red paint. The door was covered with dust, the only iron lock, and some signs of rust.
At this time, Hu Siyuan took out a bunch of keys from her pocket.
“Brother Feng, Aunt Su lived here more than ten years ago. Before leaving, she gave the key here to my father and let my father take care of it.”
“Now you are here, then this key, It should be returned to you.” Hu Siyuan handed the key to Chen Feng.
Chen Feng took it calmly, and then inserted the key into the keyhole. After a little force, the iron lock opened.
Chen Feng took off the iron lock and pushed in.
Immediately, a decayed smell pounced on his face and penetrated into his nose.
Chen Feng did not move any more. At this moment, all his eyes were attracted by a piano.
The piano is placed directly opposite the door. The material is very ordinary, it is the kind of piano that is very common on the market.
But it was this piano that allowed Chen Feng to dispel all doubts about Hu Siyuan.
Before, he suspected that what Hu Siyuan said that his mother left him the key was true or false.
Now, he didn’t have the slightest doubt.
Mother did leave him a key!
He also gave the keys to Hu Siyuan’s father for safekeeping.
Because the piano in front of me is the one my mother used more than ten years ago.
Chen Feng cannot remember wrong.
“What is my mother’s relationship with you?” After taking a deep breath, Chen Feng turned his gaze to Hu Siyuan. It was obvious that his mother trusted the Hu family very much. .
However, in the past ten years, he has never heard anything about the Hu family from his mother. If Hu Siyuan hadn’t brought him here today, he might never know about the Hu family.
“Everything that our Hu family has today is given by Aunt Su.”
Hu Siyuan spoke slowly after being silent for a long time, but the message she confided made Chen Feng a little surprised. Hearing what Hu Siyuan meant, The Hu family was once supported by his mother?
“Twenty years ago, the Hu family was just a small family in Suzhou. But after meeting Aunt Su, the Hu family has become the No. 1 family in Suzhou in just three years. My father, Hu Jinghai, has also become a family. The richest man in Suzhou in 2016…” Hu Siyuan continued to repeat calmly, but what he could say again surprised Chen Feng.
The Hu family, turned out to be the number one family in Suzhou? ! Hu Jinghai was the richest man in Suzhou?
I have to say that this news set off a huge wave in Chen Feng’s heart.
In his impression, apart from being talented, his mother had no other outstanding features. It could even be said that she was just an ordinary person.
But today, the mother in Hu Siyuan’s mouth is obviously a peerless strong woman, who can support an ordinary small family to become the No. 1 noble family in Suzhou. How many people have this ability in ancient and modern times?

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